*le step* *F A L L S* I’m online, looking at the rate of bone fractures in the United States, and…. it says here, on this very fancy website *sparkle*, that approximately 6.8 million [ Americans break a bone each year. Considering the population of the United States is about 300 million, that gives us about roughly 2 out of every 10 Americans break their bones… annually. And that means that 8 out of every 10 Americans ***DON’T*** break their bones annually. And I have never broken my bone. So that means… by the law of transitivity, I am 8 out of every 10 Americans. (Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good) Millions of people, in the United States alone, are breaking their bones ( UwU) and having to deal with unimaginable pain. And I consider myself really lucky to have never had to go through that pain. That terrible… just… HORRIBLE… terrible, terrible, horrible pain, but I have hurt myself. Not on purpose, but just because I’m being an idiot. Or because I’m near an idiot! That idiot is also usually ME. I’ve stubbed toes (oof), I got hit in the face with a shoe (OoF), fallen off of a skateboard (OOF), fallen down stairs (FLOOF), I’ve fallen down the stairs more than I’d like to admit; one time with an entire plate of spaghetti! (*Worlds tiniest violin starts playing*) But that was more of an emotional pain than a physical one D: So I’ve never broken a bone… But the worst pain I’ve had to deal with was in college, on an inflatable obstacle course. I was spending the better part of an absolutely gorgeous day inside, when I hear: (Ghostly voice) Fun! coming from outside my window. I go to see what it is, and I see all of these inflatable bouncy castles and obstacle courses outside on the mall. which is like the main area of the school. Near the end of the year when finals happened, the school rents out this third party entertainment company to blow up all these obstacle courses and games for the students to play on, so they can unwind for finals. Which makes sense. And it’s really nice and it’s a lot better than some half-hearted email about how not to let finals get to your head. (Who put you on the planet EHH) This was, instead, a really nice thing for the school to do. It was actually really nice. (School gets a +1) They had bouncy castles, an obstacle course, and they had one that you had to do like… this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know how to explain it… It’s not important. What is important is the obstacle course. Because that’s where all of my friends are hanging out! (Wait you have friends)? As I’m looking out the window, I can see that they’re taking turns racing each other through the obstacle course to see who’s faster. Clearly, they were having a blast, and I wanted to have, SoMe BlAsT. So I went outside to go meet them! I go outside and meet up with my friends and say that I want to race them. And we have a really fun time racing for most of the afternoon. And during this I’m actually winning most of the races. (r/humblebrag) You see, I had an advantage. While most people are fast or strong, my body is w i g g l y which is perfect for an inflatable obstacle course environment. I can get around, and over, and through most any obstacle with relative ease. This allowed me to get a pretty big head about winning… because I was doing it a lot. (r/humblebrag2). The day was wrapping up and inflatable things were starting to be taken down. But I wanted one more race, because I was on a winning high. One for the road, you know? The obstacle course… was like this. Start, get over some bumps, dive through a hole, duck through some sideways pillars, then climb up a wall, and then slide down the other side, and whoever touches the bottom platform first wins. So the race starts, and that’s exactly what I go through. Over the bumps, through the hole, sideways pillars, climb up the wall, and at this point I’m pretty far ahead of my roommate. With the extra time I’ve gained, I decided I was going to be flashy. So I prop myself up, and instead of sliding down… I….. *Music uwu* * SCREEEEEEE * What ended up happening… was the inflatable structure was not fully inflated. There was a hole in it somewhere, so there was a lot of give to the inflatable course. And because I had jumped off of the top instead of sliding down, all of my inertia when I landed on the bottom platform, punched through… to the ground… and did NOTHING to stop my momentum. I ended up landing all of my weight onto one of my ankles, and it REALLY hurt. Now I’ve never broken a bone before, but in this moment I sincerely thought that I had. The guy who was taking down the obstacle course,like, peeked around the corner and was like, “You good?” and because I’m an idiot and embarrassed I was like “yEaH” and he was like “Cool!”, and then left. I was absolutely writhing in pain though… My friends had to drag me aside and lay me down because I couldn’t stand up on my own. Thankfully, I have really good and loving friends and one of them was actually a practicing nurse! So she went and grabbed a “kit-of-a-nurse thing…” and looked at my foot, And… told me to go to the doctor. I agreed, but because I couldn’t exactly stand right yet, we decided to wait for the crippling pain to subside a little bit before we left. So to pass the time, my good loving friends made jokes at my expense. Eventually we do end up getting to the doctor, and the doctor explains that we should probably x-ray it just to make sure that there’s no hairline fractures or something like that, to which I agree. So we go and get my foot x-rayed. And they determined my foot was fine, not broken. Just a sprain. Which is really hard to believe, because of how much pain I had to go through. Also It’s been like three years and it still hurts. Ow. But they insisted that it was just a sprain, so… never broken a bone! So that’s the worst I’ve ever been hurt without breaking anything. In one hand, I have the pain I’ve been talking about spraining my ankle, and that hurt and that was REALLY bad. On the other hand, I have pain I’ve never experienced before… which is breaking a bone. Actually, really breaking a bone. Knowing what this felt like, I don’t know if I could survive this pain. But there’s only one way to find out! *why* Thanks for watching this video… before I go, uh… couple things. When I was editing this, my cousin discovered an old home video of all of us playing on a slide as kids. Just really quick. Let’s um, check it out. This is me. Look at those BIG old peepers. What is wrong with me? This was a deep-seeded problem from childhood. I can’t operate slides, I guess, just get up on the top and I’m not known for my intelligence. Moneymaker’s up here. One more thing before I go, Dingo made a video a while ago with me in it and I talked about another time I was hurt; you should check it out. The video is here. Also while you’re over there, subscribe to her channel. She’s great. Yeah, you can also subscribe to my channel, and if you do in the next ten minutes, I will eat… this entire… other subscriber. 0w0

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  1. I once sprained an ankle and it hurt, I was running as fast as I could then turned and rolled it and sprained it.

