How To Make AMAZING Animations in Premiere

How To Make AMAZING Animations in Premiere

Well, hey everybody! I’m Nathaniel Dodson from Welcome into this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial
where today I want to talk about what might be the most important thing for you to know
if you do any kind of animating in Premiere Pro whether it’s complex or simple transitions
or just animating text and titles and just stuff in general animating anything in Premiere
Pro. This is a must know tip, it has to do with
what I like to call “Deep Easing” and how you can really take advantage of easing to
get some amazing animations that quite frankly look like they come out of After Effects and
not Premiere Pro so if you do a lot of work in Premiere Pro I think you’re going to love
this. It’s going to be a quick tip. Hey, if you do enjoy this video, though make
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video editing, After Effects, Premiere Pro, you-name-it tutorial from tutvid, well the
tutvid channel I should say here on YouTube and with that out of the way, guys let’s jump
into Premiere right now and check this thing out. Alright, here we are and what I’ve got is
a text title over this video and the first thing I’m going to do is set it to the blend
mode of Color Dodge which is going to kind of give it some crazy color. Maybe that’s a little too much. I’ll reduce the opacity to like 90% and be
done with the opacity. You can see it’s just a simple text object. First thing I’m going to do, I’m going to
go to Effects panel and look for an effect called “Transform” Here it is down here under
“Distort” I’m going to drag that, I can drop it right on the clip or I can drop it in Effect
Controls, it doesn’t make a difference. Here is what makes a difference, up here under
Transform, we’re going to scale this puppy so we’re going to scale it to 100%, we’re
going to get it to 100%. So I’m going to tick the “toggle animation”
stopwatch there to drop a keyframe and then I’m going to move all the way back to the
beginning and I’m going to set scale to 0%. What did we just do? We created a very simple, but very clunky,
static-looking animation. That, let’s be honest, it looks kind of like
crap. So here’s how we change that and make it not-so-crappy. I’m going to select both of these keyframes
and I’m going to right-click and I’m going to choose “Auto Bezier” just to apply a little
bit of easing to them. I also want to give this a little blur, this,
by the way, is why I used the Transform effect instead of just animating the normal scale. Because I can uncheck “Use Composition Shutter
Speed” which is what the long text is here and change the shutter angle to 360 degrees. By the way, I covered this effect in a recent
tutorial I did on 5 tips and tricks on animating in Premiere, but it was so good and I love
it so much I just had to do a separate tutorial on it. After we’ve done that, we’re going to have
a little bit of blur on our text. You can see now we’ve got some blur happening
in there and the faster the text goes, like the shorter we, the less time we give the
animation, the more craziness we’re going to have in terms of that blur. But that’s not enough. If I hit this little arrow over here, I will
spin down my scaling options and to really take full advantage you want to make sure
you select the played and hit your “plus” (+) button so you can zoom in on this. And then select any keyframe here and we’re
going to give this a little bit of like a zoom bump effect. So if I grab this handle and push it up, what’s
going to happen is the text is actually going to scale up past where we need it to go and
then retract back into place. We haven’t added any keyframes that’s just
the effect. Pretty cool. So that has to do with animating the actual
scaling effect. Down here this is velocitation (Velocity)
bit, this is our easing down here so we can change this. We can say, “look, go really slowly at the
beginning and then speed up toward the end.” Or vica versa, we can say “you know what,
start really fast and then we kinda what you to chill out here toward the end, we want
you to really slow down.” But I really don’t want this handle down here
to go anything less than flat. Maybe a very little bit but I want this handle
up here to be very close to flat. If it’s pointing downward, it means we’re
scaling down below where we started. Which, we’re starting at 0 so it probably
doesn’t make too much of a difference here. Let’s check to see what this looks like. It zooms way up and bounces into place. Look at that effect! So that’s really cool and we can change the
way this whole thing looks by just changing our easing here. We could make it start out really slowly and
snap into place right at the end. Let’s just make sure we’re still getting a
good bounce and watch what this looks like now. It comes up slowly and snaps into place much
faster. Boom! Just like that. Really, really cool stuff. So, that’s what this tutorial is about. Use those deep easing features. They are really amazing and it’s not just
with scaling. Scaling is just a great one to show because
not only can you play with the easing but you can also play with the scale and have
it kind of bump in and settle into its final resting place. But “Position” and all these different animatable
parameters with these different effects, you can jump in and fine tune the easing exactly
as you like it and the more you play with the easing, honestly, it doesn’t take that
long and it starts to feel like second nature and boy, it’s a good-feeling second nature
if I’ve ever felt a nice feeling second nature. It makes it feel like you can actually get
a decent animation out of Premiere Pro. That’s one of the things that I love so much
about it. So, for animating here in Premiere Pro and
using this kind of “Deep Easing” effect, to actually get a really nice animation in Premiere
Pro, guys for this one, THAT’S IT! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD! Nathaniel Dodson,, I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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  1. Helloo Sir..!! i really like Your work..the way you teach..everything..!!
    i request you to make video on how to make images motions and animations like used in this video..!!
    plz..sir tell!!❤?

  2. I don't think it's possible for you to make a video that isn't awesome. I can't tell you how much I have learned from you. Thank you!

  3. Hey, I recently saw a video on flume´s channel and it had some really cool effects. I wondered if you could show us how to do them or something similar.

  4. i always get stuck with those handles (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ , and end up using auto bezier, thanks man for this tutorial

  5. Great stuff. I assume if you saved this as a preset such as “bump scale” it would be easy to apply to clips later. 🙂

  6. There is a type of intro I am trying to create where the font keeps changing until it creates the word I am getting to kind of like those slot.machines if that makes sense.

  7. Hey Nathaniel, totally unrelated comment / question: Your audio is great. What mic and software so you use? What settings you like / Do you use a compressor / limiter? No pop screen either, impressive.

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