I interviewed someone who got blacklisted from animation and they told me some stuff

I interviewed someone who got blacklisted from animation and they told me some stuff

Shortly after posting my video about
“Star vs. the Forces of Evil”, I was contacted by a person, who had a history working on the cartoons I’ve mentioned on this channel. Several years ago, due to a personal disagreement
with one of the big players in the industry, and perhaps in part due to this person
not sharing their political views with them; my source was effectively blacklisted from
many of the animation studios working today, and has had people from within them deliberately sabotage projects and career opportunities for them, by discouraging others from working with them,
and by spreading fabricated rumors about them, when simply asking people not to work with them, didn’t work. This individual had come across some of my videos, and decided to share some of their own insights into the incestuous nature of the Western cartoon industry. To keep the anonymity of my source, we agreed that I will not play the actual audio of the interview we conducted, to avoid them being recognized. Instead, I will be retelling the relevant information from the three-hour discussion we had, in my own words. I’ve confirmed that this person is indeed who they say they are. However, I have no way of confirming the things I was told by them are true, so just keep that in mind. All I can promise, is that the following is an honest and accurate account, of what I was told by them. You’ll have to decide on your own,
whether you believe it or not. Anything I’m about to divulge here,
should be prefaced with the word “allegedly”. So, where do we begin? I guess a good place to start, would be Pendleton Ward, the man behind Adventure Time. And the person, who my source singled out as perhaps the progenitor of most everything wrong with the state of the American cartoon industry – specifically Cartoon Network and Disney TVA. [Disney Television Animation studio] Now, rewind to 2010. Ward’s series “Adventure Time” has been greenlit by Cartoon Network. Now he needs to hire a team he direct. But, instead of hiring professionals, Pen decides
he’ll just, uh… hire his friends from CalArts! Without bothering to test or screen them in any way. This results in a failure so miserable, that the
studio ends up having to fire nearly everyone. Which explains, why the first season
of the show looks like a complete shit, and probably explains also,
why it sounded completely awful. In the end, the only remaining members of the original crew were Sal Valley, who got promoted to storyboard artist, despite spending 90% of his workday sleeping in the office, and Kent Osborne, who is rumored to have – allegedly – once whipped his dick out in the middle of a staff meeting, for an unknown reason. Clearly, it was an all-star crew. Now, you’d think Pen would have learned something from this, about, I don’t know… hiring people, who are actually qualified? …but no. Again, when came time to replace everyone,
instead of – again – hiring industry professionals, this time, Pen had an even more brilliant idea. He would hire comic artists, and general artists from tumblr, who have a large following, hoping, that their fans would watch his show,
and thus boost the viewership of Adventure Time. This, incidentally, is how Rebecca Sugar came to work in the industry. From here, things went from bad to worse,
as unfortunately for Ward, he’s a complete pushover. He has no control over his employees,
and no real interest in gaining control over them. He focused more on throwing
drawing parties at his house, to make him seem cool and popular with his new friends, than he did with the, uh… I don’t know, um… actually directing them,
and telling them how to do their job. To help him do this, Ward instituted a nearly supervision-free, board-driven system of writing for this show. See the system worked like this: The directors would give the storyboard artists an outline of the episode’s plot, and then, let them just, um…
do whatever they want. “Whatever they want” in this case meant that now, each storyboard artist (few of whom knew, how to actually write in the first place, let alone while cooperating with other people), would each pull the plot in different directions, using the freedom allotted to them,
to write their own personal issues into the show, and add more and more plot lines,
that the show ended up never actually resolving. The constantly changing staff,
lack of communication between the artists, unwillingness by any of them to confront the other artists, when they came up with bad ideas, and a lack of a ‘guiding hand’ to keep things on track, and tell people “no”, meant that no one really knew,
where the show was going at any given time. And both Adventure Time, and subsequent similar shows, suffered from an unprofessional and toxic work environment, where much of the day is wasted, on petty bickering and ideological one-upmanship, between the staff members, over who racks up more oppression points. This was in fact so bad, that one of the people working on Adventure Time publicly confirmed, that the gay kiss at the end of the last episode,
