I Am Adopting My Dad’s Illegitimate Son || Best True Stories Animated

I Am Adopting My Dad’s Illegitimate Son || Best True Stories Animated

Hey, guys. I’m Anthony. I’m 17 years old and soon I’ll be a father. I think I can do it because I have a great
example of what kind of father you shouldn’t be. Yeah, I’m talking about my own dad. I’m not saying that my father is a bad man. He’s a sailor, and we only see each other
three months out of the year. Ok, I understand that he makes money so that
my mother and I can live well. But I still miss him, you know. I envied the other kids because their dads
were there for them for their whole childhood. And I spent most of my time just waiting for
my dad to come home and enjoying the few days we spent together. And recently my mom and I found out that we
weren’t the only ones waiting for my dad to return from the sea. The last time my dad was deployed, his sailing
was supposed to be over on a certain day, and he was supposed to come home. But dad texted that he would be home a couple
of days later and didn`t explain the reason. It was weird. Because before that, dad was always on time. He was always in a hurry to get home to see
us. And then he completely stopped responding
to messages. My mom and I were getting worried. A sailor is a dangerous profession, even in
the 21st century. He could have been caught in a storm, or gotten
malaria in a third world country port. In addition, there are still some pirates
on the ocean in today`s world! My mother and I just couldn’t calm down until
one morning we heard a car drive up to our house. I looked out the window and I saw my dad getting
out of the taxi. Hurray! I ran out to meet him, but then, a boy who
was about of five years old got out of the car. Then dad said that we all needed to have a
serious talk. My mom and I didn’t understand what was going
on. We sat down at the table and my dad started
talking. Many years ago, when his ship was in a port
in the Philippines, he met a woman and they had an affair. At sea, sailors often miss regular human relationships,
you know. So one day my father received a message from
that woman. And it said that she was pregnant. Dad didn’t want to leave her alone and he
felt responsible for the child. So since then, his life has been divided into
three parts: the sea, his family in America, and another family in the Philippines. But something terrible happened. That woman got sick and was rushed to the
hospital. Unfortunately the doctors couldn`t help her,
and dad was with her until the very end. Then there was a funeral and dad had to figure
out what to do next. If he had left the kid there, he would most
likely have ended up at an orphanage, and he wouldn’t have survived there. My dad couldn’t let that happen so he stayed
there for a week, processing documents for the child to bring him to America. And here they are. That’s just “oh my God” information and it
took a few minutes just to process it. My dad had another family for five years! Do you know how it feels when you find out
your father’s been lying to you for five years? I can’t even begin to imagine how my mother
felt. A woman who was faithful to him for all these
years. She dutifully waited on the shore until my
father returned from his deployments and now she found out that for the past five years
he loved another woman. Of course then the fighting started. Dad was sitting silently and listening to
everything that my mom shouted at him. He understood what he had done, and now he
had to deal with the consequences. I didn’t want to be in the same room with
him anymore. So I left and sat on the couch. I tried to think about what the hell was going
on. When I looked up, I saw this boy standing
in front of me and he was scared. The boy didn’t speak English, so he didn`t
understand what was happening and just covered his ears with his hands. He probably thought we were crazy, just yelling
at each other. I felt sorry for him because I’m an adult,
and I can deal with family problems. But he’s too small, and he’s already been
through the loss of his mother. I wanted to calm him down. I pointed my finger at myself, and I said,
“Anthony. And you?” He pointed at himself and said “Gener.” Then we smiled at each other. And I have to say, this kid looked just like
me. We have the same face shape, eyes, and eyebrows. And this was not surprising because we were
brothers after all. I sat with him for about ten minutes, trying
to calm him down and explain that everything was going to be fine. By the time I got back to my parents, the
fight was over and my mom had decided to kick my dad out of the house. Obviously, after finding this out, she did
not want to be together any longer. Dad took the suitcases that he didn`t even
unpack, took Gener by the hand, and left. Believe me, it’s very frustrating to see your
mom just hate your dad. And it’s even more frustrating to know that
your dad deserves it. But I was worried about something else. What about the kid? Mom was going to take the house, so where
were they going to live? And work? Dad has worked as a sailor for his whole life. He can’t do anything else. I don’t know why I was worried about this
little boy’s fate. Perhaps I felt a brotherhood with him. Or even some parental instinct, I don’t know. But I was more worried about him than about
my own parents’ divorce. While the divorce process was going on and
my parents dealt with the paperwork, my dad often asked me to take a walk with Gener. I took him to the park where we went on rides
and ate ice cream. I even taught him some English words. But every time I brought him back home, I
felt sad. He and dad were living in a motel, in totally
inappropriate conditions for a kid. And despite the language barrier, it was clear
that Gener was not happy to have to live there either. One day I asked my father directly, “What
are you going to do with Gener?” And that question baffled him. My father didn’t seem to have a plan at all. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I talked to my mom and I asked her to let
Gener live with us. I’d give him my room, so it wouldn’t be inconvenient. But the trouble is that she didn`t want to
live with a boy who would remind her every day that her husband had cheated on her. It was a tough decision, but I don’t blame
my mom. It’s understandable. I saw him as my brother. And she saw him as a reminder of my father’s
infidelity. So our house was not an option. Since dad had no idea what to do and mom refused
to help, I had a feeling that I was the only one who was worried about this little boy’s
fate. And then the decision came naturally. I went to my dad and said, “Listen, I know
what we’re going to do. You’ll sign a new contract and you will sail
away for work. And you’ll work twice as hard to provide for
the kid. And I will take over his upbringing.” I have some money that I had been saving for
a car and I’m going to rent an apartment. Besides, dad will be sending money anyway,
so we’ll be fine. So, yeah, it all happened pretty quickly and
awkwardly, but that’s OK. My dad has basically been away most of my
life and I have promised to try to be better than him for this kid. How would you react if you found out that
your dad had another family? And would you be able to take responsibility
for someone else’s child? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. How would you react if you found out that your dad had another family? And would you be able to take responsibility for someone else's child? Let me know in the comments.

