Incredibles 2 World Premiere Live Stream Presented by Alaska Airlines

it’s the moment literally everyone has been waiting for a continuation of the story that captivated audiences over a decade ago it brings our favorite heroes back to the big screen where they belong in a truly incredible way the excitement is palpable energy is in the air yes we’re here at the world-famous el capitan theatre where an epic story is about to come to life The Incredibles 2 premiere starts right now it’s one of the most anticipated moves movies of the summer welcome to the world premiere of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 presented by Alaska Airlines I’m Julia Cunningham with them I’m Julia Cunningham with oh my Disney and we’re coming to you live from Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of it all from the famed el capitan theatre tonight is going to be so much fun we’re going to be chatting with the superstars and filmmakers that helped make Incredibles 2 a reality Brad Bird Samuel Jackson Michael Giacchino Craig T Nelson Holly Hunter and more and don’t forget this is all presented by Alaska Airlines it’s safe to say tonight is going to be incredible let’s do this we’re just waiting on Brad Bird the director and writer behind the film who also stars as Edna mode if you’re not familiar that voice that keeps going darling darling darling throughout the entire first film that’s actually Brad bird you may have had no idea about that but he’s the writer director it’s literally been 14 years since the first film that came out in 2004 I’m not sure how much of a fan you are of the Incredibles I’m assuming pretty much a big fan well and as I mentioned before this is the movie that fans have been waiting 14 years to see I personally own it on DVD I’m sort of freaking out inside and I’m pretty sure you remember the PAR family I think you would and specifically samuel jackson has Frozone there are a few new surfers excuse me supers that you might need to get acquainted with check some of these soon to be favorites hello everyone I play a brand new super named boy in Disney Pixar’s Incredibles – wait look super now boy it got a pretty cool power [Music] dimension she also gave me what other new supers are in the movie there’s the indestructible brick the high five screech that’s super senior reflux and those are just the starting lineup because we’re bringing superest back babies you can see them all in action when Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15th I’m so strong [Music] [Music] everyone is having such a good time tonight but none of this could be possible without our friends over at Alaska Airlines fun fact Alaska has the most coast-to-coast flights of any airline that means Alaska Airlines can get you to incredible places like Hawaii New York Nashville Mexico and even Costa Rica we’re just waiting on the incredible Brad Bird who is the writer director behind the film The Incredibles 2 which is opening in theaters on June 15th he’s gonna be joining us just a minute he’s making his way down the beautiful step-and-repeat if you’re not familiar that’s where you stand and you get your photo taken for at least a hundred hours because people are so excited for Brad Bird specifically who has been part of the Disney Pixar family for quite some time not only did he do The Incredibles which came out back in 2004 but also a movie that I love called Tomorrowland if you’re not as familiar with that movie I do suggest to go check that out that is in the Disney family as well and we’re eager for him to join us here on the red carpet to discuss The Incredibles 2 which has been kind of 14 years in the making I mean this was such a hit for Pixar that we knew immediately that there had to be a second one but it was sort of like what was the story gonna be where were they gonna take these characters that we love it’s no sort of jump we are going to pick up with the new film immediately following the events of movie one now I’m gonna go ahead and say spoiler alert if you did not see the Incredibles I’m gonna spoil it for you the movie ends with us meeting a new villain named the under minor who is voiced by the great John Ratzenberger who has appeared as a voice in every Pixar film and that’s where the movie directly picks up so if you’re wondering is this sort of a Simpsons thing why has they why they not aged how is Bart not a hundred years old yet exactly that’s because within this movie in this world of The Incredibles we pick up right where that last movie left off so Jack Jack is still a baby – is still just a young fast wonderful boy and violet well she’s still going through those teen moments she finally has tucked the hair behind her ear she’s allowing you to see her face she is definitely jumping in there but it’s just a short amount of time and where we pick up is with the incredible Helen Parr voiced by Holly Hunter bringing that family forward into the forefront trying to allow for superheroes to be back OK in society and we can’t wait to follow this family and see where they go that’s right the matriarch takes the lead in this film mr. incredible is mr. mom in this movie we’re also gonna be chatting with Craig team else and at some point on the red carpet some of our stars are beginning to arrive which we cannot wait to have Craig T Nelson who is mr. incredible the great Holly Hunter who voices Elastigirl and I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the trailers they look incredible literally they look like The Incredibles but she has a new motor vehicle that she’s actually using the elastisized best-selling author