HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

This city kinda empty Why hes running? What the hell is that?! Is that a werewolf!? Is it real?? What? Thank you sir, thank you, thank you Stop!! I thought you are a hero Are you monster? He survive Interesting Hes strong My turn! Very good Alright Heh heh heh He broke my arm Not again!! Hes falling back Oh no Hes gonna fall on the city Just like before Errggh Hes a live Youngman You are strong, you can kill me.. You have to Hes back I can’t hold him much longer Please.. do it now.. You are not a monster Lets fight again someday Green man

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  1. Edit, March 2019 : Wow, so many people don't know Hulk have this kind of power. I guess not every one read comic Hulk.
    I'm currently working on Guile Vs Bucky (winter sondier), visits my community tab to see some bits.

    Done all this by my self guys. Support me by hitting that SUBSCRIBE button will ya!! or i'm gonna……

    cry….. maybe……..

  2. people saying that Hulk isn't this powerful should read the comics, this is NOTHING compared to his true strength…NOTHING

  3. Gracias a la persona que hizo el vídeo esta es la verdadera forma en la debieron hacer a Hulk en las veces que salía en Infinity war o en Thor Ragnarok

  4. Omg here we go Again Seems like ppl dont get who hulk Really is??. Lets start of ik Saitama is a joke charcter and is considered to have limitless power Well. We dont know if He has limitless power but. Boros did Say He could see No limitless to his engeri. But then Again He had a serious punch but its not been Said How much power He used in it. Did the creator mean that a serious punch was almost full power or did He mean that He was just putting a little more strengh into the punch guess Will never know. Saitama is a human also Which means He could have a weakness but we dont know. Saitama feats are noway near as powerful as hulks listen carefully Saitama fans. Saitama Best feat was him jumping from the Moon to earth in 13.77 seconds thats fast next feat was when He did the serious punch on boros’s special attack that was the same as 300,00 nukes hitting each other at once thats Really tough thats the same as wiping out a half of a Stars engeri the size 3 times of jupiter or Breaking our earth atmos engeri as we Saw in the anime. He’s next feat was him Breaking a small medtor i did some research that would take 26,64,000,00 tons to break a metor of that size now Lets get to hulk. Hulk has destroyed an astroid twice the size of earh in one single punch. Hulk has held a planet toghter with he’s hands the planet was bigger then earth and He held toghter thats crazy. Hulk has punched with the power of Big bang and broke time meaning it stopped by a single punch??. Hulk has also lifted a 150 billion mountain range on his shoulders. Hulk has also cracked onslaughts amour with one punch. Hulk has lifted a Star 15 times the size of jupiter. Hulk has even been so powerful that just by a single foot step He almost sank the eastern seaboard and broke the World with one step that was World breaker hulk, World breaker hulk is known to be that strong that He could destroy planets just by walking. Hulk has also broken through DR dooms forcefields Which No one ever has done besides hulk not even Thor not even DR Strange No one Else then hulk has DR dooms forcefield is known to be unbreakable but guess What hulk just broke the unbreakable. Hulk has destroyed Stars and moons in the Dark dimension with just the power of he’s blow. Hulk greatest fest was when He held open a fully grown Black hole open from shooting Down and eating our whole solar system that took 278,460,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 mega tons. And ppl keep saying that This was World breaker hulk it wasent World breaker would have broke the World. Also ppl keep saying Saitama Can 1 punch hulk He can’t First of all hulk can’t die even if banner dies He just becomes the hulk. Hulk also has the greatest healing Factor in Marvel Universe since he’s been a walking skeleton and healed in seconds He has also been cut in peaces stabbed in the brain getting he’s insides expolded including the heart and he’s been banned from earth and still came back beating almost everysingle hero even the Xmen the fantasic 4 ironfist even doctor Strange calling in he’s demon zum WHO’s even strong enough to destroy a dimension and more. Even the sentry the sentry is Marvels Superman but Way stronger since sentry has the power off 1000,000 expolding Suns and has beated Thors ass many times and every other superhero Well He Can also turn into the void WHO’s even more powerful. Sentry when he’s confident ripped a god in Half like it was a peace of toy that was areas a Really powerful god. Saitama is Star level hulk has beaten galaxybusters like Odin and many others hulk has even beated skyfathers level Star level Moon level and many others the craziest was galaxybuster since galaxybuster is the highest and is Way Way Way Way highest then Star level and hulk strongest form is spacepunisher hulk not World breaker but i Can tell u about that later Saitama fans here u go there is your point Saitama dont Really stand a chance???