was not part of the original script. And was, in reality, the independent decision of a single storyboard artist, who was randomly assigned to draw that sequence. And for the record, my source told me,
that these sorts of things may be considered acceptable at Cartoon Network and Disney TVA. But in other studio he’s worked with,
that are roughly the same size, this sort of work environment, and these sort of practices are almost unheard of. When he worked at more professional studios, he told me, that he experiences a mostly professional work environment, with an engaged supervisor, pre-planned stories,
and a clear allocation of duties; resulting in a better show, with a coherent plot. Eventually, unable to handle the stress of actual work, Ward just threw up his hands and cashed out,
effectively leaving the show in the hands of Adam Muto. Then again, maybe Ward was just running while he still could, before he got busted again,
for uh… constantly stealing shit. And we’re not talking about office supplies here.
We’re talking about intellectual property. You see, Ward has some pretty sticky fingers,
when it comes to other people’s ideas. And most of what shows up on Adventure Time, is just stuff that he saw online, and thought to himself: “Shit, that looks cool!
I guess I’ll just, uh… I’ll take it”. For example, the staring horse from episode 28, he ripped off directly from Kate Beaton’s “Hark! A Vagrant”. And in fact, the show’s entire art style is rumored to have been lifted from somewhere else – possibly an anime show called Kaiba. Which explains, why they had one of Kaiba’s directors as a guest director of one of the episodes. But the greatest of these little heists, however, was
the time he stole a character… from a retarded child. You see, at some point a kid,
that might have been retarded or autistic, sent a drawing of a fan character he made up, to Ward. And Ward just, um… just put it in the show!
Without asking anyone. The studio eventually found out about this, somehow. And scrambled to retroactively fabricate a character creation contest, so they can announce this kid as the winner. Although the parents still found out, since they never entered anything into any contest, and their kid couldn’t have done it himself. So, the studio ended up having to still quietly pay them off, to avoid a lawsuit. Ironically enough, the character itself – Me-mow – is very possibly a ripoff of Killer Queen from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure [unexpected JoJoke] Now the important part of all of this,
is that because Adventure Time was so successful, and because the people involved and their friends,
ended up working on, or creating other shows; thanks to either nepotism, or studios hoping to make lightning strike twice, everything that Pendleton Ward did: from hiring from tumblr, to drawing in “The CalArts sausage mouth” style,
was copied by his successors and protegees. So now, thanks to him, the animation industry’s new standards are for showrunners to hire their friends, and people off of the internet – without qualifications, or any kind of oversight. The way that shows are written, creates incoherent plots, with more plotholes than Penicota Futuko’s suit. I’m sorry, I let my friend proofread my script,
and she put a bunch of JoJokes in here. Anyway, pretty much all the things I suspected,
about the shows I talked about in previous videos, were pretty much absolutely right. So, let’s see how this comes into play in one of those shows. It’s time we talk about Steven Universe… again. Like I said, Rebecca Sugar got her job because Ward found her on Tumblr, and hired her because she had a large following there. And since Sugar copied everything she learned working with Ward, right down to using tumblr as a “help wanted” ad; because of this, the writing and storyboarding
of this show, is just as messy and unsupervised as that of Adventure Time,
leading to much of the same results. And while my source is no lawyer, they told me,
that from their interactions with the people involved, they believe that (just as I suspected),
Steven Universe is actively written the way that it is, because they’re trying to avoid hiring men. They also confirmed, that Ian Jones-Quartey,
probably got his job because he was Sugar’s boyfriend. Speaking of which – Quartey,
who now also has his own show, possibly thanks to Sugar, may be trying to do the same thing with OK K.O.! But without much success, since his show doesn’t have a good excuse to hire women to voice male characters. Now, in addition to confirming all the things I already know, my source did tell me a few other things, that I think you’ll find interesting. One aspect of this show, that a lot of people were surprised I didn’t touch on in my original video, was the Steven Bombs. The bizarre airing schedule, where episodes
will be aired in batches, in-between hiatuses. Sometimes lasting up to 6 months. At the time, if I had brought it up, I would have assumed that it was the result of the crew being lazy; and Cartoon Network having an awful management,