she’s an incredible woman who’s also a historian if you didn’t know and she voices the preteen violet I had read the story that Brad Bird the writer director behind the movie he actually discovered her listening to this American life he heard her on the radio on NPR thought she had such an incredible interesting voice that he immediately cast her and it looks like we’re about to be joined by the great Brad Bird who is the writer director behind the movie also the voice of Edna mode who was the darling star of one of the films and he’s gonna be making his way towards us worth we’re counting it down moments he’s stepping towards us hello sir it’s an honor to meet you thank you so much we have Brad Bird the writer director joining us sir I mean it’s been 14 years it must be some sort of sigh of relief and yet also excitement opportunity what do you call it I don’t know I’m happy to be here I’m extent and thrilled you know there was an incredible moment for me the first time I watched the movie I remember seeing the the explosion sequence these characters in the water and saying I’ve never seen animated water before like that and now we’re 14 years later with different technology and there must be such an incredible excitement for you to dig in with this new movie as well technology wise well when we made the first movie it was everything that CG animation was bad at it wasn’t very good at humans only couple that would been done well and all we had as humans it was bad at fabric it was bad at hair it was bad at fire and water and and all you know all kinds of things and that’s all our movie was so we were on the edge of the failure the entire time we were making the movie but now the technology has evolved so much in Pixar’s is bigger with a lot of amazing new talent as well as having the great talent that we had that it’s now 15 years more experience it’s it was really fun to make this movie you know it’s very oh I’m sure it’s very hard I was reading actually an article that there was like a whole team just working on the fashion that there was a tailor that you guys hired to make it look realistic to the way a body would move in a suit that’s right well I mean even though it’s virtual it does obey certain laws of physics that you also program in there and if the fabric doesn’t move the way you want it to you have to make adjustments so you put they have a series of movements that they put everything through and and they see how it looks and then if it doesn’t look right they have to make adjustments just like a tailor would you know we’re living in a host you know Incredibles world of hosts ghost Protocol world for you where you get to really play with animation and action do you for you as a writer director do you get to say yourself in script and then they just do an amazing action sequence we’ll figure it out with the animators later how does that work it runs the gamut I mean in the first movie the end finale I just knew the beats and I said at some point bob has to save the kids at some point this needs to happen you know and I had all the things that we needed but I didn’t know exactly how they were gonna happen with the sequence with the chase through the jungle I wrote every bead of that so it depends on the the sequence there’s certain ones that I know are going to be better if I if I turn it loose a bunch of artists loose on it and we try a lot of things and I kind of pick and choose you know and in other ones I have it very specifically in mind so it it’s all over the place but your producers here your co-workers are jumping and do you guys mind if we jump were you guys that I mean I mean you must be I said to bribe her I mean you must be so thrilled that you guys are here tonight 14 years and it’s like you know how long the process of you guys been attached to the film I was on the first film actually so I’ve been attached to this film for 17 years I’ve produced the first film so yeah it’s been the same it’s been 14 well 8 we started working on the first incredible 18 years ago that’s why I went up because when when actually seriously did did brad say okay guys this is not just talking in the press or saying of course I want to do a second Incredibles but like where was a kernel where you said guys I actually have a story we can make this happen well I would love to tell you a great story about I had this aha moment and the film sprung forth and everybody said great I had the core idea for this film when we were promoting the the first film that there would be a role switch between Bob and Helen and I knew we had Jack Jack’s powers to exploit but the plot part with the bad guys and all that the one that I pitched to the studio that they said great on quickly became obsolete and then I ended up changing it 500,000 times and so the villain was actually the last thing to come in the first movie and the villain was the last thing to come in this movie because we know that Toy Story was kind enough to bump back a little bit and you guys jump forward was that a moment of oh we get to be open on the first film with cars cars as well yes those could be after cars so you guys really like this is what happens as well but now with you guys as bosses were you guys just like we got this it’s fine no they look at us and go these guys are chumps they’ll take a year less to do just as hard to work you guys enjoy your premiere how fun congratulations we’re so excited for the film guys go and enjoy the rest of your time hit it off guys we just had the there’s no kind of you guys to hang out guys we’re very excited we’re going to continue on with our red carpet