JaidenAnimations Intro!

JaidenAnimations Intro!

Hey everyone, my name is Jaiden and welcome to my new YouTube channel JaidenAnimations! (Yay!) As you can see, I don’t have very much on my channel yet because I just started. Butt! I am working really hard And I’m gonna try to get animations out as soon as possible! So don’t even worry about it! This is also a good time to subscribe because then you’ll be notified on when I make a video! And it really helps me out a lot. *Furiously holds out the thumbs up* I’ll normally be telling you guys some stories Things that have happened to me Just anything to make you laugh or brighten up your day a little bit! Ya know? Just keep in mind that I am still in school, so I have homework to do, other projects to work on, and lots of other things. So I won’t be able to post as often as I’d like to. Anyways, thanks for watching! I’ve got lots of stories to tell, so I hope you decide to stick around! See ya later!

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  1. Omg jaiden I just watched a recent video and then this pops up you improve a whole lot cute background music

  2. Who else goes to a YouTube you just love so much and go to there oldest video and even though you've watches it a million times you still watch it?

  3. The style its pretty different than it is now, even the Jaiden head in the thumbnail its totally changed

  4. So this is the first video of Jaiden animations OMG she sounds so different and her animation and the looks are just blaeeeggghh!!

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