How to create a keyframe animation

How to create a keyframe animation

Hello! This is the Movavi vlog, I’m Roman and today
I’m going to talk about how to make an object in your video move just like this. Let’s get started! We read lots of your suggestions for new videos. And we always take note! So, today we have a long awaited tutorial
for you – object animation. Using this tool you can bring text, pictures,
even videos to life. And make them move along a given trajectory. You can make your own intro or simply your
video more interesting. And now I’m going to show you how you can
do it. Expensive and hard-to-use video editors are
usually used to create this effect – called key-frame animation. Fortunately, there is a simpler and less expensive
way to do it. You can find an animation tool in the new
Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus. Highlight the object you want to animate on
the timeline. Go to the animation tab and Click ‘Add animation’ You’ll see two points appear inside the
clip on the timeline. These are the keyframes. The first dot is the position from which the
movement starts. The second is where the object will stop moving. In the player, set the size and position of
the object for a new keyframe. You can rotate the object and change its opacity. To alter the keyframe, just double click it. Move the dots inside the clip simply by dragging
them. The closer they are, the faster the object
will move. The farther apart, the slower You can add as many dots as you like to create
complex animations. Just click ‘add a keyframe’
You can make the object move in any direction, rotate, get smaller or larger, disappear and
appear smoothly, freeze, move faster or slower. It’s like magic, isn’t it? Hope you can make it work for you! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions in the
comments below, and show us the animation you’ve created. A quick reminder that you need the extended
version of the program – Movavi Video Editor Plus – to make animations. The link is in the description. Subscribe to the Movavi channel, ring the
bell below and suggest ideas for new videos below. See you soon!

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  1. HI Can you please show us how to make a logo appear on top of a video with a transparent background. When I insert my logo the background is always solid. Thank you

  2. I like this software but why the hell can you not border a video for tutorials. I mean why 2017 unless I don't know how too. Please do let me know.

    Thanks by the amazing software just need tweaks here and there

  3. Hey, great tutorial, it helped alot 🙂 but I have a question, can the software also add something like this?

    I made a gif as example because I don't really know what kind of animation this is called.

  4. i love Movavi video cause really easy to use and produced good works, but Movavi video suite package have no animation function!?

  5. i really need i help can you pls tell me how to remove made by movavi video when video starts without buying it

  6. Hello! I purchase video suite 2016 and am highly disappointed that I missed out on this feature! Chroma key and key frame were the main reasons I purchased your editor, and I don’t even have access to one of them! I think that you should give us 2016 buyers access to key frame, without extra cost. I would highly appreciate if you considered this comment, as I don’t think it’s very fair to make your customers pay a ton of money just to get 1 new feature. BTW I love EVERYTHING else about this software! It’s so easy to use and has taken me miles in my editing career! Thanks!!

  7. Feature request: on the export window, there could be a dropdown option called "Temporal anti-aliasing", with values "off, 2x, 3x, 4x". It would generate 2x, 3x, etc. more frames/sec in the background, BUT it would merge the extra ones together with average, so the output framerate would be unchanged. This would make the animation much smoother, because this emulates the exposure time (for a frame) of a real camera. (I think it's relatively easy to implement, I did it once too 😉 )

  8. I'm having issues. there's no option for animation anywhere, even when looking in the "more options" tab. any help?

  9. Hi, I am loving the tutorials. Do you have one that explains how to draw a line on a video ie How to draw a line on a map to show the route taken on a journey etc … Thanks, Graet work

  10. I have the latest version of Movavi Video Editor but for some reason, I don't have the animation feature.

    Please respond.

  11. Will consumers who have previously purchased Movavi Suit v.16 be able to recieve Movavi Editor Plus at not cost?

  12. You say: “You can get an (animated) object smaller or larger”. Actually it is not so easy to make an animated object 5-10 times larger, because the only way to do it is to enlarge the square of the frame (to which an object belongs) by stretching frames borders. But here comes a surprise: any screen has limits (borders), so when you grab object’s frame edge and start moving it away (to enlarge it) very soon you collide with screen end. It means that you can enlarge a small object 2-3 times, but not 5-10 times… Do you have any trick to make 10-times enlargement possible (without zoom-effect, which is a different story)?

  13. Thanks for this. I stumbled on this function but didn't know how to use it. Trying to be constructive here, I understand that English may not be your first language, but you kind of sound like your reading a script.

  14. Is the Plus available for business use? I'd love to be able to use it for my Microsoft & Google Office Suite tutorials.

  15. I’m going to make a video using animated air horn jpegs. Could I make them move across the screen multiple times in a timespan of about half a second or less?

  16. Cheers for the help guys I made an animation work once by accident? gone have a play around tomorrow and try and crack this. ??

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