How to copy and paste

How to copy and paste

MICHAEL : Copy and paste lets
you take text from one place and put it somewhere else. For instance, say you’re on a
website, and there’s a really great paragraph that
you want to send. Select the paragraph by
clicking before the first word, holding the mouse button down,
and then dragging the mouse until just after the last
word in the paragraph. All the text will become
highlighted, so you’ll know it’s selected. Next, you have to tell
your computer that you want to copy it. Click on the edit menu from
the top of your screen, then select copy. Now the paragraph is stored
and ready to be pasted. Next, open up your email
and compose a new message. Click your mouse where you want
to paste the text, then click on edit at the top of the
screen, and then select paste. And voila! The paragraph has now
been copied and pasted. I hope this helps, and I
look forward to getting emails from you soon.

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  1. @dbzlotrfan This is NOT a mac only guide… assuming that the window is maximised, while using either Windows, Mac or Linux, "Edit" will be at the top of the screen.

    PS. If it was a MAC ONLY guide, they would say "cmd+c" and "cmd+v" instead.

  2. I hate to say it but, but after highlighting the text, you then have to LET GO of the mouse button. Then, you can click on EDIT.

  3. OH MY GOD this helped so much i have had a computer for 2 years and ive heard of the myth of copy & paste and now i finally found ti out yah!!!
    (JK if you didnt notice)

  4. This guide will become more useless by the day. Internet Explorer, to name a prominent example, has the menu bar hidden by default so people who see this and try to apply it to Windows are just going to look at the top of the screen (if they even get that far after seeing that the video is done on Mac OS), not see the Edit menu, and then not know what to do. Why doesn't it just teach to right-click? That is universal.

  5. people who dont know this porbbaly wont know how to search for this help in youtube, if they know what youtube is

  6. @TheAntonioDuo Thumbs down, TAD. I followed a link out of curiosity as to what had to be explained. The best part of this has been reading the hilarious replies. Yours wasn't one, however.

  7. @SteveHenry86 Perfect answer, Steve. Of course, Google can't have you make a 3 second video, so they had to hire a talented young actor, far less handsome than you, and pay him $5,000 for his dramatic reading.

  8. @TheAntonioDuo You're so polite. Now concentrate on creating a funny comment. Some of these made me lol. Ta Ta, gotta go do some googles on the internets. As Joe Biden said, "What's that website number?"

  9. At last, someone explaining this process simply and straightforwardly!! There are too many who have to try and be smart arses by using unnecessary technical jargon. Well done!!

  10. I just sent a link to this video to a very old friend of mine (who's a computer newbie), along with the 'right' click' instructions. For some of us old folks, remembering to go click on this or that and doing this or that is one or two, too many things to remember without writing an instruction list to hang next to the monitor!


  12. Not that I don't already know how to copy and paste, but just out of curiosity, is there one for Chrome OS (or at least Windows)?

  13. Agreed, I bought a $10,000 dollar computer a year ago and I haven't been able to use it yet because I can't turn it on. My friend says that if you stick a banana up your cats butt while singing along to Justin Bieber will work… but I'm afraid that my throat will burn horribly if I sing along to him

  14. You guys do realize this video is nearly 3 years old and is purposed to teach completely new users of technology how to copy/paste. The other videos in the series are also purposed to do other everyday things on computers for new users. Most of us can do this in our sleep, but you'd be surprised in this day and age how many people don't know, and it was even more when this video was made.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made it so easy….    I did it     all by myself.i'm a big girl now

  16. i just read the comments…why are you so rude and arrogant. you also had to learn how to copy and paste at some point….I did not know how but HEY Mr.ignorant I found the video.Why are here if you know already    go play in the traffic or something!!!!!!!!!

  17. thank you for teaching me how to do something that ive been missing a step thats the problem i was having. and some people do not knowhow to act like the commenter below me.not very nice!

  18. thanks that was very clear . could pls show how to attach an attachment to email from excel. im using windows 10.thanks

  19. Just do a Ctrl C to copy or right click on the empty space on your desktop. Some viewers might be on Windows. They don't have an edit button on the top.

  20. Thank you for making a video that I can link to my parents for instruction long-distance. It can be difficult to explain these things over the phone.

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  22. I copied a utube from somebody comments on Trump rally, and it said, copied, but I can’t find it! And would not paste

  23. There are many sad people leaving unwarranted derisory comments and one has to assume that was their purpose in finding this video. I have been computer literate since the early 80s but I am currently dealing with a small group of people who have no idea of how to highlight, copy and paste. This video is perfect for sending to them and it saves me making my own. Thankyou.

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