How to Make Cartoon with Free Software | Tutorial for Animation in Hindi/Urdu | HDsheet

How to Make Cartoon with Free Software | Tutorial for Animation in Hindi/Urdu | HDsheet

Peace be unto to every one First of all thank you so much for your support in a last video specially in a group its was shocking for me that lot of students are interested in animation making so i decided to make one video on it on how to create animated film with free software only one request watch this video till the end because i ll share what i have learned with 3 year of experience and i’ll share the free tools and websites which will help you there are few prerequisite to make animated video first of all “script” if you have any idea first of all bring it to written or script form it’s is very important when your script is reedy, just start working on story board its sequence of drawings which represent your story after that you will have first look of your movie if your drawing is not good like me than what will you do? thank like the Irfan said
its not necessary but if you do that it will beneficial for you it will help you a lot third and most important things is ” voice over ” you have not written the script and you have ignored the story board but you can’t ignore sound because that will give life to your video if you don’t have professional Mic to record the voice over than record it from mobile and denoise and amplify it with free software it will work i think its enough
‘ Lets go for animation ” lets start by the way i have add the link audacity in a description just visit and download it for free it will be very helpful for you specially when your editing the sound and other stuff related to it main software for animation is Blender go to blender dot org download the latest version at this date 2.8 is still under development even i’m waiting for it because i’ll create course on it like i have made one course on blender as video editor download and install open the blender it will look like this it’s a welcome screen
just click on empty area it will dis appear know look at this software we have default 3d cube we have one camera and one lamp or light that is default work space and now we will work here first we take little overview of blender if you look at the work spaces we have animation work space game logic
motion tracking and video editing these are just those which are related to animation but we will start with default window now we will create character using this cube or any other object depend on requirement you can add new object by clicking on add button and create full character as you might think its not easy to make character in 3d than what is the solution here are some sources like cgtrader and five other websites which will give you 3d models for free but try to make it by yur self but i are not interested just download it from these source i will explain little about cgtrader if you want to download some thing for free or just wanna see which models are available for free go to cgtrader dot com search any thing you want like i search Boy and click on free it will show free characters and when your working on blender just goto format and select blend know that will sort blends for you reaming websites are almost same depend on your need use them but try to make it buy your self atleast try to make it ones now our character is ready that is my favorite character which was part of many short films of mine now its ready its time for texture what is the 3D texture? we will give colors to this character normal case we texture every thing like cloths face and even eyes depend on the requirement texture is ready now we will rig it what is rigging? we give bones to our character after texture we start giving bones when the rigging is ready now it can dance at our signals i mean it can move the way we want rigging is also done yes for good modeling start from you room first of all model easy thing around you model your room and furniture which is easy to model which can make through cube like which won’t have sharp edges like bed, chair make it sample that will create to best modeler and for best rigging most important aspect is reference or your observation you have to make your observation very strong like i was working on birds project i used to go bird market and usually i record on high possible frame rate using mobile and than i start analyzing it how bird change its body position when its move his legs i wish i can show that project to you but i can’t but you will see very small part in my short film bird story by the way all these skills are highly professional its not possible share technicality in one video just showing you the workflow of animation you can say guide line for beginner on how to create animated film its just a guide video more or less mostly animated studios fellow same work flow back to making your characters are ready your texture was also ready and the rigged is also do its okay if you download riged character but its batter to make it by your self because it will teach you a lot no teacher can teach these that why its batter to experience it by your self now we will animated this character with the help of bones for the animation basic method use is know as keyframe that is used in 2d animation also and in almost every animation tool like maya, 3d max or c4d keyframe will be every where its a most basic thing its involved in almost all type of animation second technique is know as shape keys which is mostly use for face expression i’m not say only use for facial most of animation are keyframe based or shape keys or physic based animation or may be you have witness in a movies live capture the character with reference dots he wear one color cloth the way human move our character will fellow character is programmed for that like what ever its programmed for move hands same action will appear on screen by the way you can do that on blender also its called motion tracing get back to work flow our animation is done know we will goes for environment very important
lighting and environment for lighting i mostly use HDR but you can step own lights lighting is one of most important part of animation my teach use to say good lighting will bright up you bad model and bad lighting will dust all handwork we can check it with example decorate the room well and light source is just one bulb all handwork will gone same example fit for animation now our environment is ready animation was already ready its time for rendering when we render it it will come in raw form without sound in a image form or in a video with no audio professionals mostly render it in image form as PNG or JPG why? because rendering is a very slow process and very boring also like just start and forget so we render it in image because in case my rendering fail in middle so my already render date will not waste like my rendering fail on 120 frame i ll have 120 frame saved already and i can render further know we have render data our audio was already de noised now we will sync both for final work you have two option goto blender video editing layot its allow you to create basic effects and if you want more professional effects download dvinci resolve studio version is not free download the normal one in that tool you can do ll the stuff related to editing like what you got in adobe after effect get back to work we have all data in image form and know i start adding sound on it remember use sound effects it will give life to your animation now everything is ready sfx are placed everything is fit now for final part i ll click on animation it will render it again but that will be fast what ever the destination i have selected i will have video file its not my aim to demotivate you and start thing its very hard job believe me, its very easy and very joyfully that just need your dedication and time so start practice from today very soon you will become animator May Allah bless you Pakistan Zindabad

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  1. Great work. Let me know sir if u have any course.
    I actually want to learn animation creation. U can say softwere development n animation creation is my craze. Plz if as easy let me click. And this video helped a lot. Really. And if u are in islamabad. Then i wanna visit personally. Thanks. Waiting for ur comment

  2. ماشاءاللہ بہت عمدہ ویڈیو تھی۔۔ لیکن اپ کا کورس کب آ رہا ہے۔ کیونکہ یوٹیوب پر جتنے بھی کورسز ہیں بلینڈر کے حوالے سے وہ سب نان پروفیشنل ہے سب اب ج ہی بتاتے ہیں کسی کو بھی خود انیمیٹ کرنا نہیں آتا

  3. Animation is good thumbs up for this but sorry to say , " aap nay bahut saray steps mention nehi kiye like how to render , shortcut keys , animation keys , how to animate a simple thing , and things like that , bahut taiz taiz over view dia hai . plz next video mein aik just short animation like 1 min ki , complete detailed information kay sath upload kerin. thank you

  4. Bro sab clearly bataye hai but video ke sath ye bhi batate kaun sa button press kar rahe hai to ye sab ho raha hai to better hota

  5. Bhai 2d animation cartoon type videos banane k liye free softwer kinda aacha hoga?
    I mean I have no drawing table. So please help…😅😅😅😅😅

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