that can’t keep their employees in line. But it turns out, that that’s not really the case. The Steven Bombs exist, to hide the show’s abysmal ratings. See, it works like this: when the show was airing regularly, the ratings were bad, and declining fast. And Cartoon Network knew, that they’d be forced to cancel the show, if it keeps up the way that it was. They also knew, that firing the first female showrunner in their history, and admitting, that hiring women – I mean, hiring Sugar – was a mistake. That wouldn’t be very progressive of them,
and they didn’t want to deal with the potential backlash. So instead, they came up with this. You see, every time a Steven Bomb drops,
the ratings spike due to the anticipation, and the short, “flash-in-the-pan” nature of
dumping a handful of episodes in one shot. And those seemingly arbitrary
time gaps in-between Bombs? They’re the result of the network,
looking for good time slots to air this shit, when nothing else is on, so they don’t have to compete. Because if Steven Universe aired against anything halfway watchable, everyone would just change the channel. So combine all these factors together,
and if you only look at the raw numbers, it looks like this show is doing gangbusters, and they can keep Sugar employed, while pretending someone wants to watch this shit. That’s not to say, that Rebecca herself,
is valuable or powerful within Cartoon Network. Because as much as she likes to brag,
about how tough she is, when facing the higher-ups, and even claims on her podcast,
that the gay kiss in a recent episode was the result of her, “standing up to the studio and demanding it”… The truth is, according to my source, is that
this is almost definitely a complete lie. And she was probably only able to slip it into the episode, because no one noticed – just like everything else she puts in this show. Because Cartoon Network has no “standards-and-practices” department, the way that Disney does, and probably should get one. In fact, let’s take a quick detour here. One bad trend, that started even before Ward got into the industry, was cartoons sneaking gay kisses into the last episode of the show. Because once it aired, it’s too late for them to get in trouble with the network, or get fired over this. They then pretended retroactively, that they got the green light on this from the studio, and that this was the corporation, giving off a, uh…
a sign of allyship, to the agenda that they’re pushing. In reality of course, like I said – in Adventure Time it was snuck in by one of the storyboard artists. The same is true with Legend of Korra, because
Nickelodeon has a very small SMP department; and the creators even admitted,
that they slipped us under the radar. Disney’s SMP division, by contrast, threatened to cancel an entire episode of Gravity Falls, when Alex Hirsch tried to put a gay kiss in it. But he still managed to sneak it in, of course as usual, into the last episode. Now, Nefcy claimed, that Disney gave her the go-ahead to put a gay kiss into “Star vs.”, mid-season. But from the sound of the story she tells about it, it comes off like the person who was supposed to tell her not to do this, didn’t really feel like arguing that day. And, like I said in my video, the moment Disney noticed a hint of backlash – they pulled the episode entirely. But eventually brought it back, when people didn’t raise enough of a stink about it, to make this financially worthwhile. The point is: what you’re seeing, isn’t an industry deciding to promote an ideology, or support a cause. It’s two studios, both of which employ the same small group of people, who are all friends with each other,
or lovers of each other (we’ll get to that); and whose combined numbers aren’t enough to fill up an entire room. [Studios] letting their guard down,
and have this tiny handful of people exploit the fact, that they’re not paying attention,
to smuggle their propaganda onto the airwaves. And I have a feeling, that the moment these studios catch on, or the second, one of these cartoons cause enough of a controversy to give them some bad press, the executives up top are going to put a much tighter grip around these people’s necks. But, getting back to the point. Sugar’s stories, about how she supposedly forced the studio to let her put a gay kiss on screen,
are probably a complete falsehood. Since, if Sugar’s supposed influence over the studio is so great, it sure doesn’t explain, why she wasn’t able to stop them that time, where everyone on the crew got a massive pay cut. And when Rebecca tried to complain about it, they just told her to fuck off Okay, but moving on from one fuckup to the next. Since I’ve already brought her up, let’s talk a little bit about Disney’s first female showrunner – Daron Nefcy of “Star vs.”. Now, in my video I gave Daron a compliment, I am now forced to retract. I said, that the art in this show is better than that of Steven Universe, because Daron makes her new storyboard artists
pass a test, to be accepted onto the staff. And that’s how it was painted to me, in the article I read, that was trying to make her look good. But that’s not exactly true. See, Nefcy doesn’t actually do this. I mean, at least not by choice. It’s a requirement by Disney TVA, for all of their shows. And not only does Nefcy not do that,
