How to create animation in Synfig – Lesson 1

How to create animation in Synfig – Lesson 1

#1: Getting Started Welcome to the Synfig Studio animation software training series. In this lesson we will learn about interface and basic concepts of Synfig. So, let’s start! During this course I will be working with the English interface. So you may find it more convenient to switch to English language as well while following the course. It’s easy to do – just choose “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu, then go to the “Miscellaneous” tab, and choose “English” from the list. After that you need to restart the app. Now let’s take a look at the main elements of the interface. It might happen your Synfig installation is configured differently. To restore the default layout, choose “Window” – “Workspace” – “Default”. So, what does the main window consist of? In the center of the screen we have the main working area. At the top of it you can find the buttons to save or open a file, … …undo or redo last action… and so on. On the left we have the Toolbox… …and some global tool settings such as the “Fill/Outline Colors” and “Line Width”. There are additional panels, below and to the right of the working area. I’m not going to describe all of them in detail, let’s just take a look at the most important of them: “Tool Options”… “Layers”… …and “Parameters”. Let’s see how they work. Choose the Circle tool in the Toolbox. The Circle tool options have now appeared under the Tool Options Panel. Make sure that “Create Circle Layer” button is enabled and all other buttons in this row are disabled. Next, position the mouse somewhere in the workarea, press and hold the left mouse button. Now drag the mouse until we have a circle and release the button. Here it is, you’ve got a circle that looks like this. Note, a new layer has just appeared under the Layers Panel. That’s it: every object in Synfig Studio is a separate layer. Let’s choose a different color and create one more circle. The second circle also appears in the Layers panel. Now let’s switch to the Transformation tool. You can select objects using either the Layers panel or the working area. When an object is selected, you can change its parameters by dragging these color dots. These dots are called “handles”. But usually objects have lots of other parameters. You can change them in the Parameters Panel. Here we have Alpha Amount, Color, Feather, and many others. To edit a parameter, double-click its value. Let’s make some changes… And press Enter. In the Layers Panel we can switch the order of the layers. Here we can duplicate them… remove… copy to clipboard, and so on. For example, let’s make a copy of this circle. Press this button… And now we’ve got a copy. Now we can proceed to the next lesson.

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  1. Whoa, looks promising to me 😀
    How about the frame by frame ones, i need that for the most.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Bonnes nouvelles! Thanks to BobSynfig, Synfig training course is now available with French subtitles. Check it out. The voice-over is coming soon.

  3. Spanish subtitles has been just added to the Synfig Training Course. Thanks a lot to all our contributors! Le deseamos visualización agradable.

  4. i did the following steps and the circle didn't appear even when i change the color !!
    please need help here …

  5. i really need help ( you might say this is a stupid but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to make and animation that goes past 120 frame. im running Ubuntu BTW any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. i download synfig and then find that to select multiple objects, i have to press ctrl instead of shift. why you do that?

  7. i downloaded the synfig 1.0.2 program from fosshub link given here onto my windows. but the program refuses to run. every time i click on the desktop icon to run, open and use the program, i am asked if i would like to re-download (which, of course i don't want to do) and i am warned that the program has an unidentified source. can anyone walk me through the next step to get synfig 1.0.2 to run? thanks!

  8. Check my playlist for Synfig animation samples:

  9. I'm Missing The Top Part Where It says file,edit,view and all that stuff how do i fix it? the menu at the top is completely gone and the side menu opens as a separate window is there a way to fix this please help.

  10. I need this type of animation video. I want to know how much cost I will be needed per video. Video length will be  (from 5min 20 secs on) or (from min 4:20 secs).

  11. They wasn't kidding when they said Synfig is hard to use, I just want to know how do I draw the extreme pose, and flip to the next paper draw the second extreme pose, add breakdown drawing, and finally add more paper and draw the inbetween.

  12. Can't copy shit.. Draw a shape duplicated it and when tried to move it away by dragging it from center it stretched the image instead of moving it.

    Edit : Apparently its only rectangle can't move the duplicated copy.

  13. I dont have a international credit card for buying the full course on gumroad. Do you guys have this same course on udemy?

  14. Very helpful. This guy showed me princip of animating in synfig, then I made my own movie :

  15. It can be useful lastest version worked version if not working disable a antivirus program.All options may cause a problem

  16. It can be useful new version if you have a error run as administrator.All options may cause a problem

  17. Hello, I have purchased your tutorial videos. However, they are not captioned. I am deaf so I need captioning to understand the tutorials. Can you please add captions to the videos? If not, I would like a refund, thank you. (I have to comment here because there are no way to contact you via email)

  18. Hi, I did the course on Udemy and me and my mom are doing a project. I also started reading the manual since I was confused by the tutorials that came with the Software. I starred the email tutorials that Synfig sent me and if all goes well I'll most likely complete them.

  19. how do you download synfig? it wont let me. the download link they sent takes me to a page that wont load.

  20. How is it possible to work with that program under osx?
    Nothing (!) works. Nothing.
    CTRL to turn an object? Not possible.
    Draw a line? Not possible.
    Change fill color to nothing? Not possible.
    Import svg? Not possible. Kernel exeption error. Ever tested?
    Changing layout settings from 480 to 1920? No change…
    Klick in a menu on button one, it takes the mouseclick for the entry below. Or above, if possible.

    Again my question: how can one work with such a buggy tool?
    I know, their finances are donation based. But if I would donate a million dollar, would anyone think that such bugs would be handled, if they where not from the beginning?

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