How to Draw Your Own Cartoon Superhero Character Easy!

How to Draw Your Own Cartoon Superhero Character Easy!

hey guys and welcome to this video I’m
gonna be starting a theory a tutorial series for tutorial Tuesdays
or something like that oh if you have any suggestions of what you want me to
teach you or if you want to torreón these designer cons of fimo and I just
want to thank you guys for sending me some when were drawing prop on YouTube
and Instagram if you still want to suggest in one word dry-rubbed let me know in the YouTube
comments and on Instagram I have several post dedicated to that so
to just find a picture from my Instagram and my Instagram is in my in a stairway
and for either once dance video or Friday’s video I haven’t decided I might
take tomorrow off sympathy so yeah it might be Friday’s video so that’s why
I’m doing this video today so that it could tie you over to Friday’s
so anyways get on with the video talk for one minute
for today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to draw for the arrow you can have it
fine or you can have him just been walking I guess what’s standing there
whatever however you want to but just want a basic tutorial for beginners I’m
gonna go how to draw superheroes step step for beginners so yeah it’s got
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or this video sorry alright continue watching hey guys welcome to part of
this tutorial and I just want to say a huge disclaimer if you hear my heater
and background from the intro I know sorry I forgot to turn off I usually
have it off for me for recording but you heard that I’m so sorry
um hopefully like if you got past that thank you continue watching um anyways I
just want to tell you about my my materials gonna be using for this
tutorial so i have a blog point pen you can just find these around the house or
something does it have to be a fancy multi or fine liner or whatever I just
like to use ballpoint pens because they’re accessible so for many of you
well this is a paint brush artist loft you can find these at Michael’s which
which brush and equal to you the years worth costume and they come a bullet
these are great for a beginner though well brush I don’t know if you can see
that there we go there’s the brush the next material being used for the cape
and the absolute is a coarse bread days were doesn’t see happen it at the end of
this broad or medium size and then also a bullet this no we’ll be using brown
for the hair and then oftentimes I don’t know I keep mentioning these and I have
not done with you yet but will additionally
into my favorite catching pens pencils in the mechanical steam presentation
pencil I love these and they come with
refillable red so I haven’t a cat that I might be using soon but anyways I love
these pencils I need to do a review with a simcha some of you have been asking
for that and then also I would be starting with this pencil which is
everywhere graphite mechanical pencil it half HP LED and the 0.7 so I love using
mechanical pencils probably I would start off with these
pencils but very light so anyways I’m I’ll show you my don’t have an example
in my tutorial I thought today would be a little bit different how end up like
with this pose so I will have this I call it captures Buffy or maybe I can there’s nothing like that I reference
for you in the video they’re already at three minutes no continue watching the
next part would be the short I just want to show you my materials I’m using Oh
for the skin I’m that’s very important I need to get skin tone markers eventually
by well I knew I wasn’t using watercolor for that I just like the shade of the
orange here as you like to use orange but yeah go to the tutorial so I’ll be a
necklace hey guys welcome back to this tutorial
to this part without actually start drawing I just want to get the
information what I’m using out of the way so we are going to be doing full
body so if you don’t know how to draw a head or face I probably will do a
tutorial of that dude I do have a tutorial on how to draw cartoon female
faceless on my channel somewhere so you dig through that on my channel just know
cha-cha cartoon girl face when I think I have some videos on that baby weight
sometimes I started circles sometimes I start with a picnic shape so we’re gonna
start with a uh courts are a lie and then bring it down we’re a shape
rectangle shape and then we’re going to round it out for chin at the bottom for
the chin so we’re going to have and here like that just a circle front here and
if I might cast again acknowledge it pop it
so now I usually put this kind of a shape I do the same thing like I would
do the cool technique with just a horizontal line and a vertical line make
sure you draw the vertical line first and then the horizontal line after left
I like to do it though which you all make a cross and basically so for the
eyes I like to do circles um that’s kind of my cartoon style so and then for the
no public of it all upside down U shape elongated that makes it so we have that
done know before we get into anything else like the mouth let’s draw a line a
center line actually I first character for body type
full body shower on my channel I think besides my persona no I’m new to meal
Anatomy I’m not carry at it I will say that but this is my personally know for
now but I just start with the basic skeleton and I’ll get back to the mouse
in a second but I so I start with the basic skeleton like this with a vertical
line down for the body and then for the yeah I don’t know the names and I should