she doesn’t really do anything! If you thought, what I said about Ward and Sugar made them sound lazy and useless – – Nefcy is all of that, but 10 times worse. Nefcy is so incompetent, that after the first season of the show aired, almost everyone who worked there,
either quit or planned to quit, and the show’s directors intended to stage a coup, and kick Nefcy out. She was only saved, because one of them still liked her, and refused to play along. And maybe, much like Sugar, possibly because firing your first female showrunner after one season, would have been bad optics. In spite of all of this, and in spite of the fact,
that Nefcy does literally nothing on the show, besides sit in her office and doodle, while the storyboarders fuck shit up, like they did with Ward… Nefcy has the nerve to make her show even worse, by randomly firing people she’s angry at, for no good reason. Aleth Romanillos for example,
who was one of the show’s only good artists, got temporarily kicked out for a while,
because something he said made Nefcy angry. And to this day, apparently neither he nor anyone else,
really knows what exactly that even was. And speaking of Star – it’s also worth pointing out,
that most of the worst parts of the show, were, just as I suspected,
put there by Sabrina Cotugno. And, much like every other cartoonist
currently working in this part of the industry, Sabrina’s already been pegged to get her own show,
just by knowing the right people. The only thing stopping that from happening right now has been, that Sabrina insists on making every single character, or at least every single protagonist, in her children’s cartoon show, a flaming homosexual. And while she could always take her show
to Cartoon Network, who have much lower standards, they also pay you a lot less than Disney,
and Sabrina’s spoiled ass refuses to accept that. Alright: next, let’s talk about the person, who got Nefcy her job. A person she used to go to school with.
A person, she used the fuck. If you thought, what I said so far,
made the animation industry sound nepotistic, hold on to your assets – because if the industry is incestuous, then Gravity Falls is a family reunion at an Alabama swamp, and Alex Hirsch is the toothless patriarch
[that] everyone calls “Uncle Dad”. Alex Hirsch has fucked everyone. He fucked Nefcy, when they were in college.
He fucked some cosplayer named Manzi DeYoung. Got bored, cheated on her with Dana Terrace,
promoted Dana Terrace over and over, despite her being one of the least experienced people working on Gravity Falls. And when Disney threw money at him to direct DuckTales, he accepted, but then fucked off to Fox anyway, and handed the show over to Terrace, who he was already dating at a time. And now, Terrace is also getting her own show, just like Nefcy did. Aside from these two, there are multiple other women he may or may not have slept with, and may or may not have advanced the careers thereof afterwards. And what’s interesting, is that Nefcy said that Tom, the devil character in Star, is a composite of all her exes, so there’s some Hirsch in there somewhere. Although, for the record: according to rumor,
Nefcy still wants to fuck him. It doesn’t end there, by the way – because much like Ward, Hirsch not only hires and promotes his fuck buddies,
he also does the same with his friends. He hired his buddy Robert Ryan Cory,
who spends his workdays, sleeping under his desk. He only hired Terrace in the first place, because
he was asked to, by another one of his friends. And then, he hired Amelia Lorenz, because he was asked to by Terrace. Beyond using the entire industry as his personal casting couch, rumor has it, that he even goes so far, as to start fights with other people working for or with him, if he suspects, they might be interested
in someone he already plans on screwing. Expanding on this – and, this has to be the best part of the video. There’s apparently a veritable plague of STDs,
going around this sub-big happy family. See, almost everyone working at Cartoon Network and Disney TVA, allegedly, has a venereal disease, they got from someone else who’s also working there. At one point during our interview, my source
illustrated for me the trajectory of a single STI, as it had to cross five different people, working at three different shows, at two different studios; that may or may not have originated from a prostitute. And explained to me, that at least one person involved in this chain was married to someone else who works there, and habitually cheats on their spouse with other co-workers. For decency’s sake I’m leaving their names,
and the names of some of the other people I was told Hirsch may have slept with, out of this video, unless something happens in the future, that makes this information somehow relevant. But I will say, that there is some speculation, that Sabrina Cotugno is now exclusively dating women, because she’s mad at her last boyfriend for giving her an STD. So, before we finish with Hirsch though, and before any of you get the idea, that fucking him is a good idea. You should be warned, that aside from everything else – Hirsch is also really, really weird. One thing about him, is that he sleeps at his office. And not because he wants to,
