Learn to animate like The Infographics Show using ONLY paint

Learn to animate like The Infographics Show using ONLY paint

Hi I’m Larry Taco Jr. Executive producer here at the infographic
show In less than 3 minutes you’re gonna learn
how to create complex scenes like this. Using only Paint. That’s right. I get thousands of emails every day thanking
me for these tutorials. So I’ve decided to prove once more how easy
it is to make these kinds of animations. This is truly the best time to be alive. We can guarantee you hundreds of millions
of views. You just have to know the secrets. So let’s reveal them right now, shall we? Alright, pathetic people tell you that you
have to open Illustrator and carefully draw a scene for hours. But this is madness. What we do is far more efficient. Have you ever questioned how can we upload
multiple animations daily? Here’s the answer: Step 1: Search for cheap stock illustrations and buy
whatever tickle you balls let’s do some shopping real quick. Aaaand done! Why spend tens of hours crafting a scene… when you can buy the entire thing for a couple of bucks? I swear humans are so dumb these days. People who draw everything from scratch are
the same people who put cereal before milk. Their existence was an evolutionary mistake. You see, these assets didn’t cost much. And we can reuse them over and over. Compare that to the profit we’ll make and
you’ll know why this is the hottest business right now, hands down. Anyway, after gathering the assets. Hire the cheapest guy you can find to do the
voice-overs, so he can narrate the poorly researched script.
Here’s a perfect example. So could th… So could this mean that your mom is GAY?? That’s what we’ll find out today in this episode of The Infographics Show Is your mom secretly GAY?!?!?! Sponsored by Skillshare (((no it’s not))) Aright The voiceover is done. The illustrations are ready. Let’s add some stock transitions and basic
explosions to spice it up even more. The final step is to cook those ingredients
in the oven. So let’s open our favorite program of all time Throw everything in there And select the animation quality For those of you who don’t know In the latest version of Paint you can choose your budget and a machine learning algorithm will take care of everything else. In our case, the last thing we want is quality. So let’s select the cheapest option. The AI will do a slight arm rotation. A tiny movement here and there, you know,
just to show that we put some effort. And there you go. A classic infographics show’s video: My advice to you if you’re thinking about
your next start-up, would be to follow our path. It’s never been easier. Just create mediocre videos that appeal to
a broad audience. And enjoy those millions of views. Subscribe for more informative content.

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  1. Due to popular demand, we're continuing this educational series with another episode. Next target will be Pixar!

    Watch the first tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17mbnYHAYpw

  2. Are you retarded? You say people who would rather draw something than waste money are stupid? Dislike.
    Also, this is so fucking fake.

  3. 1:10 WELL there is people who doesn't want to pay or want to do 100% original animations (insert motivational phrase here).

  4. honestly, when you were asking why we should make our own art while animating, it’s because it’s just easier to animate when using your own art. Tweening is the easiest way to animate (what you used) and you use it by taking different body parts and moving them around. Cartoons and commercials use this often to get stuff out faster.

    The thing I don’t like about you tubers and content creators using tweening is that it just give this feel that they’re rushing their videos. And also, the art isn’t “cheap,” the art you searched up. If my art were in that category I would definitely feel disrespected, because art cannot be rushed. It takes 10s of hours to create.

    Also, artist’s existence was a mistake? Thanks a lot. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I draw something.

  5. I tried every tutorial possible. They asked me to use Photoshop, and adobe animate. But there is totally an easier version! Low prices! Hands down on to you man, you're the best!!

  6. Hahahah, you proved it. Dont work hard, Work Smart !
    And that Voice over 😀 😀 hahah.
    Great Video Thumbs Up (Y)

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