IBM Watson Visual Insights

IBM Watson Visual Insights

The volume of images and videos posted to social media sites every day is staggering, with billions posted to the top five sites alone. This image traffic is communicating important things about
customers, competitors and the marketplace. How can you tap into this goldmine?
Until now, gaining insights into this vast body of visual communication in the
marketplace has been difficult. Users have been looking for a tool to collect
and interpret large sets of images to assess trends and patterns. Introducing IBM Watson Visual Insights. Visual Insights allows you to derive insights from
billions of pictures and videos posted to social media. This Watson service
infers attributes from the visuals related to interests, activities, hobbies
people and places to deliver deeper insights, greater understanding and a
more comprehensive view of what users are communicating. Marketing departments can now track brand perceptions across different social media channels, and take
action to drive a consistent message in all outlets. They can also compare social media feeds with their successful competitors, and learn how to change their visuals to
appeal to their desired audience. No more wondering how a marketing campaign was
received by an audience. Visual Insights can determine the efficiency of a
campaign by investigating how a social channel reacted with visual responses.
Visual Insights becomes even more powerful when used with additional
metadata such as geo-tagging and timestamps associated with images. With
this capability, companies can find customers experiencing specific life events, such as getting married or graduating from school, based on image analysis of their photo streams. Alone or combined with
other services from the Watson Developer Cloud, Visual Insights helps
you create applications that understand the big picture. Want to learn more? Contact us today and
learn how Watson Visual Insights can help you see the forest and the trees.

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