but because he can’t drive. Instead, he has to use other employees
of his shows, as his personal chauffeurs. He spends so much time sleeping at his office because of this, that one of his girlfriends ended up just breaking up with him. And he got in trouble with Disney at least twice. Once, for using the trash cans as a toilet, because he was too lazy to walk ten feet to the bathroom. And then a second time, for the fact that he brings a laptop to work full of pornography, so he can jerk off there at night. And that’s pretty much it, for individual stories about individual people. The only other things I’ve been told by my source,
that I think are worth sharing, are that Noelle Stevenson used to work
as a writer on “Wander Over Yonder”, and was promoted almost immediately from doing that,
straight to being a showrunner on the “She-Ra” reboot. So, God only knows who she had to fuck, to get ahead so fast. And I’m not just saying that. Because I found another source,
that used to work in the industry, whose name I’m leaving out of this, in case they don’t want to be involved in all this drama. A source that, among other stories that they publicly share about the industry, not personally to me, but on… well,
somewhere where I won’t disclose. This source said, that there was something “unseemly”, so to speak, about the way, that Stevenson got her position at “She-Ra”. But we’re not going to exact details. So, something was definitely up there. Lastly, I have one more story about Kyle Adam Carrozza, and his show “Mighty Magiswords”. See, the show got cancelled really quickly, and my source told me, that that may have something to do, with the fact, that he is… that he’s white! Apparently, there was a lot of animosity
directed towards him at the studio, on account of him being a white guy. Although, to be fair, it should probably be some sort of crime, to be as white as Adam Carrozza. Aside from that, there are a couple of things I’m keeping to myself, until they become relevant. Like a story about Justin Roiland I might save for a future video. And a few people I didn’t mention by name,
because they aren’t really big players, so I don’t really see a need to share salacious gossip about them, until there’s a reason for it. So instead, let’s talk about some more general problems in the industry. For example, a giant #MeToo-style list,
that has been floating around behind the scenes. After some cartoonists were exposed for being pedophiles and sexual harassers, and probably rightly so, a list started circulating, among a close circle of like-minded members of the industry, where women can add men, they believe are sexual predators. Now, concerning as it is, that anonymous accusers can slander people with no evidence, behind closed doors, using this list;
I can’t complain, since I myself have said, that I suspect, that this industry is overrun with creepy, sexual deviants. *cough, cough* Rebecca *cough* So I should at least be able to be a little bit forgiving towards this list thing, if I were able to give it the benefit of a doubt,
that it’s being used to out actual predators However, I can’t give it that benefit of a doubt,
because my source revealed to me, that is already being used, by members of the progressive clique that’s circulating it, to smear innocent people, as revenge for petty grudges that they’re holding against them. Another problem is Women in Animation. I mean- I mean the the organization “Women in Animation”, not uh… well, maybe a little bit, uh… anyways. In recent years, the Animators Guild partnered
with an organization called Women in Animation. “WIA” for short. When my source brought them up,
and their director Margaret Dean, the name immediately rang a bell with me. “Margaret Dean, Margaret Dean…
where have I heard that name before?” “Nah, couldn’t be” I thought to myself. So, I went to Twitter and scrolled through my timeline, just to make sure. And yup, lo and behold, there it was. I had retweeted an email exchange only a few weeks ago, that was posted by a black female animator from Indiana, that she’d had with Dean. In it, she asks how this organisation is going to help her get a job, seeing as how she pays them their membership fees. Dean answered, by spending several months trying to brush her off, and then insisting, that she needed to move to LA,
and come to one of their group’s social gatherings. Dean ignored every time this woman tried to explain to her, that she can’t do that, and asked,
what she’s even paying them for. Eventually, Dean just told this woman, to uh… fuck off. And that was the end of WIA’s amazing support,
of women of color in the animation industry. But no, there was still something wrong. There was somewhere else, I’ve heard that name “It’s impossible”, I thought to myself.
But I had to be sure. So I go to YouTube, and I look up that disastrous trailer of that new animation show, that Crunchyroll is producing with the money, that they stole from their users. That show, that’s based on an awful webcomic,
