Knowledge of Graphic Design

Knowledge of Graphic Design

I am graphic designer and save lives for a living. Noooo I create lives for a living. Ok I draw lives… characters… I illustrate characters for my… just illustrate stuff. I finished college, well it is an cademy, ART academy and now I am graduate graphic designer. JEEEEEEJ! And yes, I wear big glasses, blind as a bat. rage over my degree, which I don’t have yet, it’s not printed yet, I have a confirmation… anyway, I rage because nobody actually needs my level of education. Companies only ask for like a year, 2, 3… a decade of experience. Omg I could buy a degree for that money on the black market. I always imagined black market like some creepy, gypsy, indie, black market place with weird stuff, in any case… Life is unfair. the sake of Academy I will leave name but I already said 2 of 3 words. Fine and arts. Ops.. So clumsy.. I said all of 3 now. Guess I must delete this part. Let me tell you how my skills advanced through the academy. In first year we had a painting class. I was sooo disappointed because we didn’t learn to draw with mouses, and we didn’t have brushes, or pencils, our first weapon was charcoal. I will show you how my first drawing looked like. Don’t judge too much. I will distract you with Sol Lewitt art in the background. Aww this is my first drawing eveeer, a little chicken. And here is my drawing from class. Khm, its not good. I will show you why. I guess perspective was something like that, not sure. In second year we got graphic design class. Finally computers, technology, screens! So excited! Btw I looooove Rick and Motry. Back to the topic, we learned this… witch craft! Yeeeeeees… Then came third year, for 3 main classes: graphic communications, isual comunications and poster. Finaly knowledge of graphic design. Guess how our classrooms were equipped? Amazing… Soo awesome and cool, computers were turning off while we were working on them, too much time to turn on again, and monitors were blinding us. Of course for soo good resolution. We were working on this brand new stuff from the 90s. We complained nd ultimately got what we wanted! New Hearts! Everything was so much easier and we learned how to breathe. I mean it was excellent. For fourth year, I will uncover the final illustration of my academy days. Little drama foooooor this tiny creature. He is a luffy animal that can paint itself, he can be happy, he can be sad, he can be frightened and he can be mad! And he can change forms too, he is cool. Soo, you asked yourself how exactly have my skills advanced? I work hard every night, yes I work at night, and I cringe at my old illustrations. This is my first animation, I hope you liked it and I wish you ll an inspired day!

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  1. Divno iskustvo,predivno vreme sa decom uz najlepse decije novine, Marinu i Milana.Sareni Svet.Grupa u vrticu mi se zove "Maleni sareni".Asocirali su me upravo na ovaj list.

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