HOW TO use Essential Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Ep5/5 Editors Essentials

HOW TO use Essential Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Ep5/5 Editors Essentials

Hey Guys it’s Mark here from EditorsKeys. If you’ve ever wanted to create some fancy text or animated logos in
Adobe Premiere then this video is for you. We’ve partnered with Premiere Gal
and she will show you exactly how that’s done. So let’s go straight over to
Premiere Gal! Hey everyone welcome back to another episode of editors essentials I am Premiere Gal and in this episode you’re going to learn essential graphics
in Premiere Pro. Now in every video you create you will use some level of motion
graphics whether it’s a logo opener a lower third or just some captions and if
you do not have any motion graphics experience at all creating a
well-designed graphic can be a little bit intimidating, but let me show you how
to create a basic on-screen animating text that has functional responsive
design and I’ll show you how you can save it as your own template so you can
use it over and over again inside a Premiere Pro then at the end I’ll
recommend some motion graphics templates that you can buy which will make your
videos look more professional alright so let’s jump into Premiere Pro
to start make sure that you’re in the graphics workspace of Premiere Pro then
from the essential graphics panel go to edit and then here let’s click on new
item to create new text let’s replace this new title text with anything I’ll
just type out sample title you will also see that a graphics layer was
automatically created in your sequence everything that we make here in the
essential graphics panel will be contained within this graphics layer so
then I’m going to adjust the font face to make it more modern bold font so that
way it’s easy to read and you can adjust the size as well next let’s make a
rectangle backdrop let’s resize it by pulling on a corner like so also make
sure it’s below the text layer in the essential graphics panel so you can see
the text on top let’s change the appearance of this rectangle to be or
and now to give it more of a neat look let’s duplicate the rectangle from the
panel here by right clicking and duplicating then using the position
horizontal controls let’s move it to the right a bit and let’s change it to
another color how about a white and then you can make some more adjustments to
the position so we have a nice white outline accent to the style in design of
the title next we want to make the shapes here to adapt to the changing of
the text so if you ever wanted to type something new here it would
automatically adapt for you and you don’t have to resize the shapes again so
this is where we use the responsive design pinning features first let’s
select the first rectangle shape and then we want to pin it to the text layer
so select the text layer then hit the center button here to pin it to all
sides now when we type a new text automatically adapts but now we have to
pin the second rectangle shape as well so let’s undo that typing and then
select the second rectangle from the panel then let’s pin this to the first
rectangle and also pin it to all sides now when we type new text both
rectangles adapt also this text grows to the right because the text layer is lift
oriented if you want it to grow on both sides you would need to Center align it
and if this was on the right side of the frame you would want it to align to the
text on the right so now onto quick animation first select off the graphic
layer in the timeline then select it again and here you will see that there
is responsive time controls and this will indicate how long we want the intro
and outro animations to be so since this is 30 frames per second let’s set the
intro and outro animation to 15 frames by typing 15 to make the animation half
a second each now you will see these white handles at the end in the
beginning of the graphic layer and as you grab the end of the clip and change
the duration you will see that these white handle
remain the same which is awesome now to animate since the shapes are pinned to
text and each other we only need to animate the text layer and the shapes
will follow so first let’s select the text layer here in the central graphics
panel now move the playhead to the end of the first handle in the timeline and
then hit the toggle animation icons on the position scale and rotation and then
let’s pull it back to the beginning and let’s rotate 120 degrees
pull the horizontal off-screen and then scale it down to 0 so now over the
period of that first handle it flips up off screen now let’s do the same to the
outro animation let’s set the scale position and rotation animation then
pull it off screen scale it down and rotate it now when we play it back and
see the animation in action it looks awesome and that was pretty easy to do
then once you’re done you can just right click and export it as a motion graphics
template and save it to your local templates folder so then when you go to
your browse tab you can search for it there and you can use this template as
much as you want in any future projects if you want more advanced animation
templates you can purchase tons of awesome broadcasts and social media
transitions and title packs from Envato market or Envato elements which i’ve
linked to below after you download any templates especially motion graphics
templates you can import them into your central graphics panel and I have a full
tutorial on how to import multiple motion graphics templates at once which
I’ll link to below so that’s all for this video and let me know if you would
like more tips and tricks videos as a part of this editors essential series
I’d love to know what topics you would like covered please leave a comment
below and I’ll take a look and that this video helps you out be sure to give it a
thumbs up and subscribe and hit that notification box you’re notified when we
publish new tutorials every week see you next time.

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  1. This brings our Editors Essentials series to a close. A great big thanks to Premiere Gal for hosting for us, and providing excellent tips along the way! What would you guys like to learn next?

  2. Thank you for sharing. I was lost at 3:26 where you mentioned: "pin it……..and also pin it to the all sides" . May I know how to pin IT to the all sides? Pin which layer to the all sides? the 2nd rectangle? my rectangles can following the new typing, but at the time line, I got the the only rectangle mark at the beginning, but the ending.

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