How to Make Animated Titles – Easy Video Effects Tutorial!

How to Make Animated Titles – Easy Video Effects Tutorial!

– Do you want shiny, new, professional, animated titles for
your videos like these? Well, in this video, we’re
gonna run through exactly how to make animated
titles for your videos step-by-step, and it works no matter what video editing
software you’re using. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, then make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
I mention in this video you can find the link in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Now, creating professional
titles for your videos is not as hard as most people think. You just need the right tools. So with the process that
we’re gonna step through now, you can easily create
animated text and titles for your videos, matching
your brand and style in just a few simple steps. To create our initial titles, which you can then reuse
as much as you want, we’re gonna be using Adobe After Effects. Now, don’t worry whether
you’re on Mac or PC, or if you don’t already have
access to After Effects, there is a free trial
that you can download that will give you more than enough time to create a ton of titles,
and I’ll put a link to the trial version down
in the description below. It is an affiliate link,
so we will get a commission if you choose to continue
your subscription. Next up, we could start from scratch, and build a professional looking template, but that would take a ton
of time and design skills that I sure don’t have, so instead we’re going to
go and choose a template that closely matches the style,
the effects, and the theme that we really wanna go
for and start with that. So VideoHive is the site that we use for all our animated templates, when we aren’t using
something entirely custom. And the cool part is, there’s
a ton of options out there, so if you’re not exactly sure
what you want immediately, then go and check out
some of the previews, because you’ll quickly find something to give you awesome ideas, or you might find something
that you love straight away. So we’re gonna jump over to VideoHive now and I’m gonna talk you
through the process. So, here we are at VideoHive, and there’s a heap of other stuff in here as well as animated titles, things like, stock 3D templates you
can use, stock footage, general motion graphic titles,
not just titles but overlays, graphic elements and
infographics, and things that are gonna work in most
video editing software. But there’s also software
dependent templates in here as well for Apple Motion, that are also gonna work in Final Cut. There’s now a new area on here
as well for Adobe Premiere, which has things like
motion graphic elements, infographics, titles as well,
that you can use and edit directly in Adobe Premiere
and in After Effects, which is what the focus of
today’s video is gonna be. You can see we’ve got
title templates in here. We also have a heap of other things around graphic elements and those
sorts of things as well. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, then it’s definitely worth checking out, and links to everything
that we’re gonna cover are in the description. All right, so to start off with, let’s head up to After
Effects then down to Titles, and let’s have a look at some
of the awesome title packs that you can get to customize
up to use in your videos. So you can see here that, currently there’s 4,950
After Effects templates that are specific to title templates. There’s an absolute heap
in here to choose from, so it’s just a matter
of then going through and putting your mouse
over these and seeing if there’s anything in here that you like. You can see, this one’s
$20, this one here’s $18, and these are all things
that you can purchase and use and reuse in your videos. Now if you’re looking in
particular for title kits, then I’d suggest that you look at things like the title packs. As you can see here, there’s
a heap of different options or things like this one
here, which is Modern Titles. It’s got a heap of different
titles that you can use, just drag and drop and
customize up in After Effects to save out and reuse in your videos. Just as we go through here,
you can see the average price, 18, 19, 20, 26, 19, 15, 20, 24, 20, 28. So none of these are gonna break the bank. This is incredibly cheap, ’cause it’s gonna save you so much time. Like I’d say, here’s an example one. This one’s called Minimalist Lower Third, if we press play on this, you
can see the type of titles that you’re able to get here. This is one of those
packs where there’s a heap of different variations of these titles. You can see some of them
playing out with a thin line, some of them with a
background behind them, some of them have no background. So there’s a few different
variations on the titles in this title pack. Okay, so we’re gonna go
ahead and grab this one. So once you’ve decided, just before you hit the Buy Now button or the Add to Cart
button, just scroll down and double-check that it
does say After Effects, that the version you’re buying
is the After Effects version. All right, so once you’ve
downloaded your template files, it should be a ZIP file, you’re gonna extract
that out, and open it up. In here, you normally
get at least two files, but it might look a little bit different, because each template is
made by different people. What you will have is an
After Effect project file and you’ll have some sort of
instruction or tutorial video showing you how to use and