here for the incredible tooth premiere and we have Michael Giacchino who is an Academy Award winner so lovely to meet you he wanted Academy Award for up it has been longtime collaborator with Brad Bird in fact working on the first Incredibles tell me what what was it jumping in back into this composer situation for The Incredibles – it was weird I actually told him let’s not do it no stop you were like I know we made that first one it worked out I said what if we mess up what if what if what if what if you had have had like a loose violin piece in the back of your head – including he just knocked me over the head with a with a bat and threw me in the trunk of the car and said you’re doing it don’t worry about it and that’s what happened and and I did it and I had a blast it was so much fun and it was it was just weird I I thought after 14 years is it gonna be can I get back into that groove and literally write the second I started writing I was like oh my god this is so fun and you get to play with a really interesting time period the idea of like now the Trost but play on what we imagined was sort of like spy and super here and all that sort of stuff and really get to play right the idea of a jazz orchestra in a 2018 score really doesn’t exist and it didn’t exist when we did the first one 14 years ago either so it was so fun to kind of put something out to the world that says look you can still tell legitimate stories with jazz orchestra it still works and it’s really fun there’s also a bit of a throwback there’s some new stuff in it as well and it’s just I don’t know for me it just reminds me of everything I loved growing up you know Jonny Quest James Bond all of these things Man From UNCLE exactly henry mancini like the Pink Panther all of this stuff so in in a lot of ways both of these scores have been just love letters from me to all of those guys who wrote those scores as a thank you for inspiring me you know with a lot of movies it’s like we want to have something that evokes emotion but doesn’t take us away from it but helps us move forward or attach to a character is there something about your relationship working with Brad bird who’s the writer director that makes that a little easier because now at some point I imagine you sort of know his direction his ideas that you guys must mind Mel in a way that he’s brought you back on so many projects he and I have a very like-minded way of approaching things and we also have a lot of fun working together like it’s always fun you know and I’m always like I know exactly what to do like he’ll show me a scene I like I know did I know what to do with that he’ll just say go go go like he’s never he’s not the kind of guy that will handcuff you to something he says like just go and do it and then I do it we come back we talk about it we we tweak it here and there and it’s just it’s just you know we just we think alike so it just works really well and then you know and during it all it’s I mean it’s a lot of work I’m not gonna say it’s not a work it’s a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun well we’re so excited to see it thank you so much for joining us on the red carpet and congratulations by the way going to enjoy get in there have fun run in he has an incredible hint of The Incredibles – on there if you could see that I’m guys of course none of this would be possible tonight without the support of our friends at Alaska Airlines thank you in fact did you know that one of the planes in Alaska Airlines fleet has an incredibly large decal featuring the first family of supers the decal was applied at Alaskan airlines hangar in Seattle Washington Seattle Washington excuse me taking six maintenance and engineering technicians nearly 200 man-hours to complete during a three-day period it’s made up of more than 40 panes that cover about 440 square feet of the aircraft and was revealed last month during Alaska Airlines annual aviation Day event here’s a look at how they did it [Music] [Music] but it is the world premiere of Disney Pixar’s incredible two Incredibles – excuse me and Sarah Vowell has joined me best-selling author Sarah Vowell who voices violet welcome how are you feeling you know shell-shocked a little bit I mean here’s the thing Sarah is this incredible historian you’re the specimen author Brad Bird heard you on this american life and said I want her to voice this so you’re thrown sort of fish-out-of-water so I think do you feel more comfortable second time around tell me back into the voice booth or was it just still alarming I feel like you know 17 years with the character I can really get in there and do it ya know I mean a little bit over the years you know perhaps you remember Disney on ICE’s know nice and videogames yes of course videogames but ya know it was kind of like writing a really uncomfortable bicycle you know if that’s what happens is just writing an uncomfortable bicycle sometimes but we’re very sad to see the evolution of violet and we appreciate you stopping on our red carpet to hang with us but working out let you go party is that a little bit better thank you Sarah Val you guys make sure you find her in the new film Incredibles – she plays violet go party have fun live it up guys Sarah Vowell incredible author that were so excited about and we have Sophia Bush joining us on the red carpet oh we’re gonna you want to trade spots oh my god I love that she’s art directing how she’s so powerful I don’t want anyone to hurt me you know what you are allowed to do whatever you want Sophia Bush is joining the cast of Incredibles – which is so incredible also your character