How to Make Vector Graphics Animation – Illustrator Tutorial

How to Make Vector Graphics Animation – Illustrator Tutorial

Hello and Welcome to First Ever GraphicsPSD Vector Animation Tutorial and today you will be learning creating a Meteor shower similar to this
One! Check out the desciption I have uploaded this vector file which you can download! alright once you downloaded and opened the file you can see that I have different layers on layers panel and named them. Hide the layers and if you unhide one by one you can see each every elements in different layers that is because we need a separate files for each elements. So starting from below background save it by pressing ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+S and select PNG from TOP Now, for the meteor part you
can see have elements outside the artboard so, all you have to do it just drag everything inside the artboard so nothing left once we saved it. Save the file again with PNG and proper name and do this with all other remaning layers. Now lets open Sony Vegas and Go to file and import your media which are the files (PNGS) we saved. You can see we have all files here! Lets just
drag them one by one timeline using the mouse and you can check the preview art the right side. Rightclick on timeline and insert video tracks. Now lets just add the remaining images on timeline. now let me just re-assign the positions of these as I want the meteor at the top of planet Simply drag and drop. Looks good right! Now lets start with the meteor timeline. Simply click on event pan (the square area) and from here you can animate the object. You can see the timeline here and you can move the point which is our actual video timeline. So, in screen you can move the object and I will take it to the bottom left so that it look like its starting from the top corner which you can see at the screen. Hover you middle mouse button for zoom in or out and make perfect adjustment and you can rotate also. Lets start from top corners. Lets move the pointer to end where we want to end our meteor Now lets take it back to top corner! zoom out and move it to corner. Play it! Looks good right? Now lets start with the planet and this time I want to start with zoom position. just drag the mouse inside holding. Take the pointer to end
and zoom out again a little. you can see that stars are the front so send them back just by moving the stars timeline to bottom. Just behind the sun is good Lets add animation to other planets and this time I move the pointer to end and oved the stars to little right side. Done and you have successfully created the vector animation. Subscribe now for more videos and tons of new ideas of sony vegas, after effects,
illustrator and photoshop. See you next time!

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  1. Awesome,the mic could be hi fi, i had thumbs up for the voice because it sounds like

  2. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

    I would prefer if you didn't waste time with layer positioning mistakes.
    Also, does a lot of people use Sony Vegas? I prefer Premiere pro for this sort of stuff.

  3. Nice. Gonna try this today.

    And to the people about his voice. It's just an accent. If you focus hard enough you can understand him. But for future reference subtitles would be beneficial for everyone including the deaf or hard to hear peeps.

  4. Your voice sounds like it is clipping like crazy. What program are you recording audio in? I strongly suggest turning down mic sensitivity a lot then boosting it back up in post.

  5. "For each elements" is incorrect. The correct is: For all elements/ For each element. I like it when people correct me, so sorry for assuming you want the same, but there it is:)

  6. If you say illustrator tutorial saying you will make an animation, at least animate with illustrator -.- Please do not lie in your tittle

  7. The effort and actual development were very good, but the music was too loud, the audio was too fast. I had to play it several times to hear what he was using to do the actual animation.

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