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  1. Rhett And Link im from colombia and the ants dosn't serve in cali bogota and another citys but yes in medellin i love you guys

  2. I just feel so proud everytime Philippines is being featured 😍 btw i'm having a Good Mythical Morning marathon right now and it's already 11:02 p.m

  3. Fried banana probably just street food. I can guarantee that is delicious but i'm prettty sure thay you'll hardly to find it on Movies

  4. i dont have to say it but im going to. i dont like chase. i used to like him, but he has that weird 'fake confidence' that no one likes. just my feedback.

  5. you measure to the dot? so even if link got his dart within russia rhet still could have won? I dunno man that seems shady to me.

  6. Where is Rhett’s upper body in this video? All I see is a floating head and two hands waving around. Can anyone explain. What is happening?

  7. Im from indonesia yet ive never had a friend banana in theater before, neither ive seen people ate in inside the theater, its real good tho

  8. Actually we don’t drink “Kvas” in cinema in Russia, we just drink it from time to time and it’s especially popular in summer. But never mind

  9. If it was fries over the drink, it’d make sense but I’ve never heard of eating Chicken over a drink in the theatre :v

  10. I never saw the chicken and rice thing at theaters when I lived in the Philippines, but knowing them it's probably a thing (they had chicken & rice at McDonalds and basically every other restaurant).

  11. Aaaa at least in Bogotá, which is in Colombia, and not in 13 billion years have I seen anyone eat freaking ants in Cinemark or in Cinecolombia, neither in weddings. I ate crepes at my aunt’s wedding, and nachos while watching maleficent

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