actually has like a very chic sort of hair line her name is Boyd what can you tell us cuz we we’ve we haven’t we’ve always seen like little bits of her in trailers and previews and images what can you tell us about her so this movie we’re the last left off and the world is used to supers being illegal but obviously at the end of the first movie The Incredibles have come in and they’ve stopped Syndrome and it’s you know whole big hurrah and now we’re excited right so everyone’s wondering our supers gonna be able to come back and there’s a group of sort of wannabe supers people who have powers but don’t quite know how to apply them or if they’re allowed to that are coming out of the woodwork and void is one of those people and I love that when you think about it it’s really a story about identity this is a girl who’s trying to figure out if the world is gonna accept her for who she is as she is she’s quirky she’s kind of a tomboy and she is the last two girls biggest fan and you literally screamed when you heard that you got the part I did because I didn’t even know that I was up for a part I just got this letter from Brad Bird saying would you like to come and join us for Incredibles too and I was at lunch with a friend of mine and I literally screamed in a restaurant heads turns super embarrassing but it was it was just such an exciting moment that’s amazing well congratulations we’re so excited to see her go enjoy the film and live your live your life to the fullest is void this side only though you guys the side only it’s just you know you’re living the part you’re so Method Sofia so method we’ll have fun tonight thank you so much definitely as I was Sophia Bush joining the cast we also have oh my gosh huckleberry hawk Milner come over to me you are so cute look at this little blue suit you voiced – how was it jumping into this movie because the you know as a reminder free people this movie has been 14 years in the making the boy who was – he’s like basically in college now so tell me what was it like jumping into this role and just a great experience to be able to jump into this role in the be – tell me what was it like did you have to go through an audition did you get to meet with Brad Bird what did you have to do to win this role well I watched the scene that they gave me for the audition like a hundred times then I went on the audition I I think I nailed it that’s what I’m gonna say I’m pretty sure you nailed it because you are – it must be so exciting what is Brad like as a director he’s so much fun he makes it all fun when I’m in the booth with him he’s just like he’s so fun and he allows me like if I say something maybe he’s like oh that’s good I will use it we’ll use it it’s just it’s just fun to work with him now tell me was there anything that you would do to get sort of like psyched up to step into the role of – like get into your superhero position sort of do jumping jacks something because there’s not a breathlessness – – but he’s so fast there’s a kind of a high energy to him well I was in Pixar studios i actually put on the – costume and started running around the studio said is it so exciting that you have like an action figure that you’re like living this other dream of like Urich Hey – get to play with toys and you are a toy yeah my dad just bought me the toy that actually mine always talks out of it I’m like okay I mean is it something like you know an out-of-body experience like when you get to see and just hear your voice and see this character of – you’ve helped bring to life yeah it just it’s just awesome to be able to hear my voice and see what the character is actually doing and because I didn’t really get to see what he was doing I just got the lines and I would just say them Wow so were you blown away when you’re reading hearts that you’re in these major action sequences and you’re doing all sorts of things or whatever and then you’re like that’s what this became yeah and like yeah so yeah basically I think it was awesome because I would like read this one part where it’s like oh – should say some save someone and then it’s like oh no wait what actually happened what does he do and I would just want to know what he does that is so cool well congratulations on the movie we look forward to meeting you down the road again we run inside and go have fun guys this is Huck Milner who plays – thank you so much enjoy time I too love your suit you’re so handsome thank you guys we’re here on the red carpet and we’re gonna actually talk to real royalty of the Pixar Disney family John Ratzenberger how are you it’s so nice to meet you can I stand you this way I want some of our amazing thing Oh what do you want like well this is where we are in our Alaska Airlines lounge checking out the whole Scott but um you know I he knows what he’s guys he’s professional he knows you know I I have to say I spoiled the Incredibles the first movie I just said I was like listen spoiler alert if you have to know we meet your character at the very tail end of the film the Underminer and you know and I feel like at this point with your legacy being at voice in every Pixar film do you even know that you have to show up is it like oh just come in we need you I have a camper in the parking lot of Pixar so I’m just there I live I lived there my wife’s not happy about it because she’s you know she wants a garden but I guess we can’t have everything that was what you need to tell her um but with your character the Underminer he’s back we’re taking off exactly where we left off with the first film were you excited to know that this was actually gonna be a much