edit your specific template. Okay, so what you want to do is open up the After Effects project files, that’s likely you’ll get
a message up on screen saying that your project must be converted from whatever version it was made in to whatever version you’re using now, so just hit okay on that one. Now, if there’s any specific
fonts that’ve been used, that you don’t have installed, then it might pop up asking
you to install some fonts. So all you need to do is tick
the box in the top corner, sync from Typekit, and
then click Sync Fonts, and those fonts are gonna be downloaded and installed on your computer. And just a little note here, that we’re definitely not
gonna run through a full After Effects tutorial, but
I will show you everything you need to know to get these titles up, so that you can save them
to use them in your videos. Now, if your window layout
here does look a little bit different to mine, just
come up here to Window, go to Workspace, and you can
choose different layouts here. So, I’m just on the standard one here, but we’ll go, reset to standard, just so it might closer
match what yours looks like. So up here under Projects,
you’ve got a few folders here, so in our case, we wanna
look under the new folder and then we’ve got a heap of
different compositions in here. Now if we open up 3D Board, you
can see as we come down here to the timeline and scrub across, we’ve got this title animation happening. So it’s just a matter
of going through here and looking at all the
different ones that came in the title pack that you purchased, and find the one that you want to use, and then we’ll start to
edit it up from there. Now it’s also a good idea to
hang on to these project files because you might want to
come back at a later date and recreate more titles,
just out of this title pack. Now in the case of this actual project, there is more templates
under this projects folder. So, we’ve got different banners,
blocks, blocks with lines, just the titles, vertical parallel lines, so you can see there’s heaps
of different ones in here. And each time we open one of these up and scrub through the timeline here, you can see that it’s actually
a different animation. So let’s just go this one
here, a block with a line, typography one. We will actually include a
link to this exact template that we’re using here now in
case you wanted to download and use this one in your videos. So as you can see as we scrub across, we’ve got the line appears, the block comes out and so does the text. We’ve got two lines of text in this one, and we can customize it, we
can turn things on and off, we can change the fonts,
change the colors. So we have full control over
what this is gonna look like. So let’s go along to the end here, to where the tile is fully animated on, and let’s come down to our layers here to start making some adjustments. Now if you do see that there’s
not too many layers here, then there’s a good
chance that some of these might have been hidden. So, you might need to come
up and press the little, it’s called the Shy button here, which will unhide any hidden layers. So you can see now that I’ve pressed that, we got a heap more layers in here. So we come across to the
point where the animation is finished, come up the top
here, and grab the Type tool, and then we can select our text, and then we can just type
in what we’d like it to say. Let’s just go, Justin Brown. Now if we select that
text and we come over here and choose the font. Let’s change it to our Primal
Video font, Oswald Bold, and we can do exactly the same
for the second line of text, where it says, civil designer. We can double-click on that there and type in Primal Video. I probably want to change
the font to be the same. So we come back up here, Oswald Bold. Obviously, you’d be changing
it to your own fonts and branding. But we make it a little bit bigger here and we’ll probably make
that Primal Video blue. So, we’ll click on the
color here to change, and we’ll enter in our
Primal Video color blue here, and go OK, and the only thing
we’ll probably change here is this pink line. It’s not really one of our colors. So, in this case, it’s
down under Controls, under Effects, Line color, and you can see that they’ve
got color for the lines. If we press on that, then we can, again, paste in our blue, or you can pick your color from in here. But, we’ll paste in our blue and go OK. And now when we scrub through this, you can see the blue line comes on, the title slides out with
Justin Brown, Primal Video. So, it’s all in our font
and in our branding. So, in here you can pretty
much do anything you’d like. You can make the fonts bigger, make them smaller, you can
reposition them on there. You can change the text. You can even change the
color of the background, that was another thing that was down here, which is down here under Block color. So, we can change that there from black, we could go to red, if red was your thing. So we’ll cancel out that one,
and that’s how easy it is to change and customize
out these templates. So now that you’ve got your
title customized up exactly how you’d like it, then
we’re pretty much good to go. The next step is to export
or to save this out, so that you can use it in your
video editing application. Once we’ve covered off
the export settings, I’m also gonna run through the top titles, I suggest you make and save
out, so that you’re set to go, so that you don’t need to create new ones every time you’re creating new videos. So, now for exporting or
for saving out your videos to use in your video editing application, you wanna make sure
