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  1. Someone new showed a few weeks ago. Her name is Karen. She had the same story as everyone else, but there was something different about her. She wasnt scared, just incredibly angry. Said she'd demanded to see the manager, and killed the "employees" when they wouldn't bring it to her. No one believed that she'd killed as amny employees as she'd claimed. But, her first night with us, there was an attack on Exchange. She single-handedly took down the entire group, all the while screaming about the manager. Personally, if there is a manager, I wouldn't want to meet it. She set out for the tower last week, and promised to give signal once she got to the top. We still haven't seen anything. I hope she didnt find the manager.

  2. At the end he said he's worried that if he dies tonight he'll just come back again tommarow is he implying that when you die you turn into staff
    Btw I know this is fake

  3. Afterwards the narrator does not die until he manage to escape from Ikea by going through an exit that randomly appeared near him when he got lost, but he was clawed to death the moment he got out.

  4. So I have two theories:
    1. The people in the IKEA have gone insane, the main character has actually been there for longer than he can remember, but he has just gone insane. This would explain how everyone has lost track of the days. They see the "staff" as threats and take to guarding against them. This would explain why they are saying nice things while "attacking". I think the people are so insane that they killed one of their own and blamed it on the staff.
    2. The people who are caught by the "staff" are butchered into meatballs, and then turned into monsters, this would explain why they are just skin, their meat is gone. But how do they come back to life? I don't know, still working on that part.

  5. Me:oh this is probily just unfunny storie about being lost in ikea

    11 miners later
    Me:i-im not go in not going to ikea again

  6. What if the Staff are actually trying to help you get out of the store, problem is is that the exit is DEATH. But the moment you die, you return to your own dimension and have your memories of the infinite IKEA wiped.

  7. i think it real because before i watch this video i was see doll like this in ikea but i not live…after i watch this video i dont wanna go ikea again i worry if it real 😣

  8. Are there any other story’s about endless locations or reality’s like this. Idk what to search and I can’t find any more. Leave me one if you can

  9. Haven’t he heard the store is soppsued to mf open in the morning ? How can u not fucken escape the place when it has to open the store in the morning

  10. The Staff are Litteral Living Skin, and They Can Die and Speak with no Mouths, See with no Eyes, Hear with no Ears,
    Ikea The Staff are Weirdoes

  11. This is great animation and Gold storing telling 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I love it 😙😙😙💙💙💙
    After watching wholesome videos

    Try playing dota 2 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Missed the chance to call this video "4116.729 hour Ikea challenge I spent 172 days in Ikea and this happened?! (gone wrong) (gone sexual) (not clickbait)"

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