if I like to do full body but that for the ribcage I guess or the torso area I
usually like to do a rectangle that is meal but and then won’t come here for
the hip area and then boy I just started tourists know first my jaw my bodies and
a wider limp after and then for the limb hmm sometimes I go like this or I draw a
line and then add them I sure like to do to live down the meat to it and then for
the feet you can make him talk you can make him short I make you have shortcut
there like that but basically cut about exaggeration a little bit so saturation
I could do a whole video on saturation cartoon character designs I think that’d
make a good tutorial now for the arm deep the muscular no I’m going to do the
same thing do a little faith for it for the arms palek stick but again not
really because you want to have motion to them you want to add meat to them so
sometimes if you do this but I really really hope if you’re an advanced artist
but you can do this any ages you can do gestures and they will help what not
having stick poses I’ve been trying to do all just at least I’ve been learning
a lot with that so I take this sack same technique of building your construction
first and then play it to just to practice if you do this way I would
suggest 60 seconds 13 seconds too quick for me but that’s just me everyone is
different and that will do and how I like to roll hands hands are a different
story yeah hold on I have to process them not
with him before I feel comfortable showing so could be wrong for now No
for the model rep I’m gonna know so I’m going to ink this off-camera they won’t
see that portion but you will see the coloring well no one’s like to bring it
down and then curve it to car for the upper loaded bottom lip and they don’t
horse start a line for the teeth and then vertical and then the now for the
costume or the clothes we’re your John cape will get to the
hair is second for the Cape we just draw two half circles again Kurt line for the
Cape come down right here the roots are in pitfall is because they’ll be a lot
easier cuz I’m nervous jaw line and pen we are going to for the Cape bring a
critical line down point out like a triangle and then bring a horse not
aligned to the foot so now I want to bring that light over between nuts and
then we’re going to do the same thing on the other side so bring a horizontal
line to form a triangle plate right here this is a triangle what I’m talking
about triangle you want you to have that but
that’s it’s the guard line to position the Cape
yeah go back to the hair the hair you want to have to worth our life for the
hairstyle and for me I like to do two at all point like that just to have
character I want to bring that girl and then you walked across to make the head oh and I want to bring the point
well and then for the Iver off I didn’t like to do curves like Tubbs but also
the rest of the costume you want to bring to diagonal line down here and
down here for the cake and then you want to bring a curve like the dollar with
this will be the boat and then circle so that’s basically his eighth of the whole
character and we took a good eight minutes to play everything that’s how I
like to go about my drawing if I’m not starting with pink pencil first or the
color pencil first project going to every the lens you know I’m going to ink
this off-camera and I think I hate to do this but I think to save time I want to
speed through the coloring have me the over it the coloring inks this
off-camera and I think that might be Tuesday tutorial format depending but
you get the general idea of course we’re gonna race the guidelines on the face
yeah so the of it will be drawing know how to color it going to race the party
I okay so we have the base of our character a superhero if you want you
can do like to show the wrinkles or like that and then yeah basically it’s the
reef so I I’m going to stop it here and a speed U and the and the bead coloring
of this thank you so much for watching don’t forget to Like subscribe and
comment and keep watching the rest of the
you want to see the coloring thank you so much for watching I’ll see you on
Friday bye guys don’t forget to watch the
coloring this tutorial I use my eye color skin for this part and I use pasta
markers pocket pen for the belt with just the yellow part you’ll see shortly
but first a quick thank you for watching this video tutorial and don’t forget to
leave a one-word jolly prompt in the comments below I won’t be doing a video
with your suggestions and the next video hopefully if I can maybe in Southie
Friday’s video all right I’ll just color in the costume of the superhero so yeah
you can post at any time any way you want to you can be flying be walking can
be just staying in showing muscles or something like that right now I’m using
a pasta pen so thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to Like
comment and subscribe even I’ll see you next time bye guys

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  1. Cool superhero! You might be interested in this book for Cartoon figure drawing :
    Figure It Out is a series of books done by Chris Hart; I think he has 5 or 6 books? I have 2 of them and I keep them close at hand as a quick reference. Sometimes I will take out the books
    and do quick loose strokes to "memorize" all of the various curves.

    I really like the detail you put into the hands (you can really see the superhero fist) and the colors used:)

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