How to draw ANIME HAIR by Veteran Animator HINOE|Japanese manga tutorial|ひのえさんのアニメヘアの描き方講座

How to draw ANIME HAIR by Veteran Animator HINOE|Japanese manga tutorial|ひのえさんのアニメヘアの描き方講座

Anime characters’ hair has a lot of volume. Add some shadow to the skin. It’s about giving the hair a three-dimensional look. Making it three dimensional by force. Sharp edges seem to be very important in Japanese Animations. – Yes that is right. An important point when drawing Japanese Animation… is to draw first one straight line and then adding another underneath. Or vice versa. I get the feeling that there are different styles of drawing hair in Anime. It depends on the animator’s taste really. It has nothing to do with the character design? – No it doesn’t really. – There is no formal way of drawing it. – Really?! If you draw aiming toward the front point , it will come together easier. Anime characters’ hair has a lot of volume. In the laws of physics it must be about 10 times of the amount of normal hair. So when in comes down to character design, there is no formal rule or anything? Not at all. – What?! Sometimes there are popular ways of drawing, though. – I see. So even in the same series, if you look closely, you might see different styles… of drawing the hair for the same character. That might just be because the re-touch stage was not done properly. If the animation director does it, they should all look the same? If you do your work properly, then yes. Everyone has schedules to keep. What is pretty difficult is how to create the shadows then. For each strand of hair, if you put the shadows equally, it wouldn’t look so beautiful, does it? It’s about giving the hair a three-dimensional look. You need to look closely. If you have to make things look three dimensional… you need to imagine how creators of figurines would make them. Only in 2D animation, we can handle unrealistic volumes like this one. If you do this in 3D computer grahics, it does not look that beautiful. -That’s right. It’s a 2D look, so rather impossible to get the same in 3D. You see a hairstyle like this quite often. In order to make it look three dimensional… Instead of drawing the shadow all the way till the end, do it like this. And like this. Over here… … and here shows the same work pattern. This area here is difficult. You can close it like this or make it sharper. If you draw it out, it will blend into the other hair. The shadows would meet here. To match the shadows… You add a shadow like this to the skin. That will make it more three dimensional. Highlights, do they generally sit like that? That’s the cuticle you see on people with rich hair. Is that not part of the style? -It is. Just think it as an icon. And then you add some more detailed highlights? Highlights like these? – Yes, like these exactly. And these here… There are also things like that. Is that a highlight?! It’s not a tattoo! Depending on the highlight style… … the overall appereance of the character seems to change. Rounder highlights give a softer appearance. Do you know Shingo Araki? Who do you mean? – The character designer of Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) – Oh, this Araki, yes! The way the hair falls was decided in that series. They kept flowing as a looping wave. They were looping like that? If it is a quite dramatic story line, you can illustrate it like that… But recently the hair is blown more realistically. as if it is blowing in the wind. Is there a rule how to keep it all in balance? Well looking at the character… … it’s important not to keep too much volume on just one side. … and similar. Taking this angle for example, It will look better if there is some volume over here. That way it looks the most in balance. If you cut the way here, to make it more realistic, it would look kind of empty. It’s better if it has some volume here. Recently there have been more realistic hairstyles as well though. Let’s look at some of our picture submissions… There are many characters with this type of hair. Really? There are a lot? Have you seen Fafner in the Azure? You draw the hair thicker… If you don’t do it like that, it won’t look quite right. How about seeing the forehead though the hair? Well, I guess it’s okay to show the forehead… Depending on how you draw it, it can be visible. But people may forget to color the forehead in the finishing stage. I would make it look like this. It looks a little more natural when drawn thicker. That way it is a lot more stable. Thank you very much. -Thank you, too. As extra feature: Could you tell us why you wanted to become an animator? More than 30 years ago, There was an Anime called Armored Trooper Votoms. I wanted to work in the same field. How did you get into drawing? I did a lot of doodles in my notebooks. I did this from a young age, copying manga characters like a lot of kids. My work is an extention of that. What was the project that was the most fun or hassle for you so far? Work that has been fun and hard was.. The King of Braves GaoGaiGar (Yushaoh). – Yushaoh? – A robot anime. – It came out around 1995. – I will check it out. It’s a legendary robot anime. Every time I drew one frame, I felt like dying. But if the painful work is also interesting you can overcome the obstacles. Thanks so much.

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