  5. I’m sorry if this comes off as rude or hurtful but the animation is lacking and the next time you decide to put two heroes against each other you might want to do your research on both of them

  6. Hulk wasn't like the beast in One Punch Man. He can't upgrade more powerful. And Hulk don't have enough speed to catch up with Saitama speed. The pressure of 2 punchs are no matter with Saitama, you think Hulk can break his arm??

  7. YOU CAN FEEL EVERY HIT! what i dont like about many animations is that you cant feel the weight of the hits, and a someone sensible distribution of balance and force. You are one of the few animators i know that can do tgis so well!

  8. Well I mean hulk has the power do destroy the earth in one punch sooooo if hulk went into that stage he have destroyed one punch man

  9. Imagine Hulk this pissed in Endgame he could’ve have did that how fight alone ?… Thanos would’ve have died b4 he even saw the Gaunlet ?

  10. No hate but you scarcely overestimate the hulk and extremely underestimate saitama/one punch man. Dont get me wrong I love the hulk he just isnt that strong and his regenerative abilities aren't that strong either . And even if his regenerative abilities were that strong well lets just say watch the fight beetween one punch and boros . But sorry about the rant… Love the animation.

  11. I knew Saitama would win, but I’m gotta be honest. Hulk probably would give Saitama the fight he’s been looking for all his career.

  12. In the real opm he can't injured or bleeding..even be attack by boros with power of star that can destroy planet also doesnt effect for saitama…his body like made of vibranium…and hulk would destroy of pieces with raining organs just one punch actually…

    Anyway it just a creation anime..sorry my grammar..?

  13. The choreography and animation are spectacular. The script a voice acting are terrible. This film would have been much better if you simply hadn't included any speech. It wasn't needed, and the video did not benefit from it. Nevertheless, 9.5/10.

  14. Everyone saying that if Hulk is actually this strong, he should've killed Thanos. Give him a break. The raisin dude have the infinity stones.

  15. But yeah. Honestly I think Saitama could end this fight in shorter time. I mean Veronica (hulk buster) made hulk unconcious.

  16. Saçma böyle olmaz %99 hulkun kolu o kadar hızlı iyileşmez yeni filimde iyileşmedi Her türlü Saitama alır

  17. Бесконечно сильно ослабили Сайтаму и очень сильно усилили Халка

  18. After the first minute I was confused so i skiped to the end and im still confused are you sure thats the right character you now how strong saitama is his strength is endless so he should have just gathered up all his strength and killed Hulk that makes no sense and I'm kind of angry and irritated because he should have been dead within the first minute no hesitation he could have used death he could use series punch he could have used normal your normal punches he can use anything by the way all those moves are strong including normal punches normal punches or like 50 punches with half is strength in it it half as strength is pretty strong he uses less than half his strength he doesn't even use a quart of his full strength when fighting someone cuz he scared that he might kill him so easily because he likes to have a good fight so this makes no sense why is it hope did and why is saitama holding his arm he doesn't get hurt like a literal God everybody punches him in his face and he's over here limping his arm irritated don't ever use an anime character again if you not going to check the background before you do animation search up what they can do and how strong are they because saitama is preshrunk he's stronger than Hulk stronger than Thanos he's stronger than everybody his strength is endless he is inevitable

  19. 1you knew that the hulk's pants, like the clothes of Van Pachman, are not immortal, 2 the hulk cannot mount limbs and 3 he would Would kill the thanos (he-hulk)

  20. If you missed episode one of one punch man you would see that their was a villian even stronger than hulk and siatama easily killed him

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  22. And to those who say this person is the best individual animator you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about most characters in an anime r designed and animated by one person like one piece, Hunter X Hunter, and sword art online

  23. Залупа полная, у халка нет такой быстрой регенерации, нет повышения силы в момент когда получает сильный урон и ты ебаынй додик. Т.к логически сделал бы видео отталкиваясь от здравого смысла и вселенных

  24. Что это не правда сайтама бы убил халка с одного удара чтоза даун это придумал

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