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  1. Been working on a logo for the past couple of days and your latest videos are helping me and cheering me up so much! TT thank you so much for the amazing content!

  2. A little aspect that i think can somrtimes be useful when it comes to font balancing:

    Turn the Text upside down.

    This way you will see some stuff that you otherwise won't.

  3. Love the fact you don't just do follow along tutorials, which are always nice, but speak about the theory and drain principles.
    I've took note from these style of videos as I can apply it to any design I do, it's not just a follow along.

  4. graphic Design is just Like Salt…..
    It should not be too Less or too Much.
    It should be moderate, decent and BALANCED …..

  5. Congratulations Satori for the 300k. I hope you can create content about the equipment used in graphic design, and recommendations for us. thanks

  6. I'm not a logo designer by any means, but I can't see balance in that Nike logo. Even the "asymmetrical" one. It's always heavy at the left side however I see it.

  7. A great way to get a fresh perspective on letter spacing, is to flip your design upside-down after you think you have kerned it perfectly. Because your brain will no longer read the word or letters, but rather see them now as abstract graphics, any negative-space / kerning issues that still need addressing will jump right out at you.

  8. Amazing content as always man, and congratulations on reaching 300K. Keep the clean work going, and thanks for sharing this is super helpful.

  9. I am curious, when sending logo proofs to the client, do you ever watermark them? if so, what is the best position for such a watermark?

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