Humanizing Motion Graphics

Humanizing Motion Graphics

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  1. Very nice interview. 😉
    Matt's work is amazing. I already knew a few of the works but it's always great to see great creative minds talking about what's behind their works.

  2. This project is ridiculously amazing… When I first saw those human like figures on MTV, I thought they had gone nuts, since every commercial you watched on that channel is different from the ones presented on other channels…

  3. I used to draw random shit all the time, just start drawing shapes and lines relating to eachother, and then put eyes or dots around and it opens your minds to thousands of possibilities that the drawing and lines can go…

  4. At 4:54 I got scared thinking his reflection was a real reflection on my screen of someone looking over my shoulder.

  5. Thank you for posting this…it's so great to see and hear Matt Pyke really talking about his creative process.

  6. I like dis interview. nice & im so relaxed. greatway tolearn…in peace. luv d background, I need to b living there.i think it was a combo of learning,listening,& da beautiful outdoors dat put me n dis rel;axing mode. thks

  7. These artists featured on this channel are all amazing! I'm very interested in seeing these kinds of work first hand but have no idea where to look for these art galleries.

  8. This video brought me back from an uncreative lull. Something about Matt puts a phone call to my creative inner child and wakes him up. Thanks Matt Pyke!!

  9. who are the top TITLE sequence designer/director one i know of is kyle cooper since he worked with Kojima for his main games.

  10. I am a third year degree student at UAL, working on a project translating emotion into 3D visuals and am looking for people with an interest in Processing/ generative visual coding to collaborate with, don’t hesitate to message me if you are interested.

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