It’s A Money Thing   Acing The Job Interview

It’s A Money Thing Acing The Job Interview

[ Music ]>>Okay Jen, you got this. The job is as good as yours. [ Laughter ]>>Wow.>>Hey, don’t you have kids to tout?>>Not at the moment but I could help
you ace your job interview for a price.>>Job interview tips from a talking kid’s ride? Seems legit.>>Wise choice. Now let’s get started. If you want to make a great first
impression you’ve got to ace what you wear. You’re best off with something
vibrant and memorable. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. This getup might be a bit too formal.>>But it’s my super fancy suit. I don’t have time to go –>>Don’t worry lady. I’ve got this.>>Wow. You’re so talented.>>You also need to ace what you bring. For instance, your resume should
be informative, tidy, and neat. Not a biographical epic.>>Oh.>>Just a sec.>>Oh, spiffy. I’m good to go.>>Whoa lady, how did you know
about this establishment anyway?>>Candy museum. It’s perfect for me because I
love candy and guided tours.>>There’s more to the museum
business than you might think. So, ace what you know. Being informed about the company
is a big benefit in any interview. Show some real interest and
they just might return it. You could check for info on blogs, news,
the company website, and social media. Just don’t get too familiar and start talking
about awkward office party tanks or something.>>Hey, I love that candy fair. I know tons about it too. Got to use that.>>Now you’re talking.>>Yes. Well, it’s really the
talking part that makes me nervous.>>So take an improv class. Sign up for a public speaking workshop. You want to be clear, positive,
and confident without oversharing. In other words, ace what you say. It also helps to know what your strengths and
weaknesses are so you can promote your strength and be ready to address how
you’re improving your weak points. This way you don’t get caught
off guard in the interview. And keep in mind, a big part of
what you say is body language.>>Wow. Power pose. I see what you mean.>>Right. So, ace what you wear, ace what you
bring, ace what you know, and ace what you say. Now get in there and land
yourself that sweet job. Thanks.>>You know, you really should get paid more.>>What’s an awkward situation
you’ve encountered on the job and how did you handle it?>>Mom.

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