How to Use Autodesk Maya : Using Basic Animation in Maya

How to Use Autodesk Maya : Using Basic Animation in Maya

Hey everybody. My name’s Matt and I’m speaking
to you on behalf of Expert Village. As I said earlier you can also animate with Maya. You
can animate pretty much anything that you can select and a lot of cases even more. Down
here at the bottom is your time-line. You can click and drag your cursor through there
and if you come down you can also zoom in and out on your time-line using this bar right
here. And you can, over here, select how many frames are in your animation. I’m going to
select 90. So there’s, I have 3 seconds worth of animation. To actually animate, all you
have to do is select and object you want to animate. I’ll select the box with the cat
on it. Make sure that this key over here is lit. That’s your Auto Key Frame Toggle. Make
sure that, that’s red. I’m going to select my box and hit the S key on my keyboard that
sets a key. Then I’m going to move to where I want my box to be. I’m going to go to 90,
that’s the 90th frame and I’m going to select the box and move it. That automatically sets
a key frame. As I scroll you can see the box move along through space. You can also do
this for rotation as well as scale. And like I said you can animate pretty much anything.
I’m going to select my light there, set a key frame and rotate that around. As you can
see they both animate now. Another thing you can do to get greater control over your animation
is; go up to Window and Animation Editor and there is a couple of different views you can
use. I’m going to select Graph Editor and you can see kind of a graph of your animation
for each object. I have my spotlight selected right now and you can select the different
end points and you can edit the curves by selecting a point on the curve. Make sure
you use your middle mouse button and you can adjust the curves accordingly.

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  1. i have maya 8.5 PLE
    and something happened. All the shelf tabs and stuff like EVERYTHING disapeared and i cant get it back HELP ME!!!!!!

  2. ok, i just got this program, and my brother was messing around with it, and he closed all of my toolbar things, any idea how i can get it back? [the toolbars with the paint brush sizes and stuff like that, the toolbar that has all the tabs with polygons or ncloth or hair and all that stuff…those toolbars are gone and i need them]

  3. dude, that scene in transformers when i think megatron rams the bus on the highway and that entire fight, was made with maya think before you write please

  4. I have a problem. I'm doing a model and im done but i cant get rid of all the "S" Marks everywhere on my model, please help!

    Thanks in advance!

  5. don't brag about it, most of us got it the same way. It takes a long while to get use to techniques & the UI. Awesome software

  6. hey, i tryed and tryed to find where to DOWNLOAD maya 8.5. because i cant find any links and youtube dont show any too, i need exactly version 8.5. because i need to plug maya into my gamebryo, and i cant with newer versions because gamebryo only are tested up to 8.5. so any know where i can get the right maya 8.5.? i tryed to download 2 but noone of them works :@
    thanks anyway 😉

  7. pinkpuddn, think of that these programs cost about 1.000-6.000$even more 😉 3ds autodesk max, maya gamebryo nvidia all those software, anyway no matter how many people download this programs illegal, the companys still earn bad ass money 😉 because if you join a game company, the company need to buy the program LEGAL for you 😉 the companys dont care if they see one download this illegal, because they still earn alooooooot on it 🙂 cheers,

  8. Yeah i probably do right?

    You don't even got a clue about, what iv'e said in the comment. So one advice:
    Keep your nose out of others buissness unless you know what we are talking about. 🙂

    – cheers Kristian

  9. I'm afraid i don't got 6.000Dollars to spend on a computer software 🙂

    Else i would do it indeed.

    But such expensive programs i don't even consider use my money on.
    And another thing is, i bet autodesk give a shit about an idiot like you or me, download there programs illegal, they earn bad ass money still, and if i ever get a job in 3D modelling my company would need to buy the real license for me so..

  10. I'm gonna report you, this stuff took years to make! Start with a simpler program!
    You don't *need* Maya, start with Blender, it's a great freewere program!

  11. Max is often used for video games more often. But Maya is often used for film. They are almost impossible to tell apart if done right.

  12. they're both 3D softwares…but MAYA is good for Special effects and rendering and even Animation……3D max is good for Modeling Rigging…and also rendering and animation..that's all i know..:D

  13. @benarutos

    If you honestly think torrents suck then you need to learn to use them properly. Ive been using torrents for over 6 years and had said the exact same thing you did within my first month using them. After reading and LEARNING you learn to see a bad torrent vs a good torrent. To many people watched the Matrix. You cant just jack in and hope to learn everything in under an hour.

  14. Dude, those are called viruses. You can also get fake downloads, though. But while there is the risk of a virus or hackers, using torrents is also illegal 😉

    So yeah.

  15. Agreed, but they're illegal anyway. It doesn't take long to learn how to use a torrent, and some googling will teach you how to mount an iso on virtual cd software, but that doesn't make it okay.

  16. They both are different programs, but they accomplish similar things. Maya is mainly for CG and stuff. Did you see Transformers? Something like Maya made the robots and put them into a recorded video.

    3ds max is mainly for modeling and rendering, lots of video game companies use it. I was looking at Bungie's (makers of Halo) job openings, and found they even use it.

    Just don't torrent them, your ISP will catch you ripping off $1000+ software :S

  17. oh my god why do all americans pronouce it wrong you say maya wrong it should be said how it sounds,not like miya thats how you shond
    nice video though

  18. please help me guys to fix my problem:
    maya display massage : attempting to save in >>>> when i open it . so what's wrong
    i'm waiting for you guys.

  19. so americans also made the people civilizations languages cultures places events and religions which are all pronounced the same?

  20. Dude it's 'dumbass' and 'grammar' if you're gonna teach people how to spell and use grammar, at the very least you should be able to do those yourself 😛

  21. i got maya under a student liscense and i just cannot use it for the life of me hahah.

    I can use AutoCAD and im good at it… but Maya seems hard…

  22. @GazAnders69 You know the actual spelling for it is "Dumbarse" But people keep using the slang word of "Ass" Just thought I'd point that out.

  23. @RaidenOcto I can't even remember myself LOL, Sorry for that I shouldn't of said anything, But I think I was saying "Ass" is slang for "Arse" And you are right, It has two meanings, Arse, And A donkey lol.

  24. @EliteUnion
    dude, never buy the programms( i use maya too ) of course i didnt buy it cause i m too young ) i use the program for learning and modeling for games . but i dont use it comercial and thats ok.dont buy any modelng software, when u work as a modeler u get it from company 😀

  25. please tell me how did you captured ur desktop screen to post it on you tube
    i mean the video which shows whats going on screen

  26. sorry this didnt help me, as you already had the box in the video when you started. for people who just started using it-you already went a tad too far, but good video none the less-just not helpful for me-not yet anyway

  27. Can anyone help me with my problem, whenever i try to move an object, lets say i wanna move it down the X axis, it will skip all the random numbers and just goes through 1,2,3,4 normally when you slide an object in a direction there are the numbers in between, for example 1.098, my objects just skip all the in between numbers, how can i get rid of this?

  28. @handslikewaves
    You could have gotten it for free if you registered a the Autodesk website as a student.

  29. Why, when I have an aim constraint on a Maya camera and key frame it or its target does its constraint break?

  30. @RelativelyHostile1 I'm not sure if it will.
    You can probably just get a trial without a student account.

    The student account is free and easy to make though.

  31. @waka384 all u have to download it from torrents by typing the name of the software as maya software……………4 the website u just type torrents in google………then click on the torrents search engine………..

  32. I'm 13 but I use this well. I can model characters and create advanced animations. My channel (not this one, being created) will have multiple tutorials and tips- I'd be glad to have some viewers once it's launched.

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