that’s ripping off Little Witch Academia and Madoka. That show with a trailer, that doesn’t show any actual animation, but spends its entire runtime bragging about how diverse the show staff is, because they only hire women.
All of whom are, by the way, white. That show, that has Crazy Kate left working on it. And there she was. Margaret Dean. Right there, in the fucking trailer of High Guardian Spice. Okay, but what does WIA do, that’s so bad? Why am I even bringing them up? Am I just being a dick to them,
for being a woman’s advocacy group? Yes. I- I mean no. The issue with WIA is that,
besides it being a useless organization with a free WordPress site, which – much like Crunchyroll, with whom they’ve partnered, uses their membership fees, for purposes other
than the ones that they were intended for, like… paying Anita sarkeesian to come to some half-empty event, instead of using that money to uh,
let’s say, um… find women jobs? Besides all of that, the problem with them,
is that they are actively trying to get people fired. Specifically – men. I could get into details, about all the ways that WIA helps no one, and basically, embezzles the money they get paid,
to uh… buy themselves drinks. And I might just do that at some point, when “High Guardian Spice” comes out,
and is inevitably a disaster. But for now, them not helping the animation industry isn’t the problem, as much as them actively trying to hurt it,
by weakening its unions. You see, after the Guild had partnered with WIA,
they had a meeting to announce it with their members. And when someone asked the head of the Guild,
how they plan to meet the organization’s goal of a perfect 50/50 split of men and women,
working in the industry; the head of the guild told them,
that they’re just going to have to fire men. Presumably to be replaced with under-qualified women, that were given jobs, because they’re friends with someone at WIA. As WIA has been alleged to do. So, I’m not really sure, how the already weak Animators Guild plans to ever stand up to anyone ever again. When one of their members’ rights is being violated,
when everyone knows, that they’re a paper tiger, that doesn’t object to its members losing their jobs. Or how it expects to leverage their already small numbers, when the people it depends on for shows of force,
won’t willingly or enthusiastically cooperate with them, after they see that their own union,
that’s supposed to protect them, will stand idly by, as they lose their livelihoods;
because a group with no power or influence and nothing to offer them in return,
told them to let them get shit-canned. So that’s what you’ll get, if you join WIA. At best, you’ll get your money stolen,
so that a handful of old whores can use it to throw parties in LA,
drink champagne, and finger each other. At worst, your incompetent ass will
be given a job ou aren’t qualified for, after WIA strong-arms the studios to let you have it. Where you’ll work with equally incompetent co-workers, who got there the same way you did, and can’t do their jobs. You’ll work under awful conditions,
because the group that put you in place, is actively working to weaken your union,
to the point it can no longer help its members. All the while, the money that you paid them, to put you in this position is being used to throw parties in LA, where a bunch of old whores drink champagne, and finger each other. And that’s just in relation to Women in Animation. Let me lay out your future in general, if you decide
to go work for Cartoon Network or Disney TVA. First, you’ll be plucked from your career of posting ugly scribbles on tumblr, to a job as a revisionist at one of these studios. Where you’ll spend your days, getting paid pennies,
working in an unprofessional work environment. Most of your day will be wasted on petty bickering, over what the plot should be, while the person who should be making these calls, sleeps in his office. Prepare to have to tolerate people, constantly making personal attacks against you, over your skin color or not being gay enough, until you’re eventually blacklisted,
for telling Daron Nefcy to go fuck herself. At that point, if you want to keep your job,
you’ll have to pick between two options: either pretending to be trans,
or sucking Alex Hirsch’s cock. If you pick Option #2, you’ll get to wear your herpes as a badge of honors, as you are rewarded with your own show, and can finally, after working there for less than one year, get your own office, where you can sleep,
while your storyboarders bicker like children, about the best way to put a gay sex scene into your children show, without the censors catching on. Then after a long day of tart wrangling a bunch of idiots, and fighting off accusations of being a white supremacist, for not letting them ruin your show, by having
the main character join the Communist Party; as you go back to your shitty alley apartment, that you can hardly afford, because your shitty Union can’t negotiate for better pay, remember: don’t call this a grave.
It’s the future you chose.