larger character than you maybe had thought well yeah yeah it’s it’s small actors we always like larger roles sure but with Pixar doesn’t make any difference one word or 50 pages it’s all the same um we’re very excited to learn more about the unter minor and we love that you joined us here on the red carpet are you except childhood oh yeah do you think he’d be Underminer dead yeah he was trapped underground he wants to come out well that’s why in his voice I talk like that because he’s got gravel in his throat he’s been breathing dirt forever I love how you just made it so human I appreciate that yeah I love it John Ratzenberger thank you so much for joining us on the red carpet please have fun tonight thank you perhaps looking that amazing pinstripe suit John Ratzenberger he wants to go he’s going the long way you guys he’s having as much fun as possible Bob Odenkirk isn’t gonna be joining us in just a second he’s actually chatting up John Ratzenberger they are living life to the fullest right now and I don’t want to I don’t want to break that moment up but Bob Odenkirk is going to be joining us who plays Winston Dever hello sir welcome to our red carpet thank you so much you are a new character in the incredible suit what you know we have not met Winston Dever yet which I am very excited to meet what can you sort of tell us about him he’s got a lot of money and he’s a media mogul and he loves superheroes at least that’s what he says but I won’t tell you whether it’s what the truth is but it might be true we don’t know good tease I like that it’s like now it’s suspect well it could be I’m not gonna tell you how the movie goes that would wreck it but it’s it’s a great movie with so many wonderful characters and I’m so proud to be one of them there could be like shades of Saul in him or something well there might be shades of Saul but you know there’s a little more joy in Winston oh look at that I like that now tell me you know because obviously who doesn’t want to be involved in a Pixar film but also Brad Bird who is just this incredible writer and directors tell me about working with him in the booth Brad Bird I’ve gotten to work with Steven Spielberg and Alexander Payne and now this Brad Bird film and he is they’re all in the same upper echelon of wonderful directors who care about every little aspect of their movie they dial it in just to the nth degree and it’s a wonderful experience to work with somebody who cares that much about every moment on screen I mean the fact that it’s you know 14 years later but also probably eight years within you maybe even being attached is it crazy how you’re like oh we’re still working on this I mean it’s like so different with the animation yeah I mean I was only in it for about little over a year but the he just waited until he had a great story he wanted to wait until he had touchstones of things that everyone will relate to and understand and that mattered somehow so that’s what he did and he has a great story here and and over the time that I worked on a year and a half it changed a little and then it got better and better every time we’re so excited to see it thank you for spending time with us on the red carpet really appreciate it as bob odenkirk thank you so much go enjoy the movie guys how are we doing this it’s so exciting the carpet is buzzing the stars are out what can we possibly do to make this better how about a sneak peek a little snippet from one of the scenes that you’ll get to see on June 15th when Disney Pixar’s Incredibles do is released [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re joining us live here on the red carpet it’s the world premiere of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 we could not be more thrilled that in a matter of moments Holly Hunter who plays Ellen Helen Parr and Elastigirl is going to be joining us alive I can’t wait Holly Hunter a true legend and if you’re nervous familiar she is really front and center in this movie it really is about the matriarch in the first film we really got to know mr. incredible who was voiced by Preity Nelson and it was great to learn about him and sort of get the whole family involved and pushed them to the forefront as an entire family of supers and really now Elastigirl is what’s representing the second wave of bringing supers back into the forefront we were talking earlier with Sophia Bush if you joined us how exciting it was to have this sort of female forward thing and we’re and for her to be joining us in a second but now we all know that Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is all about a super family as we were just mentioning right well you know who else is all about family our friends at Alaska Airlines when you travel as a family Alaska Airlines treat you like a family so you’ll get an award-winning experience and service with a smile every time and we’re gonna be waiting for just I think another minute I have seen Holly Hunter taking photos with fans which of course because she’s Holly Hunter she’s incredible and we can’t wait she’s coming out she’s she’s making her way in slowly delicately she looks incredible oh my gosh miss Holly Hunter thank you so much for joining us on the red carpet it’s so lovely to have you we’re so excited for you to be the forefront of this movie I was reminding some of our watchers on our Facebook live that the very beginning of the Incredibles you have this great speech at the end where you say you know come on girls what do we think men are gonna save the world I don’t think so I don’t think so is what you say and here you are leading this movie must be unless a