Kambal Sirena: Full Episode 1

Kambal Sirena: Full Episode 1

GMA DRAMA PRESENTS THIS DRAMA From the original story written by Dode Cruz Mermaid Twins Once in our lives, love comes… Love that mocks all else… that climbs to a world you don’t even know of… just so you can be with her. Damos, Your Highness, you escaped again? You know that we’re not allowed to come up here. Look at her, Betilya. She’s so beautiful. But, her eyes seem so sad. She’s the one you always come here for. Do you love her? I loved her from the first moment I laid eyes on her. You are from different worlds. And, we are not allowed to love humans. I wonder why she seems so sad. Marissa. Hey, what are you doing there? Susan, I think I saw a man. In the middle of the ocean? Maybe I was just seeing things. My goodness, Rita! We’ve been waiting for so long. Where is your daughter? She and Susana are together. They must be on their way. My apologies. She’s right. You should loosen up and relax. You already have many wrinkles and being stressed might add more. Jo! There they are! Finally! Where’d you come from? You’ve made me wait so long. Come Enrique, you’re hurting me. It’s a good thing you’re here. Now, we can start the party. Yes, aunt. My apologies. It’s okay. Let’s kept on with the announcement. It’s already embarrassing to the guests. Everyone, friends and family, good evening. I invited you here because I have a very important announcement to make. Marissa and I are getting married next month. Everything is ready. You? Are you okay? Umn (clears throat) Enrique, is there a chance for our wedding to get delayed for now? Get delayed? C’mon, Marissa, don’t do this to me. You know I love you. Right? Let’s carry on with the wedding,. No more problems, huh? Because Enrique I just thought could it be that we’re acting too hastily? Give me some time to think To think? What else do you need to think about, huh, Marissa? Me? Are you even thinking of me? My family? Enrique Don’t you put my image in uncertainty. Do you understand? Enrique, let me go, it’s hurting me. And that wouldn’t be the only thing I’d do to you if you put me to shame. Make sure to get your senses straight on our wedding. Am I making myself clear to you? Am I making myself clear? Yes. Yes. What? Are you out of your mind? He planned your wedding for so long and now you’re saying you no longer want this? Ma, it’s because Enrique’s hitting me. You’re just being paranoid. Remember, Your wedding was already announced. It’s disgraceful if it gets cancelled. You’re lucky it’s Enrique. He’s a Villanueva, Rita, if my niece doesn’t want to get wedded, don’t force her. Don’t intervene here ate *eonni- big sister Leave us to talk this out by ourselves as mother and child. You have to marry him. Whether you like it or not. Enrique, do you take Marissa to be your lawfully wedded wife, in poverty as in wealth? Yes, father. And you Marissa, do you take Enrique as your wedded husband from now on until death shall part you? I’m sorry, Enrique. I really can’t do this. Marissa! Ma’am, where are you taking the speed boat? Ma’am, I’ll get reprimanded, ma’am? Marissa! Marissa!! Ma’am Marissa’s speed boat! Marissa??! Marissa?! Marissa! Marissa! Let’s keep searching. Go over there and keep searching! Damos, why did you save her? You know that’s forbidden in Sirenadia. She’s hurt, Betilya. She needs my help. Who are you? Y-you’re an——-. Don’t be scared. I’m not gonna harm you. Your wound’s deep. You need treatment. Don’t worry, i’ll do everything to save you. Betilya, Watch over her. Damos, stop this already. Let’s leave. Promise me you’ll watch over her. This is insane! When will your rescue team arrive? When my daughter’s already dead? Ma’am, stay calm. We already radioed the situation. They’ll be here in no time. Please do everything we need to see my niece. Where is my son? Kumare *close female friend Your daughter humiliated my only son. She humiliated the whole clan of Villanueva. Ma, Ma, nothing will happen if we argue here. The situation will only worsen. What matters is we find Kuya *older brother* and Marissa Damos let’s leave I can’t leave her in this condition. Just a moment. Hang in there. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Oh, no one should know we’re real. You need to keep this a secret. I’m Damos. Marissa. Damos, there are humans coming. We shouldn’t be seen. It’s dangerous for our kind. Marissa? There! Take it there! Miss Marissa! Marissa? Marissa, Get over here and help me carry her to the boat. Forget her. You’re from different worlds. You’re not fated for each other. Damos! Marissa, Enrique Ma, what happened? He found you in an island. You lost consciousness. So he brought you here. Marissa, I thought I’ll lose you. Good thing I saved you. So rest and let’s put aside the wedding for now. Enrique, i can’t marry you. After I saved you this is what you repay me? You were going to die Marissa! You owe me your life! Forgive me, Enrique. Forgive? Forgive what? That you’re just fooling me? Enrique, enough. She’s still not in a good condition. I’m sorry, aunt. No, my apologies. I’ll drop by. Doctor, can you go outside