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    Wonder why he was blacklisted.

  7. Anytime a company hires someone simply because "they are this or they are that", they miss out on qualified people for that job. Hiring needs to be based on who does the job best. Not on who or what kind of person you don't have on your team yet. This isn't the Dark Brotherhood. You don't need a High Elf, a Nord, a Redguard and a vampire to be successful. Besides, it seems like the hiring has less to do with your animation skill level and more to do with your bedroom skill level. This is disgusting.

  8. You know what I don’t like about you, EZ PZ? Aside from the fact that you hate Steven Universe, one of the greatest cartoon shows today IMAO. You only ever talk about negative things. You never have anything good to say about animated series or the people who made them. I clicked on this video to hear what this person you interviewed had to say, not what you had to say. Furthermore, STOP CALLING REBECCA SUGAR A SEXUAL DEVIANT. She made one sexual piece of fan art years ago and that immediately makes her a pervert?! You are such an asshole.

  9. Your entire story is put into question by your blacklisted source being anonymous.
    Another issue is that part of why Steven Universe's ratings are low is the lack of ads for it. Plus your bias for calling it poor quality throws other details into question as well.

    I'm not saying you're lying, I'm saying there's inadequate information to believe or reject these claims at this moment.

  10. Wow… This is just a piece shit human being, he is pretty much just shit talking shows he does not like and using rumors to do that

  11. 10:07 This is the first video I've seen from this channel. I am unfamiliar with EZ PZ's personality, so I might be misunderstanding what he's saying here. Is he actually implying that it was a mistake for Cartoon Network to hire women in general, not just Rebecca Sugar? Also, does he really view homosexual representation in cartoons as "propaganda"?

  12. So… I don't care about these kid's cartoons, but holy shit this was a stupid video. Everything had an air of an incel perspective.

  13. So nobody really got black listed the episode of star never really got pulled that’s just the reaction you wish more people had. You are just a homophobic retard who can’t stand that other people are smarter than you.

  14. Man, I remember the whole “Me-Mow is a fan submission!!!” thing! Sad to know he was ripping off a fan of his own show!

  15. Calling gay kisses/confessions "propaganda" (13:24) just made me lose all faith in this story. Sounds like you're the one spreading propaganda in all this. I don't like SU or Adventure Time all that much personally but this is literally just a tirade.

  16. I see a lot of comments saying they dont buy it . Really? With all the shit we know about show biz these days . You don't believe that these idiots are fucking each other to the top and catching the clap and God knows what else in the process.

  17. Well, I guess all I need to do is get a tumblr and hope it goes somewhere so I can go fuck off and just be rich.

  18. Ik retarded is not technically a mean word but since people made it to be a slur, I think it's not a good idea to call a disabled kid a retard. Just a heads up.

  19. Man Steven Universe was an incredibly deep show. Incredibly deep character development. And touched on political issues that affect all of us in some way, making fusing alien minerals quite relatable. I believe this is even more true as Steven's connection grows with Connie and the CGems and Stevens' origin I think makes for great storytelling

  20. You know, I’d like to take these alleged events at face value, but your consistently presented views have stopped me from feeling that you and your source aren’t biased. By alluding to women not belonging in the the cartoon industry, or arguably any position that would require directing a team, you have diminished your position as an unbiased reporter. If this “source” was blacklisted, they would more than likely be pretty pissed about it, and may or may not take any opportunity to spread gossip or even misinformation about these people. Obviously, I don’t know how truthful any of their statements may be, but there is certainly motivation on their end to attempt to make these creators look bad.

  21. i clicked o this video with the intent to know more about the animation industry not some guy making claims about people sex life and not naming a single source in a video where he is supposedly speaking facts

  22. Nah, you are completely bullshitting and trying to gain attention by being contrarian. Pen had the legendary Flapjack writer Thurop Van Orman as a fellow producer and many others including the "Over the Garden Wall" guy Patrick McHale. The kid that submitted the "Mee-Mow" was not retarded, you have no evidence of this. Muto and Suger being the gems they are tried to steer the ship when Pen got bored of doing it, and crashed it into a LGBT fever dream. Your title was misleading, you just ramble on complaining vaguely about things completely unrelated to A.T.

    tl;dr Suck a dick you joyless spa

  23. What I'm taking from this is that you don't seem to do much (if any) research before "exposing" gossip, seem rather homophobic, and DEFINITELY have a big personal problem with women, even more women in any position of "power" or authority. Yes the "info" was given to you by someone else, but the opinions are voiced as your own.

  24. 6:41 Let me guess…is that the white cat character?
    7:07 Yep, I remember the CN channel saying that they liked it so much they put it in the show.

  25. I'm female and this is very interesting ?
    Can't believe animation studios are like this now. So sad. But i guess i shouldn't be surprised. Mediocracy is it's own brand now TT

  26. God … seriously what is wrong with Nafcy and Sugar? Seriously, these girls are the literal worst. Seriously these are the type of women that people warned you about and the type of women that people often so you shouldn't get jobs or stay in the kitchen. these girls are literally The stereotype of the worst kind of woman, why isn't that there's no normal female forerunner who has the mindset to not do anything like this. Seriously, I can't we get decent for runners that aren't so politically inclined, whatever happened to making a decent story.

