How To Get Maya 2018 for Free

How To Get Maya 2018 for Free

Hey there beautiful people. In this video
I’ll show you how you can download install Maya 2018 on up to 2 devices for free by signing
up for an educational license. So, the first thing you need to do is go to
the Autodesk Education website. I’ll put the link in the video description for you to follow
or you can just google “Autodesk Education” just like I’m doing here. This will take
you to the Education Community website. On the home page you’ll see a link for Maya.
Give that a click to be taken to the download page. Before you can download the software you need
to either sign in or create an account. It’s absolutely free to sign up and the Autodesk
education community is a really helpful resource. So as well as free software, by signing up
you’ll also get access to some really good learning materials and a really helpful community
of Maya users. So signing up is a bit of a no brainer really. Okay, if you don’t already
have an account you need to click on create account and then fill in your details. You’ll
be asked which country your educational institution is in. I’m in the UK so I’m choosing that.
You’ll then be asked about your educational role. I’m an educator so I’m choosing
that option but if you’re a student you’ll probably want to choose the student option.
Once that’s done click Next. You’ll then need to fill in your personal details. Make
sure you use a real email address because you’ll be sent a confirmation email containing
a link which you’ll need to click on to complete your registration. You’ll then
need to create a password and agree to the terms and conditions. Once that’s all done
you can click on the create account button. You’ll now receive the confirmation email.
Go to your inbox, find the email and then click the link to verify your account. Once your account has been successfully verified
you can go back and sign in with the email address and password you just created. Next up you’ll need to select the version
of software that you want to download. You can see that Autodesk offer a few earlier
versions as well as the latest – which is awfully kind of them. I want the latest version
though so I’m choosing Maya 2018. You’ll then select the operating system you’re
using and your preferred language. You can now get the software installed. You’ll usually
want to just click on “install now” but if you click on the little arrow to the right
of the button you’ll see that there are some other options. If, for some reason, the
install now option isn’t working I recommend trying the “browser download” option.
Anyway, it’s fine for me so I’m selecting install now.
Accept the license and service agreement and click install. A file will now be downloaded.
Once it’s done open it, this is the installer. There will be a small download and then the
installer will open properly. In the installer you can choose the option to install Maya
on your computer. This screen lets you choose which components you want to install. I recommend
installing Maya, Arnold and Bifrost. Once you’re happy with your selections, click on
the install button. Now the installer will download and install everything needed. This
is a pretty beefy download and the time it takes will depend on your connection speed
and how busy the Autodesk servers are. It downloaded everything in around 15 minutes
for me but I’ve sped it up in editing because Youtube videos are a lot like love making
– the sooner it’s over the better. Once everything is installed you be greeted
with this confirmation screen. This tells you that you have successfully installed Maya
2018. You can now click the Launch Now button to open Maya. Your license is automatically
verified but if for some reason this didn’t work then you should have the license key
in your email inbox. That was easy wasn’t it? But now you’ve got your shiny new software
installed you’re going to need to learn how to use it. Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. If you are new to Maya then you should check
out my Maya tutorial for beginners. This covers everything you need to know to get started
and takes 2-3 hours to complete. I made it in Maya 2016 but it’s still mostly relevant.
Even better is that the entire tutorial is completely free. The link is in the description
or in the card at the end of the video. If you want a more up to date and thorough
way to learn how to use Maya then I really recommend checking out Pluralsight. They have
got tons of video tutorials on Maya and they’re suitable for complete beginners as well as
seasoned professionals. I still use the Maya tutorials on Pluralsight to keep my own skills
up to date. If you’re just getting started in Maya 2018 then you should check out the
Maya 2018 Fundamentals course by Justin Marshall. Use the link in the video description to start
your 10 day free trial. It’s a free trial – you have nothing to lose and some awesome
new skills to gain! Okay, so that about wraps it up. If this video
has helped you out then please show me some love by hitting that thumbs up button below
the video. I upload new videos regularly, including some damn fine tutorials on using
Maya and Unreal Engine so be sure to hit that subscribe button too if you want to see more
videos like that. If you need any help or further information then just drop me a comment
below the video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next one.

