How to test healing power – A Critical Role animatic

How to test healing power – A Critical Role animatic

I don’t think we need them You don’t think we need any more help? We might be alright… We might. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE DOES! He’s a firbolg… He’s a firbolg, yeah, but… Well Hey, hum… Hey, Mister Clay? Hmm. What do you do? I’m gonna shoot Beau with my crossbow! That doesn’t seems like a very good ide- Oh! I missed! I wanted to test if he could really heal you! DA FUCK? I’ll shoot again with my bonus action. That’s a natural 20! You take 16 points of piercing damage – Imma try and CATCH it. OH! Ok, go for it! It goes right for underneath where the clavicule and the neck meet, and just- WOOSH catches it right there Oh but with this crossbow when I roll a natural 20 it shoots another one immediately. -And there’s a second one that jammed right into, like, the place between two ribs. What the HELL, NOTT!!?? First of all, that was cool. AND THIS ONE IS COOL! And third of all, that was a killing blow! Ok, now, do your thing. YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING KILLED ME! Is she always like this? This seems – – kind of extreme. Do your thing! I’m keeping this bolt. This is mine now. ?? Okay. You’re bleeding out – And I RIP the other one out. OH! Yeah! I’m keeping this one too! Keg is aroused again. Puny! I’m coming, I’m coming… Don’t infect me, DON’T INFECT ME! It’s fine… You guys!… A kind of bright red, pink-colored, – lichen, almost a mossy type of material – – seems to come out of the wound and closes it, -and then turns grey, break away and crumble off – – and where it is you can see the wound seems to have closed and healed over – -like weeks and weeks of healing had gone by. Ok, this shit is dope. You’re welcome. Probably a different way we could have demonstrated that, Nott, but…

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  1. Wow, easily my CR favorite animatic I have seen in months, so cool getting to see one of my favorite early campaign one moments animated so well. (especially great is Cad's reaction to Nott firing at 0:28) 🙂
    PS and for anyone who wants to see where this is from, it happens at 1:13:38 of CR C2 E28 "Within the Nest"

  2. God this is so well animated??? And the lines and expressions are so good??? And this looks so professional??? I hope you're able to get a job as an animator one day!!!!

  3. I like Slim Cadeuces.

    This was perfect. I love how Nott's Hand Crossbow looks like a Heavy Crossbow or Ballista in her arms

  4. THIS IS CRAZY GOOD OMG GOOD JOB i totally forgot how hilarious that moment was and you made it 10x funnier zodbskbd

  5. You're detail of the moss healing Beau's wound is so enchanting amd beautiful!! Such a good moment in the campaign amazingly captured with such a nice art style

  6. "Now do your thing!" love how you animated this part of dialog, the Not's hand is gold. Well, to be fair, all this animation is gold.

  7. Awesome animation work! Good mix of excellent, realistic character drawings peppered with some exaggerated expressions, like Beau's enlarged eyes in the background. Good job 🙂

  8. This is so good and hilarious. Love the art style, expressions and the editing. Well done! If you ever do more, I'd love to see it!

  9. I'd completely forgotten this interaction and you brought it to life so perfectly. Thank you for sharing this!!!! 💗💗💗💗

  10. The style and expressions and understanding of form are amazing. Instant like and sub, so hoping you decide to do more! Great work! I feel like this is something I could show someone not into CR just to show them how silly and endearing the characters are, because it captures it so perfectly!

  11. Looking back at these moments makes me appreciate Marisha so much, shes such a good roleplayer and her character is amazing

  12. God, that arrow hitting the stone was so loud, it scared the shit out of my the first time. And actually keeps doing it every time. It's just really loud and sudden. I love this animatic so much though, the motion is so solid and the expressions are perfect!

  13. I was just thinking about how I had never seen this Animatic'd when it's such a Dumb? Awesome? Dumsome? Moment.
    You've done a service to Society by creating this, wonderful work.

  14. In the "what the hell Nott!?!" frame is that Caleb in the animation with Jesters voice? Love the animation, totally forgot about this moment!

  15. This is AMAZING!! The expressions, editing, all the little details OMG YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB WELL DONE 💗💗💗

  16. This is brilliant! 🙂 love your art style. All I ask now is that you spend the next 5 years animating all the previous episode… haha

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