Japanese Pro Animator Advice|Drawing CUTE GIRLS

Japanese Pro Animator Advice|Drawing CUTE GIRLS

The typical sweet looking face will be like this How you bring out the hair in this area is When you bring the hair out and give some volume will make it look natural Thank you for coming
-Hello This time Cathy Cat is here Hello Welcome We are trying to make a magical girl manga but my character isn’t that cute In the Doki Doki channel there are cool looking pose and fighting scenes This time please teach me how to draw cute characters Oh really Right now the cuteness is lacking a lot I do try to be careful on the look but but somehow the cuteness is not enough at all so It’s a magical girl, and no one wants to cheer for an ugly looking magical girl so I would be happy if it became a bit more cuter My typical cute girl will be something like this Maybe too round Any good magical girl pose? The proportion of the body has gone wrong A really small one with frills Which parts does it bother you? The face. The pose I will study Doki Doki Drawing and improve it Recently I feel the face doesn’t really look cute Usually this type of vertically long eyes Add some light into it Drawing like this is my classic style And recently I am drawing the nose small This is still long. Narrow and long When I recently drew at home, it really doesn’t look cute Any advice to make it look cute? It must be a problem with the balance The eyes, and the proportion of the eyes compared to the head The way you draw the nose Just that will change dramatically So rather than adding something on, it’s better to adjust the balance? -Yes For me, beautiful girl characters are not my thing. But for my job I have to draw so I try to make it realistic Did you draw the size of the head first, Cathy? I hadn’t. I am thinking I should have done it Generally what do you draw first? I would draw the shape of the face and add in the eyes That way the balance would be easy to adjust It is already looking cuter than mine. It must be the balance For the nose of the small girl characters, it’s just a point Just a small point Around here where the nose is Oh just the tip of the nose Just drawing the small part The big eyes are a bit different from reality When you align the bottom the eyes and the nose, the eyes will become big So it’s pretty much on the same line So the basic is make it round? Yes, make it a bit oval and make it big And Show the bottom and the top is hidden by the eyelid Maybe something like this is better She is so cute I’d want to say you’re cute when I meet her What is the biggest difference when you compare the girl Cathy drew When you tie the hair, in animation there is a method to draw it easily For example the way to bring the hair around this area When you let it flow this way and give it some volume and it will look natural It has volume but fits very well Maybe something like this The shoulders seem to be narrow than my character There was some space on both of my eyes but making it go around from the back and down to the bottom and looks sharp Yes When you make this part thick Makes it look sharp It may be better to do it Oh really So I will leave a space on the shiny part of the top left of the eyes Oh I will add a point later on If you draw all in black pen, it will be too much For the mouth instead of a straight line, when you make a dotted line It won’t look too much That will make the balance of the character lighter?
-yes So cute The image of the character will change depending on how you bring the lines Oh really? How? Bringing it lower, or making it sharper So that line becomes quite important
-Yes I was just drawing with my hand until now A typical choker necklace
-Oh nice The face is like this Really cute Now it’s so cute. How should I change mine in comparison? First, create the shape will thinking of what the shape of the skull is like and adding in the parts will make it look nice For the eyes, when you bring it lower, lower than the center line of the skull, Then it becomes cute. When you want to draw infant looking characters, that may work The other is, even though it’s a small noce, Draw a cross and decide the center It’s better to have it higher than that so add one point If it were me, I may have drawn the cross and added the nose here Since it’s a girl character, you can add this, or this Now it’s much cuter! It looks like she got some makeup on Before makeup, after makeup When you get used to it, add something like this to the cheeks Looks nice on the cheeks For recent drawings, the shadow is brought like this A bit It’s often drawn like this So does that mean the shadow is coming from the eyebrows? Yes, the image is the shadow of the eyelashes and the eyelid Adding some shadow of the nose is good You also see the bridge of the nose drawn right here sometimes There are so many
-I see Maybe I was drawing the nose like tihs but maybe I should have the shadow of the nose above in mind when drawing Around here There are many ways to draw the nose You can draw it like this to make it cute You see that often as well For the nose, is it true the smaller the cuter? That seems like the trend now. Even on TV you think the animator may have forgotten to draw it but when you look close, there is a small dot Like a dot So a big nose doesn’t make it look cute? That is according to the balance When the nose is big, it looks like an adult character It’s really cute now Thank you very much Now I will have the balance in mind and draw And a small nose What they often say about practicing is, draw a Sotai-kun and practice Draw a character in full body tights So-tai-kun?
-A simple, body, boy Change to magical girl from Sotai-kun It can be Sotai-chan, if it’s a girl So start with Sotai-chan and gradually build up from there Look, the body is drawn that way as well I did it in the body, but I should’ve done it on the face as well When you draw it over and over, you start to feel you don’t need it That was wrong idea When you decide the position of the collar bones, it becomes easier to decide the whole body For the accessory I sometimes draw and don’t draw it but it’s better if I have it? It will be more explanatory I’m really happy. Thank you I will try to be careful from now on
-Ok Please watch other Doki Doki Drawing videos Thank you Cathy Thank you very much Please subscribe to the channel Please push LIKE Bye bye
-See you

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  1. 1st !!! Im practicing to draw right and im using this channel to improve my drawing. More advice and comparison video !!!

  2. I think we should met hinoe and mikey too and they will give an advice to manga and anime ? it awesome if those two meettttt

  3. 毎回描いているひのえさんを観ると「スゲーな」と思っちゃいますねw

  4. Balance is a really difficult thing to get right, could you make another dedicated video to headshapes and the balance?

  5. Draws cute girls Family "Why don't you share your drawings with us?" My boomer parents wouldn't understand.

  6. This is Really Great 🙂 Please make more videos and have Cathy Cat with you more often, she's really Awesome 🙂

  7. Excellent video: D Cute girls are not something I usually draw but it's always good to know a little bit of everything. It would be great a video on how to get natural poses … I know that with practice everything improves but I wonder if there will be tips for that. when I copy a pose, it looks natural, but when I draw one on my own, it looks like a robot ??? I can't make them look relaxed: / They should look like I'm taking a picture of them in an instant of their lives, but it seems they are posing and not very well haha
    See you next time.

  8. Can you do a video about study materials mangaka artists/animators used that helped them get better at anatomy, perspective etc. (fundamentals) so basically like a book recommendation. Even if the book is in japanese as long as it has helpful diagrams I think that will still do it, thanks

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for this video, the core shapes in blue were really fundamental for the head, it is really good advice and example to follow.
    Is there a problem with the white balance? It was hard to see clearly the blue crayon. For example, there is a shift in brightness at 8:07

  10. Seeing these videos one common thing that jumps out at me is that the amateur keeps going straight to finished drawing without exploring and setting things up with basic shapes at the start. Then the Pro insists on starting with spheres and blocks and guide lines in blue and only after it's all set up going in with the black pencil to do the final lines and details.

    I wonder how far the amateurs can go if only they force themselves to not take shortcuts at the start?

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