KOJI 2018 | Studio Mir Original

KOJI 2018 | Studio Mir Original

Don’t forget Koji, when I win this race, you’re taking a bath! Ugh, no way. Your sand-papery tongue feels so WEIRD. Sorry dude, only way out of it is if you can beat me, and that’s not happening. Well if I win, you have to eat that flaming hot dragon pepper I found. Your mouth is gonna burn! Not if I cool it off with this! No! No! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Your bird can run on water? …of course it can! Just like I planned— Just like I planned!! Hey, thanks for the help! See you at the finish line! You’re gonna play like that, huh? Hey! You… CHEATER! So…I still won, right? No way….ya hairless nugget! Puggorillas have been secured.
Advance to next village. What is that? What? Puggorillas? Scan complete. No data found for ‘hairless nugget.’ Bath time’s over. What? No, you still need to… Holy cow… The bigger they are… The harder they explode! Oops. You ready for this?

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  1. My soon liked this
    Where i bye the pay-per-view
    The toys and the costumes
    And the video game?
    P.S.: He wants the school bag too

  2. Muy buena animación pero se asemeja un poco a Avatar con un toque de Ben 10 el traje no me gusto mucho y el CGI tampoco los efectos especiales de trueno y el hielo son fabulosos al igual que las peleas . Saludos muy buen trabajo

  3. Soooooo, is he will be the third avatar? I not watched korra either, that was not as good to me, like the original, but if hi will be the next avatar, i swear, i will go to an outrage! Better, if this cartoon, not about the avatar, then maybe i will watch it.

  4. Why am I seeing this now. And why is it that this isn't a show already. Man this just looks amazing and the story sounds great. We need to see full length

  5. Please Air This on netflix! And possibly change the cats voice he’s a big frost cat talking to a human he looks like he should have a deeper voice

    I want the same cast/animation style and the same voice actors/actress…. love everything about it ❤

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