  27. Did this person actually research any of these claims before making this video… Because SU ratings have been incredibly high since the first season so idk what that Steven Bomb rant was lmao

  28. Did this person actually research any of these claims before making this video… Because SU ratings have been incredibly high since the first season so idk what that Steven Bomb rant was lmao

  29. This is the video equivalent of the yellow press lmao, everything you said was gossip and you even said so yourself. Apart from your anonymous source (which also has no credibility) not one accusation has been backed up with actual evidence. This is insanely cheap content.

  30. It's a shame that things like the animation industry and comic book industry have become a cesspool for nepotism, sexual assaulting from both men and women, LGBTQ propaganda, and (especially in comics) poor writers that couldn't make it too the big leagues so they got hired by marvel and D.C. and since they were poor losers they decided too ruin your favorite characters by writing crappy stories, forcing their political views into the book and just complaining that they weren't pickup by disney or fox or whatever and that they can't recognize talent Cough ice man *cough*.

  31. In the earlier seasons of adventure time I always thought the show was more of a one and done plot episodes and did not know there was going to be a bigger story later on, guess it was because of this

  32. So how did former Spongebob staff members get to working on Adventure Time? Did the source really refer to that "beanhead" style as "CalArts sausage-mouth style?" Because Frederator's Youtube channel made a video on that allegation and although there was no conclusion on how that style started popping up everywhere, it did conclude that it can't accurately be referred to as a CalArts style. Manzi DeYoung is Alex Hirsch's ex-girlfriend.

    "God only knows who she had to fuck to get ahead so fast." Was that pun intentional?

    I do hope more persons will be looking into these allegations. Your video was the subject of a Bounding Into Comics article: https://boundingintocomics.com/2018/10/17/report-blacklisted-industry-insider-drops-troubling-information-about-the-modern-animation-industry/

  33. Once this whole sexism against men thing reaches its peak, it will slowly be sexism against women, the men, then women, in an endless cycle of hate on hate.

  34. Thank you for this video. Im wanting to go into the animation field, and now that i know a lot of dumbass shitshow runners can enter the animation field, so can i!

  35. 9:52
    I'm just going to put this here.

  36. Combined with The Mysterious Mr. Enter's video, this paints the excellent picture that the animation industry is the embodiment of the original moral of the Cinderella story, "The only way to get far in life is with the right connections".

    Someone needs to change their hearts…

  37. According to at least 2 different comments, a man named Luke Weber is your source. Just thought I leave that here.

  38. Gosh this sucks. As someone who wants to make there own show and seeing these places where everything is corrupt Im not going to know where to go anymore.

  39. This video: When you want to pass your opinions as facts! I really dislike Steven Universe; but all the stuff you are spewing in here sounds like something anyone would fabricate for likes and subscribes.

  40. I've noticed that most people who comment negatively on this video are either a) Die hard fans of the shows he talk about which leads them to deny every claim in the video or b) people not realizing that it's kind of understood you're supposed to take this video with a grain of salt considering EZ mentions multiple times in the video that this is all allegations. Let's be honest though from the trends we see most of the things brought up wouldn't be that surprising if they turned out to be true. Still can't get over the amount of dislikes though. Guess Tumblr and Deviantart really won't listen to what he has to say lol.

  41. I always disliked Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I ought to have known it would be this awful.

    It still disgusts me to know all the same.

  42. in a business perspective, this is all pretty possible. letting people think they're in charge when they're not, everything.

  43. Imagine being a voice actor on Steven Universe. Imagine getting the script and every-single-time at least 50% of it is incoherent rambling.

  44. Don’t you think they might have had a reason to be blacklisted..? I mean they can twist the story to make it sound like the other person’s at fault but you’re seriously not going to consider that if some of these claims about certain people where true they may be ya know.. more wide spread than a singular YouTube video? It’s just hard to take this seriously when it’s so god damn suspicious

  45. The kiss in the final episode couldn’t have been “just been put out there” because Pen Ward wasn’t the director at the time. That’s assuming the new director was “as bad” as he was. I don’t think season one was as bad as the person in this video says it was.

  46. the kaiba art style thing doesnt make any sense, it looks nothing like the show as far as ive seen from clips of it and as far as i know you cant rly steal an art style

  47. The entertainment industry has become disgusting, especially for cartoons, and it has become visually noticeable in their writing and art. The shows have gone to shit and there’s no decent show with a purpose. Children are supposed to be entertained and have moments of creativity, instead the cartoons are laced with left wing propaganda and weak stories that amount to nothing. Call me impulsive but at least there was decent cartoons before 2010.

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