La situación actual de Cartoon Network USA | Cartoon Network (CC)

La situación actual de Cartoon Network USA | Cartoon Network (CC)

Hi friends of YouTube. I’m UltimateFasttrackTwo. After a long time without a Loquendo video, today I’m back with an interesting topic. And a friend accompany me today. Greets the public. Hi friends, my name is Steven. And today I’ll accompany FasttrackTwo on this topic. I will talk about the situation that is happening CN, specifically in the United States. Well, let’s start. Lately, the US Cartoon Network has been very stagnant, both in programming and in shows, and graphics. Let’s start with the programming. It has almost no variation. Constant repetition of the same shows all day, don’t premiere an episode weekly and then premiere all suddenly everyday of the week, best known as the bomb (for example, the “Steven Bomb”), generating that the series are on hiatus for one month. The channel usually repeated all day, every day, the same six shows. We’re refering to Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go! But, surprisingly, these first two have left the programming, leaving no trace of them. Why? We know that both Adventure Time as Regular Show are the two “oldest”, (Both broadcast since 2010). “largest”, (both are still releasing new seasons, coming up to 8th season), and most famous shows of the today’s channel. Now, what reason they would pull out them from the programming? They gave them a rest? Or they want to give audience to another shows? Only time will tell. Let’s continue by the shows. Thank you very much for the information, dude. And yes, Adventure Time and Regular Show disappeared from the programming. and Uncle Grandpa too. But this one just airs on sunday at midday. It’s a shame really that these shows leave out the programming for those that like them. No one knows why, or how long is gonna be this suspense. Now I will talk about another topic, which is the US Cartoon Network graphic. We’re talking about the CHECK it 4.0. Which in my opinion and that of my friend, is horrible. The CHECK it era has been in Cartoon Network for over 5 years. And it will be 7 years, because the CHECK it era will end on May of 2017. We think that Cartoon Network should switch of era now, because 7 years is so much for an era. Being that their previous eras lasted only two years or less. Up next, I’ll show you a 4.0 era bumper. Garnet! Amethyst. Pearl. And me! For me personally, I don’t like the era. Me and my friend liked us CHECK it ages 1.0 and 2.0, their bumpers was beautiful. Which by the way, it was never entirely premiered in Latin America CN, but at least several bumpers and banners of 3.0 they were premiered. By now, we’re waiting that Latin America CN don’t follow the steps of US Cartoon Network and remove from the programming to Adventure Time and Regular Show. ‘Cause if that happens, I think that is going to be a great controversy. And well, friends of YouTube, up to here the video. Thank you so much to my friend Steven for being part of the video. Thanks to you friend, for the invitation. And well friends, thank you so much for your attention. See you in a coming video, friends. Suscribe and comment. Goodbye.

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  1. ¡Hola, ZzCristianzZ! No puedo responderte directamente, no sé porqué. 🙁 :v
    Pero bueno, gracias. :3
    "CHECK it" es el nombre que CN USA le ha dado a ésta era, estrenada oficialmente el 29 de mayo del 2010.  Acá te dejo unos bumpers. 😉
    CHECK it 1.0:
    CHECK it 3.0:
    CHECK it 4.0:

  2. ¿4.0? no me jodan me tiene harto la check it sólo me gusto la 1.0,2.0,3.0 la última es la mejor por mi parte pero de la 4.0 sólo me gusta la música de la era el resto basofia pura de era ojalá acabe pronto y comienze otra era y no quiero la 5.0

  3. va a venir una 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 del 2017 hasta el 2030
    te tengo la lista completa de estrenos
    2017- temporada nueve regular show, onceava temporada de adventure time, baby mother evil fighter {serie de cortos}, sexta temporada de gumball, tercera,cuarta y quinta temporada de steven universe, the new gaaaaa bay show
    2023 – wik, {película} joe {anime}, four brothers forever {caricatura y película}, zzzzzz {serie adulta}

  4. actualmente en CNLA solo pasaron a un show mas y a hora de aventura a horario nocturna
    un show mas entre las 7:30–9:00 pm y hora de aventura 1:00–2:00 a.m

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