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  1. If its free forever then why does it ask for what school your going to and when you start and end will it end the licenses then at that year?

  2. Not free for everyone mate, in Australia it actually requires education institute confirmation before able to download.

  3. the educational licensed version embeds marks in the work to discourage commercial use, and the license agreement specifically forbids work derived in it from being used for any other purpose other than educational, but hey you could just use a cracked version, save yourself a few thousand dollara, and you'd still be just as wrong, but hey at least the work wouldn't have embedded educational use only watermarks, or you can use a free GPL alternative such as blender, which is just as every bit as good or better than Maya or max, the favorites for game industry is Maya, max for everything else, but you do have the oddballs, who choose one or the other or weird reasons, it all depends if you go to work for somebody or work independently, if you work for someone you dont really have a choice, it would be best to learn them all I guess if you could, the only con I can think of why a company wouldn't use blender, is their is no customer supports sure there is a community support base but that is all driven by volunteers, which is not good for business

  4. I have a creation called Sparky, an animation character and I am trying to find out a way to make him 3d so I can get a better look at him and this might work 😀

  5. Hi, I'm here for a friend. She's a student and downloaded Maya But: she only has a free trial of 30 days and not 3 years. Do you have any idea why?

  6. Man I need HELP! So after I changed the Maya destination, It didn't wanna launch anymore and I was completely sure that it needed reinstallation. So, I deleted the program at 100% , no even a single file left. But when i downoaded again and launched the installer, it was thinking that I have already downloaded Maya , although there wasn't even a single file left and didn't let me download it. Please I need a solution

  7. I am a Student and want to download Maya but I if I adress my real school on my account, will there any cost for my school or is this just a additonal information for them ? Please help

  8. at the section
    1:01. I can't choose the location with the first tab. it is not a country of education but name of education.

  9. so they're basically giving it away for free? shouldn't you have to verify that you're in some sort of eductaion to do this?

  10. when it asking about education you can type whatever you want, dont be shy.
    Just choose "cant find my institution" or something and go on

  11. hi, thus cool …thank you! but, I'm facing problem. Even if I want buy the product…it doesn't allow me to buy. because Ethiopia use different money. even the name of our money is not in the list. help me out if you can. [email protected] thank you!

  12. So i downloade maya because i have an animation class on school which uses this system but when i opened my file from school all my objects were out off place and my deform object were really messed up also my rotation pivot seems off the green blue and red curves are out off place any suggestions on how to fix this

  13. Will police come to ma door cuz i picked student even thought im nopt and it asked me for ma school and i put everything fake and school name is no…..yes all i want is to make some animations i didnt ask for this shit!So am i safe? XD

  14. It's asking me to name the school i'm enrolled in, but i'm not currently enrolled because the class requires you to know the basics.

  15. great video..thank you so much!! at first i thought this so easy it must be fake..but after that i downloaded..and working on it

  16. After i install it , it just dissapear , nowhere to be found in my pc nor desktop . And i've been trying to fix the same problem for over a week

  17. How long does this last, and do we get free updates of newer versions? Thanks for the help. I want to start mixing 3D CG with Live action films.

  18. Thank you for the guide yes i will start watching your tutorial too as i am really into gaming and want to become a gaming animator i hope this is a right direction for my future

  19. Whenever my download is complete, it says that the download is cancelled, and then aborting. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  20. i get the 2016 versions right now, but i need the serial numbers and the key!! there's nothing about it in your video!!

  21. You need more views! Because there is a another method that is really wrong! A lots of people dowload cracks with virusses!

  22. Can we use formulas in object fields, like location, dimension, rotation … ? as Houdini do. But Houdini is very difficult and has very weak help. I made some useful examples… but I think I need 50 years to learn it. I am familiar with AutoCAD and Revit… do I will find that Maya is easy to use ?

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