that you’re in the title that you want to export, so that’s open. Then come up the top to Composition, and down to Add to Render Queue. You can see that it’s
loaded up the Render Queue down at the bottom here, and we’ve got our
composition loaded in there. Normally the only thing
that you need to change here is from Output Module, from Lossless, to be Lossless with Alpha. So alpha, as in regards
to the transparency. We’ve got transparency in the title, so that our actual video footage is gonna show through underneath it, so you need to make sure
that setting is selected. And you can click over here, where it says Not yet specified, and choose where you wanna save your file. In this case, we’ll just
put it on the desktop. And because we’re on Windows, it’s defaulting to an AVI file, if you’re on Mac, it will default to being a QuickTime MOV file, either
one is gonna work fine. Just hit Save and come
over here and hit Render, and you can see it plays out, or renders out your title animation. And once that’s done, your file is saved. Then we can jump over to your
video editing application. In our case, we’re going
to open up Adobe Premiere. Okay, so we’re here in Adobe Premiere, we just want to import our title now. So, there it is, it opened. So then, whenever we
want to use this title, in any of our videos, all
we need to do is import it, drag and drop it down into our timeline, wherever we want it to appear. Now if we play through this,
you can see it animates on. Now we also have the
ability to pick it up, to move it around and reposition it, anywhere that you’d like. So, it’s just a separate video asset. We can scale it up and
we can scale it down, you can use it however
you’d like in your videos from here on in. So, if we play that through again, you can see it animates on, and there’s our title there. Now, one extra little
trick that you can do, is if your title animates in, but it doesn’t animate back off, you can actually duplicate the title. So just copy it, Command + C, Control + C, and then you want to
paste it right next to it. And then you want to
reverse the second one, so right-click on it and
choose Speed Duration, and then tick the box to
reverse speed, hit OK. And then when you play through it now, you’ll see it’ll animate on, and then it’ll play that clip backwards, so that it animates back off. So that’s how easy it is to
create these assets of titles that you can just import, and drop into multiple
video editing projects, and drag and reposition and
customize them up further, inside of your editing application, without the need to
create them every time. There’s one more thing
that I do want to show you back on VideoHive, so I’ll
bring that back up now. Make it bigger. So those were editable
After Effects titles, now as we did touch on earlier, you can also get them
for Adobe Premiere Pro. So titles here, and also
Apple Motion titles, so if you are using Final
Cut for your video editing, then you can come in here
and grab a title pack that will work inside of Final Cut. And these titles will be
editable and customizable inside of Final Cut. Then, you don’t even need After Effects to be able to customize these up, you can do everything
directly from your timeline. And exactly the same with the
Premiere Pro titles as well. You can get title packs
in here that will let you customize everything up
directly on your timeline. Now, these are only gonna work if you’re on Premiere Pro
or if you’re on Final Cut, but for everybody else, on
any editing application, or for the largest range of templates, then you’ll want the After Effects ones, and customize them up as we
were showing you in this video. And by doing it this way in After Effects, you’re saving them out
as actual video files. Then you can easily import
them into your smartphone, so if you’re gonna be editing your videos down on your smartphone, you can export them,
import them onto there, and edit them into your videos
on your smartphones as well. So, now that you’ve got your
template sorted and you know how to create different
versions of those titles, for use in your videos
over and over again. Some of the ones I
would recommend creating would be ones that say things like, Subscribe, links are in
the description below. I also suggest creating a
title for numbered lists, so you can animate in all the numbers, and maybe the placeholders for the text that’s going to follow it. Another really obvious one is
a title card for your name, or for your channel name,
for the start of your videos, and also you could look at doing something for your logo, as well, if you’ve got one. So the idea here, once again,
is that you’re creating titles that you’re going to use
in almost every video, then you’re saving these
out so you don’t need to recreate them every time. So that your lower third,
or your title card, or your call to action, to get someone to
subscribe to your channel, these are now just things that you can drag and drop onto your timeline, really, no matter what video
editing software you’re using. So all of that is gonna speed up your video editing process dramatically, because you won’t have
to recreate these things, and also wait for them
to render out every time. So now that you’ve got your
professional looking titles sorted, the next step
is to get set up with some awesome music, to take
your content even further. So check the link
on-screen now for a video showcasing royalty-free
music sites that we use, and what we’d recommend for you. And I’ll see you soon.

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