Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking

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  1. After watching Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds "Beyond Thinking" some people end up "thinking" that thinking is bad, but if this is the case they are missing the more subtle message. If you pay close attention the film does not say that we need to stop thinking (or that thinking is bad), but that in order to come out of suffering humanity has to move beyond EGOIC thinking. Thinking that is guided by or aligned with inner wisdom, through the intuitive centers, is reflective of the most noble pursuits in human history. All true creativity and art comes from aligning with the mysterious source of our being. Einstein said: "The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self [or the ego]. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive." In Vedanta it is said that the mind makes a good servant, but a poor master. To learn more go to

  2. The space, where there are no thoughts.
    Is after you exhale, that little space in between. Before you inhale again.
    Let your breathing get smaller and smaller, until there is no breath and no thoughts.
    Totaly relaxed.
    Stay in that space, state longer and longer each time.
    Taking in the tinnyest little breaths
    Just enough to sustain by.

    Slow, breathing.

    Eyes gazing upward gently.
    Allow your eyes to become independent from each other.

    🤩look at your thumb, until you see two thumbs.👍, 👍👍.
    Feel the muscles around your eyes, relaxing…

  3. We have disconnected from nature. Not being on the land and earth and living off the land. My ancestors tried to explain to the Europeans. But they wanted civilization. It has brought pain and sorrow. Now people want to connect to nature when there's hardly any left. It could be done maybe if we let the planet heal

  4. 2nd fulsome view. Seriously resonant.often supporting the constant gardener(even though eyes are sensitive to tablet light) should you be lucky when you got nothing,you got sumthin. 1000 blessings and abundant seasons pomegranates upon the Makers xxx🤗🤯🤡🥰🤔👽😋

  5. Don't forget to do simple things, like walking barefooted in the grass, let your body connect to the earth, and no, the floor doesn't count, you need a direct connection to the energy.

  6. If someone is telling you how best to think ,most likely you are not ready to hear it. Everything spiritual comes via spirit. This one truth underpins spiritual life. Clever talk is not a clever walk . This is what I have disscerd via living my life so far." If you ask a blind man can he see what you mean? " Then this video is for you.

  7. Soooo there are 453 DEvolving unwanting and probably unworthy zombies who do NOT find this universal Truth to be of any value. The type who worship the Kardashians and their fancy cars, and have NO problem with wasting their entire time here on Earth chasing worthless money as well as their tails; the ones who foolishly believe that THIS flash of time and blip on the screen is all there is……..they've ALLOWED their once beautiful minds to become as small as the tiniest protozoa. Pathetic and sad.

  8. I wonder what would happen if this entire series was played in schools. I certainly wish I knew this when I was teenager.

  9. Yes especially when one of the Best Movies of all time was Endgame.We as a society need to Wake Up.I pray to My Father in heaven as I know he's Real.

  10. This series should be required viewing for all mankind starting at a very early age. Who needs [REALITY] when all one needs is within…

  11. This amazingly highly informative documentary got 462 thumbs down because there are so many who are living blindly and they don't want to accept or hear the real truth. They are happy or unhappy living a going no where stagnant life and don't want to grow, et cetera.

  12. If humanity is to survive? We are surviving even thriving. Maybe why your videos main message was merely subtle.

    We now live better than the kings of old ever lived. By far. We have the most amazing capabilities and tools at our beck and call, and you tort out that we all are in danger of what? Maybe not becoming able to be what we are now and have become? Lol the ego on you, fuck! Wow. Get over yourself dude, is my subtle message to you.

  13. Just be the disassociated "Watcher" of what those beliefs are doing inside of the mental field of our our thinking mind. Just watch … now that can be a real entertainment center bar none.

  14. In my spiritual experience you need to release resistance and think positive but also realistic and by that I mean real with yourself and your feelings, a lot of times you just end up giving yourself love

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