How to Draw Cartoon Facial Expressions : How to Draw an Evil Grin

How to Draw Cartoon Facial Expressions : How to Draw an Evil Grin

Alright. For the next drawing, we’re going
to alter our eye shape a bit. We’re going to make more round. Our character’s eyes are
flattening out. The top of the eyelid shape is going to come down and the other bottom
lid will come up. Similar to how somebody is when they’re angry. This person’s not angry.
We’re also going to have their eyebrows jetting downwards and their nose is going to be slightly
flatter. We’re going to curve up the side of their, you can see this mouth coming down
in a sharp dimple. We’ll have some laugh lines coming up over here at the side. Another option
is to show a little bit of teeth here, by having some small crosses in here which denote
the teeth shapes. You can see like, “ooh, my goodness, I wouldn’t want to meet this
character in a dark alley.” Next we’ll put the ears in. And we have the hair coming up
again, a little flatter, as if this person’s kind of sunk into themselves somewhat. Maybe
they’re not thinking quite clearly. The sides of the mouth bunch up and come down and around.
Turn the jaw line and there’s the, and then down on to the chin. Some other effects we
can have, we can kind of darken both the eyelids and underneath to make it just more nefarious.
And other things, of course, you can do is, I find it effective to shade around the character
in black right around their head, almost denoting the dark thoughts which are going on in there.
It’s very, very malevolent and evil grin plastered upon our character’s face. If you’re drawing
a hero, well, that might be morally confused or this guy might just be a villain in general.

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  1. oooo i wouldnt wanna meet this guy in a drak alley cause ill beat the siht out of him he HAS BRACES what is he gunna rape me or sumthing he doesnt look even he looks like he just go done wathing the best PORN ever

  2. The guy kinda lools like the grinch a lil bit, right?
    ( i mean the drawing, just for those people who about to say,"we never even see him!") anyways doesnt he look like the grinch???

  3. remember this is just the basic 🙂 And drawing is a lot harder then it looks like.
    My dad always says.
    You know your good at something when it looks easy to do 🙂

  4. i think that is you pen whitch make you draw like this ! me, i can't draw like you, even you teach me, cause, i haven't your magic pen lol

  5. Good job amazing video keep emojis coming I really like the eyes and the way that you shaped the jaw good job thanks for all the help!(:

  6. I am giong to start a cartoon bizz 1 buck for a cartoon book thats for your vids so theres your sub for my brain power in cartoon :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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