How to Use iStopMotion Animation Software : How to Lipsync in iStopMotion

iStopMotion is a registered trademark of Boinx
software, and I am in no way affiliated with Boinx software. In this lesson, I’m going
to teach you how to use the rotoscope/lip-sync function in iStopMotion. If you want to make
sure that you have the view tab at the bottom right selected and then come up and bring
down the options for rotoscope/lip-sync. What you can do here is add a movie by clicking
on the gear button and selecting load. I’ve got a movie of me just talking. I’m going
to load up. I’m going to go ahead and play it for you. It has me saying hello my name
is Matt. If you want to make sure that you select show in main window, that’s going to
create an instance of it over here on the right of my ugly little face I’ve created.
What you can do there is if I click record, it’s going to go to the next frame of both
the live preview and of the movie. I can come down here and change the mouth to match what
I’m doing in the movie as well. You can use that as a nice little reference for creating
lip-syncing. Also, for making rotoscoping if you have a character moving around you
can use that around. If you select the blend over preview, you can also blend the 2 together
and you can change the amount there as well. You can use this to get some very accurate
lip-syncing going on. You can uncheck the play sound button if you don’t want to hear
the sound. There’s a couple of other options here. You can select, but that’s the basic
of using the rotoscope/lip-sync option.

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