HOW TO MAKE YOUR DESIGNS MORE PROFESSIONAL – What Makes A Graphic Design Professional?

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DESIGNS MORE PROFESSIONAL – What Makes A Graphic Design Professional?

what makes a graphic design
professional I’m going to show you five different ways that a graphic design can
be professional so you can actually focus on those five points and use them
in your own graphic design work also talking my professional design
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a vendor and start making money selling your PSD templates on template monster so the first point in today’s video and
what makes a graph a design professional is actually repetition often we see
repetition of something boring or something negative but when it comes to
graphic design which is a visual communication repetition is actually
essential to a professional graphic design repetition is important and
essential to a graphic design because it strengthens the entire look and also it
ties elements together in the design as a whole it creates some kind of
organization within a graphic design and this is especially important when it
comes to branding but if someone looking at that brand has to recognize a certain
pattern throughout the entire brand if it’s a logo a business card and advert
or a banner so they can link that design back to the brand
so yeah repetition is extremely important in graphic design and you can
actually try and look at this and designs out there that exist now and see
how you can work repetition into your design when it’s needed now the second
point in today’s video and what makes a graphic design professional is actually
knowing when to stop there’s actually quite a funny story which you might have
seen the picture of where a company was commissioned to retouch an existing
piece of artwork but when they realized they were making the artwork worse they
didn’t stop they just continued and continued and continued into the ended
up with the image that you’re seeing on screen now when thinking about graphic
design however you really do need to know when to stop only because you might
sabotage your own work but because time is essential and time is money you need
to prioritize your time I manage it efficiently in your graphic design
workflow so you’re knowing when to stop it’s essential to having a professional
graphic design because you don’t want to spend too much time a little loose ends
that don’t need doing if the design is actually fine as it is to know when to
stop is to take a step back from your design look at it objectively and to
tell yourself that yeah it’s actually finished any more time spent on the
design is not going to be worthwhile the third point on what makes a graphic
design professional in today’s video is another kind of OCD element which I do
like to try and implement all of my graphic designs and that is alignment
keeping everything aligned and orderly is fundamental to a professional graphic
design and anybody with a seasoned eye for design can instantly see Hotel if
something’s not aligned perfectly or at all even for someone who’s not a
seasoned designer they will subconsciously see that something’s
wrong the design because it’s not aligned annoyedly
when a design is not aligned properly it connotes and communicates a kind of
sloppiness and disorder which is always going to be a negative outcome for your
graphic designs the fourth point on today’s video on what mix of graphic
design professional is kerning now spoken about kerning many many times in
this channel and it is really really important especially when it comes to
headings titles and logo type especially kerning if you don’t know is the space
between each letter when combined as a group there are different tricks and
techniques to actually Kern your typography and one of them that I use is
actually too unfocused my eyes and then look at the design so you can see the
negative space easier other people also flip the tanks upside down and Kern it
that way but yeah if your design has really poor kerning or it’s not current
at all it’s instantly obvious to people looking at it
especially if their designers when you’re actually writing out text in
Adobe Illustrator for example you can change the kerning settings from auto to
optical and also metrics play around these settings but also manually turn
your type especially on logo type which will actually require you to ungroup the
letters and then move them around individually I can’t emphasize enough
how important it is for logo type especially now the last point in today’s
video on what makes a graphic design professional is space many people
especially novice designers think that if there’s an empty space it should be
filled with something this couldn’t be further from the truth
actually you need to take note of negative space on your design because it
is absolutely essential also in typography and in layout design
negative space creates shapes and it could actually drew an attention of the
two important aspects of your design all the information in trying to convey
remember graphic design is a visual communication and so using negative
space or space in general is a key factor into making that design
professional now there are more points than these five and what makes a graphic
design professional but I just have these five for you today they’re all
important and you should use every single point that I mentioned today when
working graphic design projects if you want to hear about more ways that you
can make your designs more professional let me know down the section below and
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  1. Useful reminder of the fundamentals. It would be good to see some visual examples as you're talking. Thanks for the great content 🙂

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  4. Alignment is key. I can tell when my work isn't aligned it bothers me for real! Kerning is key also because it can have your text looking weird!

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