Kisah HORROR Saat Aku Menginap Di Rumah Seorang Teman

Kisah HORROR Saat Aku Menginap Di Rumah Seorang Teman

My name is Edy This happened about 7 years ago At that time I was around 13 years old I sleepover in my friend’s house “Gery” This is not my first time sleepover here What we do is play games until 11:00 pm And open Facebook to see the people there. Tonight is no different from the night before Me and Gery enjoyed an evening with mc’donal meals Play games and watch horror movies Until 10:30 pm Then we start to open Facebook and create a fake account We send messages to people we know Until we find A man who lives in the area around us His Name “Anto” The person is black, has a tattoo. We think it will be funny if we are Prank call him His phone number is on his bio He answered the phone after the second ring, he answered “Yeah,” Gerry made a joke And then we both laughed Mr. anto angry while cursing Then I turned off the phone And we continue laughing. Then we continue Tricking people again that night And making comments “little kid” In the peoples facebook comments Around 1 o’clock in the morning, me and Gery felt tired While watching TV I received a message from an unknown number I asked “who is this?” He said “that’s so funny” and sent a picture I zoom in the picture And there is a street sign Not far from gery’s house We stare at each other, afraid and confused Gery asked “What if he comes to my house?” I tried to calm gerry He is not in your house He was just around here Maybe he just guessed where we are, to scared us We continue watching tv Hope my cellphone doesn’t ring again About 10 minutes later I received another message without a picture I read the message “look out side” Gery and me are stunned and scared I remember at that time I was very scared even to move The lights are off So they can’t see us from outside I ventured to look out side I do not see anyone After looking outside I told Gery That “There is no one outside” Gery tried to look out And there isn’t anyone outside I told Gery “Maybe it’s just a message that scares us” “He doesn’t know where your house really is” We feel rather calm and we dont Received messages for some time And about 1 hour later Me and Gery went downstairs to make noodles When we cook, we get calls from unknown numbers Of course it was the number that sent me a message I said “Don’t answer” Then my cellphone stopped ringing Gery took my phone And sent a message “I’m sorry if we have upset you We were just kidding ” Then a very horrible thing happened A phone screen lights up from outside the window From the garden And a big man stood there staring at us That’s Mr. Anto He looked very angry, and raised a large knife Then make a scratch In the window We shouted and immediately ran upstairs And enter the gery’s parents room We say “There is a man outside” They went out and looked at the garden Mr. Anto was not there We do not tell what really happened Because we are afraid of getting into trouble It seems we did not sleep that night I still sleepover at the gery house But we never prank people anymore We also have never been bothered by Mr. Anto Do you know, how Mr. anto Can find out who is prank on him?

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  1. Pak Anto mirip om Deddy ya…ceritanya serem dan buat bulu bergidik..bagus teman.horornya dapet. First like fisrt komen full watched.

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