full-circle moment for you 14 years later well I mean you know that still is in a way the theme of this movie as well but I I think that there’s something beautiful about the Incredibles in that basically there’s a real celebration in living up to your gift what is your gift if you have the ability the desire and the opportunity to live up to it you can and that’s kind of what this family does together and also just the fact that they can work in concert together it’s not just the the grown ups going off alone and living up to their gift I mean everybody kind of gets to do it together and this family is so wonderful we pick up right where we left off and we still have amazing baby jack-jack which we’re still learning about his superpowers but with you we know but you get to really sort of take the lead in a way was there something that Brad Bird said before and where it’s like you know we’re putting a lot on your story for at least a big part of it and he has such incredible writing are you just sort of like I’m in your hands Brad it’s fine 100% I mean after after Iron Giant after ratatouille and then after the first Incredibles Brad is such an artist and yet so it was full trust that I think all of us laid on Brad we’re so excited to see it and you especially as the last girl we’re such a fan really hundred thank you so much for joining us on the red carpet and enjoy your night oh my god it’s gonna be fun we know we’re having so much fun you guys tonight we’re so excited to be here on the red carpet we can’t go to the movies without seeing a preview am i right that just comes with the territory here’s a look at the movie we’re all here to see Disney Pixar’s Incredibles – did you wash your hands with soap did you dry them I did so are we going to talk about it what the elephant in the room what elephant mom’s new job it’s time to make some wrong things right help me bring supers back into the sunlight we need to change people’s perceptions about superheroes and Elastigirl is our best play better than me i watch the kids no problem supposed to do a dad they want us to do it I don’t know that way why would they change math math is math hello hey honey everything’s great [Music] check track he’s in excellent health [Music] that is freaky you know it’s crazy right to help my family I gotta leave it to fix the law I gotta break it you got to destroy kids can have that choice thank you young man [Music] combustion imminent what does that mean it means fire Robert the screen Slater interrupts this program for important enough to tup it might get weird I’ll be there welcome back I hope you’re enjoying our live coverage of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 it’s the world premiere happening right now here at the El Capitan we’re still waiting on some of the stars including we’re hoping Frankie Nelson who I believe is making his way slowly but surely he’s gonna take pictures with the fans you guys he is mr. incredible we’re excited for many of the other people hopefully samuel l.jackson as frozen is going to be joining us at some point as well and we’re here if you’re not ever in hollywood we are in the heart of Hollywood right now pour the red carpet at the El Capitan Theatre which you can see Disney properties at so if you’re going to be in this area head here to see the movie on June 15th and all these people out here tonight people who have worked so hard on bringing Disney Pixar’s Incredibles to to the big screen they’ve worked months and in some cases even years so you know what they deserve right a family vacation how about a family vacation to Hawaii Alaska Airlines has the lowest fares to Hawaii you can check it out now at Alaska Air calm and you can even earn miles fast with alaska’s mileage plan using them to get more than 900 worldwide destinations on a network of global partners pretty cool right we’re super excited about the red carpet right now if you’re not paying attention we’re gonna be giving you some more clips some trailers some teasers of all things Incredibles – it’s going to be in theaters on June 15th it’s also gonna be playing right here at the El Capitan Theatre which is hosted so many premieres I was here on the red carpet for the beauty in the piece in moaña and it all goes back way to the 1920s it’s this incredible theater if you don’t know and we’re looking forward to having some more of the stars actually joining us on the red carpet you know some of the things I love about premieres as I was just mentioning are the fact that we have sneak peeks for you trailers other things and speaking of we do have a new scene from Disney Pixar’s Incredibles – for you right now looks normal to me when did this start happen since Helen got the job I assume she knows are you kidding I can’t tell her about this not while she’s doing hero work I’ve got to succeed so she can succeed so we can’t succeed it Bob I get it when was the last time you slept who keeps track of that besides he’s a baby I can handle that I got this handle so you’re good then you got everything under control right so he can still hear you on the other dimension yeah that is freaky [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] back to our live coverage of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 world premiere happening right here at the El Capitan in Hollywood California we’ve had a number of our main stars of the incredible film The Incredibles – starting with Brad Bird the writer director and if you’re not you know that up on your Pixar films with having seen them in theaters there’s always a short film that airs right before a Disney