for awhile? Marissa, wha did you do?! You shamed our family! Dear Queen Arowana Damos, our majesty, is here Damos? You’ve been missing for a while. Where did you go? Just to the deep beds of the ocean, Dear Queen You shouldn’t be wasting your time on that. You’re going to be the next ruler of Sirenadia. You should be learning by now how to run our kingdom in tranquility. As you please, Mother. Arowana’s son is in love with a human? This is my chance to get back the throne they snatched from me. Thanks a lot, m-merman? I’m Damos. Aunt, Marissa, what are you trying to view on this sea? Huh? Nothing. ever since you came here, you were always here by the seashore, and you were always watching who are you looking forward to? Aunt, can I tell you a secret? I raised you so you can trust me I was waiting for the man who saved me that night in the sea. I want to know what he is who he is I want to get to knowo him, aunt. I owe him a big thing, aunt. And I’m hoping that we’ll meet again. Damos, your majesty. What are you doing here, Barakuda? You know you’re prohibited to approach me. Is that how you greet your Queen Mother’s sister? What do you need from me? It’s you who need something from me, your majesty. Don’t you want to be with the human you dearly love? Dear Queen Arowana! The Magic Pearl is missing. Someone stole it from the Cave of Life. No mermaid should take a hold of this. Wear this, your majesty. If this becomes yours the woman you love will be yours Damos, don’t do this! Damos! Betilya, please tell my mother that I don’t want to hurt her. but I need to do this Betilya, please also tell her that I love her so much. Damos. . . Who’s there? Those are my pants. My pants, give me that. Oh, h*ly c*w! Aunt, be quiet. take care Aunt, you have to take care too. I’ll get going, aunt. Prayers? Always. Enrique, Where are you headed to,Marissa? Ah, umnn tell me, where are you going, huh? You’re fleeing? Enrique, no, let me go. You’re leaving? Enrique, no, don’t do this let me go! what’s the matter, Marissa? why are you leaving? I thought you love me. Enrique, yes, I had loved you before. But your love started choking me. Now I saw the real you. And I can’t help but scorn you. Scorn? You scorn me? You can’t flee from me! no, don’t do this! Remember, you can never ever leave me, because you’re mine! don’t meddle! I told you to stay here! I want to be with you, Melissa. Why didn’t you stop him, Betilya? Pardon me, Dear Queen. But I did my best to stop him. He just truly loves that human. He didn’t let me stop him. How could my son defy the most important law in our kingdom. why did he love a human? Remember this you can never leave my side let me go, Enrique let her go! Damos? That? That’s Damos? You replaced me with this as*hole? How dare you Enrique stop it! Enrique enough! What’s happening here? Ate, what happenned to you? Come with me. Trust me. No! Marissa! Mom, forgive me. I can’t lose Marissa, she’s mine! Mine! How come you can walk? Because of this Marissa. This is from my ancestors. It’s forbidden to wear this. But I defied everything because this is the only way I know to be with you why would you do that? because I’ve been in love with you for a long time now, the first time I saw you, I’ve already loved you I always escape the Kingdom to watch over you I know you’re sad and yoou don’t like that man so I made a way to gain legs to keep you away from him thanks a lot Ever since you saved me, you never left my mind. I though I’ll never see you again. Now I’m here. We’ll never be apart again. This is pretty, Damos, I’ll treasure it. I will treasure more your love for me, Marissa. Because you’re like the waves that suddenly came I don’t have tanything else to wish for but to be with you because you’re the only pearl in my life What is with this thing again that you haven’t found Marissa yet? It’s been two months! You’re so useless! Sir, but we already searched the whole town there wasn’t any sign of them whole town? there’s hundreds of towns here go search everywhere! even the neighboring islands, search there! and don’t you ever come back here until you find Marissa because I need to take her back from that b*stard! scram! Sir, Are you sure about this? Yes, sir. Ma’am Marissa and the man lives in that island. Finally, finally I can take you back from that b*stard, Marissa What’s happening to you? Are you not feeling well? Damos, I’m pregnant you’re pregnant, we’re having a baby Our family will be whole now I didn’t regret sacrificing everything to be with you I didn’t regret leaving with you either Damos, you were my life I don’t know what I’m gonna do if you’re not by my side I won’t ever leave you I won’t ever leave you and our child I love you so much I love you so much too, Damos how dare you? how dare you! Marissa, how dare you! Enrique Stop this joke Come with me in the house now! Enrique, I no longer love you leave us alone Damos! Marissa! Damos! Get away from him Marissa! He’s a monster, he’ll kill you He’s not the monster, Enrique, you are the monster you replaced me with that thing? a merman!

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