How to Draw Cartoon Christmas Characters : How to Draw A Body on Santa

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Paul
Louis and today I’m going to teach you how to draw a Christmas cartoon characters. Now
let us work on santa’s body. He has a big old body so like what we did our our snowman.
We are going to start with a big circle up here but we are going to start it right about
here and bring it over like so. We are going to decorate santa’s torso, so we are going
to bring a line like so down there. We are going to work on this arms, so over here bring
a line down like so and then up, over, down and behind. Let us give him some little squiggly
lines down this wrist there and then just a circle like that, a hook and then another
one like that to represent his mittens. Down here right behind his hair we’ll bring down
a line like that, again more squiggly lines down this wrist area and another hook kind
of like a J and then another one to represent his other mitten.

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