howl’s moving castle.

howl’s moving castle.

I am dull, imperfect and ordinary. Don’t try to deny it. It was nothing. My dearest boy, there is no test on earth
greater than the one you’ve been put to. Did he now it was you? I know what that woman did to you. You need only the courage
to follow your heart. You do have a heart. Those who go beneath the surface
do so at their peril. Did you miss me? I suppose you’re the young ones now. Such a shame he will die. Stay. It looks like you’re on your own. Must hope be burried and love denied? Thought it might be fun.

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    ["is this allowed" vine on repeat ]

    it's been such a pleasure to help you (even if just a bit) with this one! miyazaki's adaptation was one of my favourite movies when i was younger and i was beyond excitment when you told me you where working on this project (but you already know this ops).
    and don't you dare say it's a compleate fiasco because i'm gonna send you a virtual punch in the face through the adriatic sea.
    i love this video.
    i love eleanor as sophie, i love ben barnes as howl (even if harry was sdjfbasjhbfaljhb) I LOVE GARY OLDMAN AS CALCIFER GOSH MY WIG JUST FLEW IN KOREA.

    i know i'm gonna watch this video on repeat for the rest of my days.
    and now it's certain i'm gonna read the book as soon as possible.

    fuck university.
    fuck real life.
    i'm gonna read it and i'm gonna work on a video about it as well.

  2. This is absolutely stunning, one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen! I'm only familiar with the studio ghibli version but this made me want to read the book! You're so talented!!

  3. This is truly unbelievable.
    It brought me back to my childhood, when HMC was my favourite work of Miyazaki.
    I am always amazed by your ability not only to make some "fanvid" but I literally feel how you put pieces of your soul in your masterpieces.
    And "broken heart", "running up the hill" and now this one are my favourite, mainly because of its "fairytale vibe", which calms my soul.

  4. There is something so satisfactory about creating a video for a book, so much effort goes into it (finding scenes, making manips, matching colourings etc.) And you've done such a brilliant job, even though I haven't ever read this book, I was so invested in the plot from the video! Great job! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. This is so beautiful, and I can't imagine all the effort that must have gone into making it!! <3 You did a really amazing job, and your choices for the characters seems pretty spot on to me. 😀 This is brilliant!

  6. I have no idea what that is about but I'm sitting here starstrucked right now. It was amazing, magical and so hypnotizing!

  7. OH WOW THIS WAS GORGEOUS!!! I remember the anime version and this was just beautiful if they ever had to do a live action THIS IS THE CAST they need perfection!! just beautiful well done!!!

  8. so whenever a new face would pop up, i'd be "Who are those people?" bc i watchth the movie So Long ago i don't remember much 😀
    This is so beautiful!! Amazing work, amaazing fancasting!! I'm a bit speechless now, wow, this is really beautiful!!

  9. Howl's Moving Castle??? Is a BOOK??? Why did no one tell me omg, thank you for this revelation, literally ordering it on Amazon rn, that movie is one of my favorites! This was beautifully done and very inspiring, I've watched it several times now. Well done!

  10. I adore the book and the movie and this is such a beautiful live action rendition of it. I love your casting. I adore your editing. Perfection! X

  11. I started reading the book after seeing your video, before that I didn't even know that Miyazaki's movie was based on Diana Wynne Jones's novel; I really love your work, this vid is so beautiful and the cast is so perfect! Please do more! ♥

  12. Ohhh.. I'm screaming. This is amazing! You have no idea how much this means to me. I love it. The scene selection, fancast, music, voiceovers… You did so well! I read this story and I loved it. And I watch this story sooo many times when I was younger…. (ahhh because of you, I must rewatch it ) absolutely beautiful! This is art. And I feel like it was real. Thank you for this! This is heaven. Your videos are so creative and I really love your work. <333 but this video kills me.

  13. I didn’t know that Howl’s moving castle was a book? I have the Ghibli film and I always love reading the novel that my fave movies are based off of (even if they are often dissimilar). Damn I already have a problem with novels so I don’t trust myself with buying this one. Gawd the same thing happened with me and Stardust. I was obsessed with the movie only to find out there was a book. Though I did actually manage to finish that novel (only cause it was so short lol).

  14. ha oh my god this is great, a thousand years ago i had an rp account for sophie and used this exact fancast for her and a few others, i love it so much and im so glad to see eleanor used in this video!

  15. I don't know what this is, I have never read this book, but your editing style is pure gold, Jesus. I watched it a few times, because I couldn't belive that this masterpiece is real.
    I know that nobody cares, but character in this video looks like characters from my book. I got so inspired by your video, that I'm leaving what I'm doing know and start writing. Thank you for making this video

    (Sorry for my english)

  16. This is one of my favorite video EVER!! I first watched this movie years ago, and since then I haven't stopped hahaha. Your video is simply amazing! Congratulations! Oh and btw: I didin't know that there was a book, so thank you again! <3<3

  17. U read my mind. I always thought of Ben Barnes as the perfect actor for Howl's character..!!!! Nice video!!

  18. This is one of my favorite books ever and this video is amazing. I've always loved the idea of seeing the book in live-action, & this is so beautiful!

  19. o…m….g… THAT WAS AWESOME!! if this was a movie, i approve of ALL the casting choices! Vanessa would make the perfect Old Sophie! i love this story, both the original book and what i consider Miyazaki's masterpiece! well done, madam!

  20. This was recommended on my front page and when I saw it, I thought a live action Howl's Moving Castle was being made! So I clicked. Not disappointed. I like the audio quotes you used. And song. And good cast of characters.

  21. I thought of Tom Hiddleston as Howl, because of his Loki's portrayal… they're quite similar, intelligent egoistic handsomes drama queens wizards 😆 and I love both Howl and Loki xD Plus Hiddleston is blonde, but looks very charming when he do characters with long black hair

  22. you are so right, Miyazaki's version is its own, but the real book, omg. I love it, i read it often, and love this video, the editing, Sofie and howl. BTW one of my favourite scenes in the book is when we discover that howl comes from our world and i just. am sorry i just really love the book

  23. Okay, I clicked like before watching the video, actually. This is amazing!! And thanks for vidding Studio Ghibli :3

  24. Oh god! This is so perfect. I just wish to watch this as the movie. I love Howl's Moving Castle so much. Thank you dear for making my day 💙 I appreciate your brilliant work.

  25. This was STUNNING. Just yesterday I was lamenting how much was left out of the film and re-read the book for comfort. This video was absolutely perfect and I loved every second of it

  26. I was so suprised when i saw the Grimm (1:43)and Newt (1:33) and Gerda (1:34)(?) or Tina (1:46)like wtf (is this english? Idk)

  27. I don't know who the young man is at 0:48 but he honestly is what I imagine Howl would look like if you copied him from the Miyazaki film and pasted him into the real world

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