How to make an Animation in Adobe Flash CS6

How to make an Animation in Adobe Flash CS6

Hello, Freepdied here This is a tutorial on how to make a basic Flash animation in Adobe Flash CS6 I’m gonna try to make this pretty quick Because I hate slow tutorials. So, what we want to do today Is make an animation where a stickman jumps over this ledge [Epic Sound Effects] Like that So basically, what we’re going to do, is make two layers It’s *ahem* The background, and the stickman That concludes two layers. And the size of the document As you can see, it’s widescreen If you want it to be widescreen, I suggest you change the dimensions to 1280×720 pixels That will make it 720p on Youtube, which is a very nice size, and not too big And, the framerate is 24 frames per second It’s completely up to you, you can change it to 20 fps or whatever So let’s get to it I’m gonna draw This ledge right here Cool You can color it into.. Pink? Sure, why not. So You see up here, there’s a button It says “New Layer” You should click it, and there’s your second layer Cool Now You want this layer, which is the background layer, (you can rename your background, if you want) to be the bottom layer, because.. The stickman you’re about to draw, is going to be above this background layer (so I just renamed it to ‘Stickman’) So let’s get to it, then I’m gonna draw this stickman This guy right here He’s gonna jump over the ledge And I don’t know if he’s going to land, or die, whatever I’m gonna draw some deadly spikes, because why the hell not Cool! Now he’s going to jump over the ledge, but how do we make the stickman move? Yes, do you see that button on your keyboard that says F7? You know, you have F1-F12, probably on your keyboard Well, find the F7 button. And press it! You just made a new blank keyframe You basically deleted him *Gasp!* Oh no! But, it’s ok! It’s safe! You see this button down here? It says “Onion Skin” You should press that, and now you can see the previous keyframe! ..on your layer. That’s pretty cool So basically, you can now draw the stickman a little bit to the right Because he’s going to move Check this out. Cool. So now we have created a stickman jumping over a ledge. Let’s see how it looks Cool And by the way, you can view your video by pressing either Spacebar or Enter Uh, either one And also, CTRL + Enter Will display how the video is going to look when you render it So that looks pretty cool. I’m pretty happy with that [Mega-Epic Sound Effects] I don’t think I will add sound effects in this tutorial But you can figure it out for yourself So now, we are going to export the video And DON’T export by exporting as an .avi file from Flash Don’t even think about it Export first as an .swf file Call it whatever, I’m calling it ‘adwdawdawd’ Save it wherever And now you should download a free software from Newgrounds called Swivel Which basically is a “swf to video” converter It’s absolutely incredible, and it’s completely free So head over to, I’ll put a link in the description And you should download that Shiiieet So, now find your file “adwdawdawd” and basically, press “Convert”! That’s it! Easy peasy And now, just click the video here and you can see what you have made That’s pretty cool if I say so myself Now you’re completely free to put it on Youtube, or do whatever Feel free to put your animation as a video response to this video, because I really want to see what you’ve made! That would be cool So anyways, I think that’s basically it Yeah, thanks for watching! And hit that Subscribe button if you want. You know. Hehehe

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  1. so i watched 30 minutes tutorials didn.t understand shit, i watched this 5 minutes tutorial i figured out all :))

  2. Let's say I drew the frames with another program (Paint Tool SAI in my case). Can I import the drawings into Adobe and turn it into an animation?

  3. After seeing this. I think I'll stick with Source Film Maker for Kid Icarus Animations. I'm too lazy to make the same character 27 different times. Great tutorial though! i hate long and complicated tutorials.

  4. Omg thank you so much <3 <3
    You are my hero , you fkin saved me 😀

  5. hey dude i know i made this video like 4 years ago but i like how simple and easy u do it man. It's not to complicated to understand and u dont put in some unimportant bullshit, i hope u still do videos cuz i just subbed

  6. i saw a video in which he made a full cartoon i want to make a full cartoon too plz help me like real EZIO AUDITORE DA FIRENZE story i mean i wanna convert the game to cartoon lol


  8. This is the best straightforward flash tutorial around. The others assume quite a bit of knowledge going in but this gets a beginner to the point where they can animate something in 5 minutes.

  9. You have such a cool voice! How do you make an animation with more than one scene? Can you do a tutorial on that?

  10. ty man i just used flash for the first time so wenn i gane fame as jelly or JellyPolizeiPop it will be a big part of you ty for youre great help 🙂

  11. Hey man I need a link to the wrbsite. Sorry but I can not do it without the website. I would of leaved a BIG fast dislike!

  12. thank you so much and for your homers as well! You are the first one tough me the first steps for doing an animation video on Adobe FL.

  13. I searched for "How to animate using flash". A lot of videos appeared and, tbh, I clicked on this one because it was the shorter

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