Krishna’s Army – 18 DAYS

Krishna’s Army – 18 DAYS

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  1. Beautifully trippy meditation chambers Lord Krishna's got there. But can Arjuna's voice actor just PICK AN AUTHENTIC ACCENT & stick with it?!?!? That American dude accent with bits of posh British vowels & cool glottal stops is über pretentious & ANNOYING AS HELL.

  2. They changed sleep to meditation 🙂
    Also narayani sena never lost battle?
    We never heard about narayani sena until this event, what we heard is Mathura fell to Jarasandha's hand & the yadavas moved to Dwarka..

  3. Brilliant job, to your entire team. I love the futuristic take on Mahabharat, while keeping it in the past. I like how you have based the story in the past in the Futuristic third age, still more advanced than the present fourth age. I love the graphics, the character sketches and overall I love the short narrative which is crisp and I love how in 3 minutes you could cover 100 mins worth of story. Kudos to your writing team for the narrative. I think this may be the best video representation of Mahabharat ever. How many episodes in total are there, and are you also looking at making a full length film on it.

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