  2. Well my dad has been dead for almost 5 years so uh, I wouldn't had knows anyways until I died if he had a different family or not

  3. I will try my best to take care of him because it’s not really his fault is my dad‘s fault I’ll give them everything that he needs and some of the things that he wants

  4. My dad did have an other family but it's ok he's a good father it's just I miss my sister but she will come back I'm sure of it

  5. If i were u i would not be that good to your dads illegitimate son. Because i also know what a broken family is like, but what u did was totally unbelivable. You could like take care of his son because he half your brother, actually i don't know what u did is right or wrong but if i ask my heart what u were doing is great. Hatred wont have any benefit while goodness would bring something good.

  6. I understand his mother, and as I child I think I couldn't do what he have done…. I think i couldn't be so good and nice. I am sorry for that, but i think I just couldn't and it breaks my heart💔

  7. I won't be surprised if my dad told me i had an older sister to which the rumors says… But I think I would be sad because I've always wanted a sibling during my childhood years in life. And never had that opportunity. I would be glad if the rumors were true

  8. My mom lied to me about going to south america with me and my sister because she told us we were going there for vacation but we were going to live there and she left my dad. I feel heartbroken because my dad always supports me and makes me feel better

  9. He is a great example of how someone should not blame the child for their parents' mistakes. Leave the child alone and go after the person who did wrong.😡

  10. I am touched by this story. It's my first time to comment. You are such an angel. God bless you. Happy new year.

  11. 6:27
    I started crying in the middle of the street and ran to our house, I was mad at him and didn't talk to him for more then a week.

  12. First of all I come from Philippines and I really hate women from my country who make relationship with American men cause of money. They don't even think that they can probably distroy happy family cause of money… you are very kind to take care of your half brother. My God Bless you and more successful in life💖

  13. This guy must be boyfriend from a girl in a another vidio ( I stole my sister's baby cuz she is a horrible mother) name Hayley

  14. If my dad have a notter famili i will take my gun and kill that wooman and kid i will go to jail but i know that there are happy

  15. I a philipino ans this is the song philipinoo o galing Natin ito pusot isip wakas salang Natin ito pilipino pilipino binuhos ng baguio pusot isip and that's all the lyrics I know

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