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  1. We must all seek God Jesus and repent of our sins and live for Jesus Christ if we want eternal life in happiness.

  2. Anyone else start laughing uncontrollably? This made me laugh the same way as watching mice trained to play ball or babbies watching paper ripping. Ty!!!

  3. Is something faster than light?

    Record a light emerging from a torch on a camera…
    Then make it 2x

    Hence faster than light

  4. So nice video and so nice channel. But, I'm wondering that how you get rid of the riggs and it's shadows in every photos?

  5. Greet video. Loved all of your tips. I recently made a LEGO stop motion using real food (hamburger and corn) and it was a fun challenge but it was difficult working with food and how much you don’t realize it changes over a short amount of time. Especially corn kernels. You have to shoot fast. Love your work by the way and we look forward to your next video.

  6. Estaba escuchando la narración y digo: "coño, qué español suena", y leí el nombre y empecé a entender muchas cosas X"""""D

  7. Amazing, thanks a lot. I've been wanting to try out food in stop motion. Just one question, what is the rig you use in 6:20? I love the part where it goes up and down. Do you have a name or link so I could search for it? Thanks in advance.

  8. hello Edu, I'm a big fan from Nigeria. I make stop motion videos too but I do not have these rigs, would have really made my work easier.

  9. So you care about putting effort into helping corporations lie about the "freshness" of their food. Well. That's OK. I don't judge I just admire your effort to do this. 🙂

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