If PAPYRUS was in DELTA RUNE (Undertale 2 parody 3D Animation)

If PAPYRUS was in DELTA RUNE (Undertale 2 parody 3D Animation)

Hello, my dear friends! My name is Bob! Subscribe to my channel and
you won’t miss a video! I love videogames! And today at school
my friend – Bully… Gave me a new game DeltaRune! Let’s play it! But the thing is that… I scratched the disk
when I was carrying it home… Who knows what
glitches it may cause! Let’s find out! Mahaha Kris! You thought you would manage
without me in this game?! No way! I, the great Papyrus… Have been watching
you all this time! Remember this weepy
faces on the walls? That was me! And I wept, ‘cause I
sliced onion for… Spaghetti! Ah? Kris, if you do not
wake up, we will be la… What is that?! HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING IN THE
COMMITED IN THE TOWN! Ah, Undyne! CLEAR THE CRIME SCENE OUT! Well… I’ve scratched the disk badly! So bad… That everything’s
turned upside down! Anyway… Let me get off from my bed and… Whoa-whoa-whoa! Oh, wow! I’m at school now! Welcome to Baldi’s Basics
in Education and Learning. That’s me! Collect all the 7 notebooks
and get the priii…. Mahaha! Child, it was me! All this time! All
these puzzles! One plus one… Two plus five… Multiply… Only a genius, like me,
could make up such an idea! Do not put yourself in
the math teacher shoes. 30 seconds detention
with no puzzles for you. When will you learn? What?! No! Take me back! I will slap you with my
ruler, you naughty boy! Ahem.. ahem… I mean… Quiver before my puzzles! Oh, man! Again these scratches on the disk! Listen… Will you be following
me all the time?! And where the heck is Susie?! No idea! She was with us, when we
went to the closet… But did not teleport
for some reason. Let me out! I got your chalk! But it’s gone now! Let me out or I’ ll
eat your faces!! You don’t belong here anyway! It’s me who scratched
the disk… And now the whole
timeline got screwed! Like the video if you saw Sans! Mehehe! Ah… The chosen ones have come! Human Monster And Prince of the Dark! Only you can seal
the fountains… And banish the Angel’s heaven! Yeah-yeah-yeah. Skip-skip Very interesting. Obviously, the legend has… Blown his mind! Lancer! Where are you?! Laancer! Oh, I know! Since there can be only one
great riddler in the world… I have wiped Lancer from the
very fabric of the universe… And have to take his place now! Which means… I am… Prince?! Mahaha! My dad’s gonna make
son of the month! I will smash you! That’s all for today! Like this video, if you
wanna see the next one! Where Papyrus will fight Lancer And Susie will
come to rescue me! What do you think, how
could the Delta Rune plot change, when
Papyrus appeared? Comment below! I will use the best ideas and say hello to their
authors in the next video! Subscribe with notifications on! See ya!

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  1. hey principal your are stupid i got your key run papyrus run shot principal there your are died not thing surprise

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