  2. 2:07 nononono
    You cant just show me this and not tell me what is is that just makes me MORE curious why would you do this

  3. Breaking your bone diesent hurt as much, because normally like me you jumped of a roof or something stupid so your brain kinda does a survival thing and you for Het the fall so your to busy being confused and yelling to feel pain. A sprain on the other hand you can feel the whole way. The only way breaking a none is worse than a sprain is because it's more serious and could take longer to heal

  4. Trust me I sprained my ankle at camp when I was younger 5 people fell on me and I had to go to the hospital in a wheel chair …worst pain ever!!!

  5. 0:46 it actually doesn’t hurt that bad like a Giant bended bruise but that Description doesn’t help much dose in :/

  6. Lol. I broke my same arm twice, the first time I broke it I broke it so bad I had to have surgery to put a metal rod in my arm for 6 months. A very bad sprain could equal a small break in a bone. Soooo your not missing out. Lol

  7. OMG the part where he says WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME as him as a toddler jump-slid down was fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I've broken 3 bones, all at once, in the 1st grade on the monkey bars, and I fell and my back landed on my right wrist, breaking all 3 bones, and at the hospital they gave me meds that made me act high and tired,

  9. Fun fact I've been ran over by a car. In the beginning it just feels like someone hit all the air out if you and it's hard to breathe. And then the PAIN COMES IN

  10. Well man i think you might be suprised. I once sprained my ankle and that hurt alot more than breaking my nose. I actually didn't feel that much pain with the nose cause i think my adrenaline kept it down.

  11. Dont break ya bones I broke my arm when I was 8 it HURT. I was on the floor fir 3 hours or so and I dont remember anything because me tears made everything blurry XD

    Also spam the 4:21

  12. I broke my leg when I was younger(pole fell on it very hard), when it broke I couldn't feel my foot or move it. When we went to the hospital and got the cast when I was walking around I didnt feel anything (including pain) in my leg (below my knee), the best this about having a broken bone is that ou don't have to go to school for a while and people will have pity for you, but the worst part is the end, when it's all better they have to take the cast off and they use thiz sharp thingy (like a chain saw but WAYYY more safe no need to worry) it tickles so bad it hurts.. but yeah pros and cons… (and my story)

  13. I showed this to my sister after she broke her leg and it made her laugh and she's happy keep up the great work chief 😀

  14. oh, dude, I broke both my arms while operating my fancy new scooter I got for my birthday and never touched it again after that. you know how the bone in your forearm kinda splits and gets back together at your wrist? well, I managed to break that splitting part in both of my arms and it hurt like hell. The first idea my parents had before getting me to the hospital was to dunk my arm in our pool that was filled with green, gross water to cool the pain.
    10/10 would dunk again

  15. What the sound effect at the beginning when the guy falls off the stairs? I just cant stop searching for it cos its funny

  16. 3:39 it's not funny in real life but…since is animated, it's funny….the part when he start screaming tho😆😆😆😂😂😂

  17. Getting bit by a horse fly, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s still damn annoying for like 45 mins or so.

  18. Hey! I'm GamerGirl Plays2 But in a different account because my old one (GamerGirl Plays2) got deleted due to a data change. ;-; Still, HI! Edit – Proof, every single one of my comments got deleted off of every video I've commented on, but here's my proof,


  19. 1:14 we can all relate, atleast i can cuz i fell with soup and chips AND HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I BURST INTO TEARS

  20. I've broken a bone every year for the past three years and the first and I'm hoping next year th trend doesnt continue because I think I'm like .008 of people

  21. I have lived that pain on multiple occasions. Now I can hardly bear to even look at a trampoline or inflatable structure, or almost any unsteady platform really…*shudders and cringes* I'm forever cursed with weak and painful ankles

  22. Thanks to my mom's genes, I have really dense heavy bones, so I never broke anything too. But people sure break bones a lot, wow.

  23. I have gotten 7 times almost breaking a bone. Including crushing all 5 of my fingers in a car & house door, everyone thought I broke them, I was fine… just fallen off nails.

  24. I’ve broken my left arm twice and it wasn’t really the pain that made me cry, it was the shape of my arm. Seriously it looked like an ocean wave.

  25. Breaking a bone hurts you'll hear a crack once you break it and the pain will be tolerable for maybe a minute but then you'll be dieing since it hurts so bad.

  26. u should honestly upload more if u can i love ur videos but u upload like every 3 months u could get so many more subs maybe 1mil! #noh8

  27. once I was running late for school and I missed like three steps and landed in a rockstar skid kind of way onto that concrete with gravel sticking up a bit by like a millimetre and guess what? I cheese grated my knees almost down to my bones and it burnt in pain for like a month and when I looked behind me there was this massive blood trail and flesh was not to he seen at all and i still have those white lines on my knees where the gashes were

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