How to create a GIF animation with Gimp – Tutorial

How to create a GIF animation with Gimp – Tutorial

First, create images with a slight difference and save them separately, and then rename to number them Open up Gimp Go to: File, Open as Layers… Locate your images Click the first image, hold down SHIFT and then click the last image On the left, reorder the layers by their sequence numbers using the arrows Now, to create the animation Go to: File, Export As… Under Name, make sure to add the dot gif extension Under file type, select GIF Click Export Click As animation, and then Export Let’s test it All done!

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  1. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 %
    HELPING VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
    Your video is what i understand

  2. Ah, pity, I thought, by the title, that Gimp was creating the Gif animation, but really it is compiling EXISTING image sequence into an animated gif. I wonder if there is an alternative to photoshop. I'm trying to get rid of CS Suite dependence.

  3. Help! Whenever I try to make a moving gif with images, the images go over the other images which makes it totally f*cked up

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