Lego Star Wars Animation – Gangster’s Revenge

Lego Star Wars Animation – Gangster’s Revenge

hey guys! Someone sent us an invitation
to a birthday party where’s the party? on the desert planet
Tatooine all I care about is the cake sounds kind of odd would invite us to a
birthday party? I don’t know it doesn’t say whose birthday party it is nope, definitely not going what about you? nah I’m busy. fine I’m going by myself!
I don’t think that’s a great idea. if you’re really going take this grenade
toss it! you sure? you better catch it I will! hello? anyone here? why can’t I move
you’re chained up idiot. where’s the cake? did you break one you fool
there is no birthday party this was a trap now all I have to do is wait for
your friends to get here and then I can kill them like you killed my brother so
you didn’t know I didn’t bake a cake darling I was really looking forward to
some cake do you have pie now stupid choice Phaedra how’s the birthday party
so far the head there was no birthday party or
cake don’t worry we’ll be there shortly it’s fine I can handle it did you bring go poly I swear you
mentioned pie one more time can I have that one that looks very painful
or should I say shameful whatever you’re doing stop wait I have more puns Oh
looks like you’ve been chained up no give it up you’ve been chained okay this is learning to get borned
dramatic entrance there was a door right there Oh told you
thanks for coming now let’s get back to the Death Star I don’t think so
if I drop this shaken soda it’ll explode okay
what do you want go ahead and drop the soda this was your decision so anyone in
the mood for pie

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  1. QOTD: Can you find the Tusken Raider?
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  2. Awesome stop motion. This is probably best to one yet. I really like the story and dialogue and how u move the figures. Great job but i do recommend adding music.

  3. cool man your really good at this i mean the story was good the lines was good i mean everything was good keep it up. and ps i sub to this channel

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