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  1. ❓ What camera app are you currently using?
    ? WATCH NEXT > Best Video Editing Apps:

  2. Well done mate, a very good video about a very capable app. I'd be very interested in seeing your vid of the camera functions. Keep up the great work.

  3. My device supports 60fps in 1080p but in this app there's no 60fps option..can u give me a solution please ?.. I want to use this app jst for manual focus while recording..if u kw other apps tht has this feature please suggest me..?

  4. Hi and thanks for this video. As you know is there any possibility to set a max /min ISO ? I mean, for ex, a range between 100-400 . thanks again

  5. Is there a way to flip to the front camera in when recording video? I see the function on the photo camera but not on the video camera.

  6. Hello, Dee. Great video. Thanks a lot.
    I am using this app on my moto x4. But it interupts my videos always when the file reaches 3.8gb.
    Do you know a way around this?

  7. My recommendation for the best totally free, no in – app purchase is Open Camera. You can record up to 4k and there is no limitations. It also has the advanced features like the 3×3 grid, ISO, White Balance, Time lapse, Exposure, Focus, etc.

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