Pixar picture and for this movie it’s no different in fact there’s a new film called bow which is going to be airing right before Incredibles – when you see it in theaters on June 15th and domi Shea is the director behind this picture she’s the first female director for a Pixar on the shorts which is so incredible to have her be joining us I believe we’re also gonna be talking to the producer behind it Becky Nieman Cobb who’s the producer and they’ve been working together on this product for some time we’re very excited for her to be joining us domi is actually walking up right now domi she and Becky Nieman Cobb are join us Oh ladies please come over how so nice to meet you both thank you for spending time with us I was just setting up a little bit about this incredible short film called bow I want to know because it really is sort of inspired by your mom right she worked as a consultant a little bit on this picture can you tell us about that yeah so I’ve always felt like ever since I was little well I’m an only child and ever since I was little my mom’s always treating me like her like a precious little dumpling like always making sure it’s safe I never left the nest she’s actually right there taking a picture oh my gosh mom’s right there taking a photo over here can we can you bring your mother if we bring your mom on let her have a moment right we should let her shine on the red carpet oh my gosh all right you must be so proud of your daughter now tell me but you were saying sir she access consultant as well and on-site Becky who’s the producer but so tell us a little bit about more about this yeah so we really wanted to really capture those those authentic dumpling making details in this short and we invited my mom to do a lot of dumpling making classes for the crew like we really wanted to get that animators and effects artist really in there like poking the dough smelling the pork filling and just like capturing every single detail and putting it on the big screen and did you start out like really gentle like oh no you’re doing fine by then I was like come on I said more pork me and not the greatest dumpling makers your daughter is the first female director of these shorts for Pixar which is such like an honor to hold you just must be like brimming with happiness did you – how did you and Becky me except Becky you’ve worked with Pixar for a number of years working the front was there something about this story that you wanted to be involved with or how it’s you involved in the project so I’m Tomi and I had to work together on inside out and then we went off and did our separate things for a little while and they were you we we were reunited when we on this short domi got greenlit I was asked to join her as producer I was totally honored flattered I admire her so much the work is so culturally specific and so original and yet the themes are universal and anybody can relate to the themes of the short it’s food love family food bringing families together and so I instantly connected I also became a mom during the making of the short so my my admiration for our character of mom grew a ton of your little dumpling and for you know like the thing with like these these Pixar Disney shorts that always blow me away is that like there’s so much story and love and in such a short amount of time was it was it a moment for you like really like oh this is almost like some sort of weird ph.d part this is my going to some sort of business school or something putting so much emotion into it Shore which is so difficult versus when you have 90 minutes to hours or whatever oh man I mean I mean there’s a huge challenge in making a 90 minute movie for sure but yeah I mean I I was like up for the challenge I’ve always loved storytelling ever since I was young I’d loved visual storytelling and I thought making like a short like seven and a half minute eight minutes short was like such a would be such a great challenge for for me to try to do especially without any dialogue I really yeah I actually really love the short for is with the short film format I think it’s super accessible they’re like little bite-sized pieces that a lot of people can kind of like easily digest especially for a kid right to gear up for watching a long movie well congratulations congratulations congratulations this is incredible and thanks for letting me grab your mom whole hour into this I just got so excited but have an amazing night and you deserve this so and live it up take a million photos have fun you guys yeah thank you guys so much you guys we’re so excited for this you guys and the movie itself is in theaters on June 15th you will be able to see if you go see it in the theater and finally you guys the movie is getting ready to begin and I’m about to say goodbye but first here’s one last quick glimpse at Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 in 10 days the incredible edibles – ready VG tickets available now well we’re about to say goodbye from the El Capitan Theatre and head right in to see the world premiere of Incredibles 2 a super big thank you from oh my Disney – Pixar Animation Studios Alaska Airlines the film makers this incredible cast and everyone who stopped by tonight to say hi and of course the biggest thank you goes to I mean you thank you thank you so much for tuning in and getting that Incredibles 2 hashtag trending worldwide I’m about to head into sea to film myself but you can see it for yourself in theaters everywhere on June 15th goodnight everyone and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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