IndustrialCraft for Noobs (Minecraft Cartoon) part 2 “The First Generator”

IndustrialCraft for Noobs (Minecraft Cartoon) part 2 “The First Generator”

Ah the sun is shining, the pigs are
flying which means the second part of industrial craft for noobs is ready to
bring newknowledge to players! Huh? What the frick? I thought we’re doing minecraft for noobs 14 where I get screwed and stuff… Nope! It’s IndustrialCraft this time! Where you get screwed and stuff. Let’s assume you have already built a house and a farm with all kinds of
crops from Pam’s Harvest Craft you don’t know where to store. All in all a decent
progress has been achieved in basics of survival in Minecraft with tools, enchantments and so on. And it’s recommended to be well prepared this way. Believe me,
you don’t want to jump straight into machinery while feeding on bugs and
wiping with leaves. So! We have found something last time, can you show us?
the rubber tree settling we want to have Ah yes, the rubber tree sapling! We want to have as much rubber trees as possible (In
addition to regular wood). Plant a tree, chop it down
plant two more and repeat till the forest spirits start worshipping us themself. Look for blobs of resin hanging from
the trunks But don’t get too greedy andharvest resin with a single click at a
time! Oh, for God’s sake! Great job. You can burry that one it will
no longer produce resin from now. Oh and I should probably mention… You can’t
get blanks from rubber wood. Yet. Now the resin can become rubber through smelting Do you know you can already increase
production speed without power? Just build an island furnace for that Remember copper and tin ingots we’ve got
recently three years ago? I think we already have enough to make our first
generator! Nowadays ingots themself are as handy as gloves for a creeper you
almost always have to turn them into plates using hammer. That right here is not enough by the way. You know, an industrial workbench would become handy. Its recipe requires a
regular one. Uh, did you just want to put a wotkbench on itself? Magnificent! Now the old one can be thrown
away! I almost had a feeling their plot is
about to suppress the main. Never mind. IndustrialCraft has so many complicated
recipes it’s easier to use just enough items mod to navigate through everything. Let’s follow this pattern to create battery from tin! Finally, we have a coal generator! Craft a new battery to test it! Here you go, our first energy! Feels like a whole new game, doesn’t it? Yeah, it no longer feels like Minecraft. feels more like craft craft craft craft craft craft CRAFT CRA-

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  2. I'mma kinda getting happier after watchin' ur videos!
    Я становлюсь радостнее, когда заканчиваю смотреть твои видео!

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  4. I think part 14 should come out around like February 16 – March 20th. Cause I think it should be like a 50 minute or hour episode but HOOOOOO boy it will be hella hard for Alex Crish though. If Alex does come up with Minecraft for noobs part 14, I feel like he should take a lot of time to put in it to make it either 50 minutes or an hour episode to celebrate late new years. (I mean very late)

  5. А де ти робиш анімації

    А где ти делаешь анимацыи

    Where you make animation

  6. Made a joke that he ended a series at part 1,
    Makes part 2

  7. Amazing job as usual dude, keep up the great work and take your time! No rush, we will be here whenever the next animation arrives. 😉

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