How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Effect

How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Effect

[Music] growing up as a kid I was always messing around with my dad’s camcorder I was always illustrating and making puppets and costumes and when I got to art college finally I kind of combined all my creative pursuits as a kid and eventually I actually made it my job as well the parallax technique is when you take a still photograph you separate it up into layers you bring it into a compositing application like After Effects and then you put those layers into 3d space and then move the camera through I was approached by ad hoc films to create the animations for a film they were doing for the World Wildlife Foundation and using the WWF stills I was able to use this technique to create something really special so what we’re going to do is we’re going to set up a parallax shot it’s going to be still and we’re going to be able to set it up in a way that it gives us all the right elements so that would be like a nice shallow depth of field we’re going to have some action we’re going to have things in the foreground and the background and then we’re gonna be able to take that apart and animate it I think that’s the one isn’t it oh cool so we’ve got the shot we can go an animate now what I’m going to do now is I’m going to bring the photo into Photoshop I’m going to start cutting out all the different layers and the different elements in this case you’ve got me use the sort of main subject and I’ve got the ping-pong balls and I have the background ready to separate them all out then I do paint back in the background so that when we move the camera eventually in after-effects you can see behind the subject so this is the original shot we’ve painted the background as best we can and then I’ve gone around and cut out all the balls and finally that’s me now that I’m happy with my Photoshop layer document I’m going to bring it into After Effects so I’ve got all my layers and I’m going to make them 3d and I’m going to place a camera in there and now I’m going to start positioning them in 3d space or dead space and I’m going to throw the the background layout and quite far back because that’s how it would have actually been in reality and I’m just going to size that up so it fills the frame again I’m going to start placing the bull’s some right far in the background and some in the foreground and I’m actually going to duplicate some of these full layers and I’m going to throw them right into the foreground and give them a real blur and I’m going to do the same into the background I’m also going to colorize some actually I’ve only got red and orange ones here I thought it’d be cool if we could have a purple one and a propeller one or something but let’s do that so I’m really happy with how this is looking and I’m just going to now animate the camera just going to do a simple zoom in and and that’s it just the keyframe at the beginning and a keyframe at the end and it’s a very graceful slow movement in it cool that’s looking good now I’m going to animate myself so I need to pre comp this and I’m just going to pin the various elements these are limbs and it where the elbow is and over the course of the 5 second duration I’m just going to move very subtly these different body parts it’s always important just to keyframe of the big at the end and just have one smooth move over duration of your comp I think the other really important thing is is that any movement you have this should be really supple don’t suddenly bring an arm up really suddenly it’s going to be a very subtle graceful movement otherwise the viewers I pick up on anything that looks slightly strange so let’s go back into our master comp and see how that’s looking I think this is looking really good now and I’m just going to add a lens flare I’m going to stick on some film grain and I’m going to render okay cool so it’s rendered let’s have a look yeah and it’s alright it’s pretty good I’m pretty happy with that the parallax technique is really useful when you don’t have live footage but you do have archival photography or stills it gives the effect that it’s slow motion or at least it brings the photo to life [Music]

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  1. This is an amazing technique but they skip so much. As many others commented previously, the balls rotation? How? the shadow on the shirt? that is all After Effects details added in by a pro.

  2. in the end, there´s a shadow on the tshirt… the creation of this effect is not covered in the video, but it´s very important for this…

  3. Can I know the rendering time for this? For me, a 5 second much simpler animation with only 3 layers took like half an hour to render.

  4. isnt it easier to use tripod and make one shot where is nobody and just fill that cut out person into the empty shot?

  5. Could you just take an additional image before he enters the frame so you have a nice crisp image of exactly what is behind him, as is done in stop-motion animation?

  6. I know some one who used this technique and he didn't tell m the secret last year, now I know it ! thank you man that was gooooooooood

  7. i do this work properly i have 8 Years Experience any one any want that effect you pictures please contact mi 91 + 8689836951

  8. I made video using after effect while watching this How to video. my final product was completely different from this lmao

  9. Thank you ! Thanks to this video i was able to make this pretty fast ! What do you think of it ?

  10. Dude…I have to learn after effects and Cinema 4d. I'm still on Sony Vegas. That's how you do all the cool shit.

  11. Heh, it's a great effect when done correctly. Arranging all the pieces for the final composite is arguably a fairly trivial process. It's the clean separation of the image into distinct individual layers that becomes the SUPER critical part, especially when dealing with grass/hair/trees/etc. The process of breaking the original image up is where the true artist talent comes into play…

  12. is this the same program used like on the music videos that are all around youtube with effects and moving stuff on a still picture? example:

  13. I’m really shook right now, because I use after effects like for 3 years , and I never knew it.

  14. Awesome showcase, thanks man! PS have you ever tried the dolly zoom with this effect, it will make it pop even more i guess

  15. It's a great video, but he left out a couple of things. First of all, a beginner will need to understand the absolutely painstaking parts of this, which include selecting the layers and painting in the background that does not exist in the original. If you have the opportunity to stage your own original photo, it's not a bad idea to take a second shot of the background by itself, so you don't have to create it with healing brushes or whatever they're called.

    Also, I was surprised to see freakin' ball rotation in the final version, since he didn't mention that at all in the tutorial, and it's an important part of the final illusion. Still, this is a good tutorial and provides a pretty good idea of the entire process.

  16. AWesome! Here is a Lyric video I made on the same technique as a tribute to Eminem; on his track "Believe". It took me 3 months to complete animating the whole video, on and off. I promised myself never to do one of these again because I heavily underestimated the time it takes to make it –

  17. just capture extra pic only for Background. it will minimize time to recreate background image. >>> #fookattv <<<

  18. Some parts I would like better explained, like I’m a complete dunce when it comes to photoshop so when u said ur going to separate them all out, I’m like how.

  19. Real question! Why not just eliminate the cloning of the background by taking a separate picture of the background before the foreground enters the picture?

  20. But you could save camera position and take another photo in same angle, this time without the subject to have the background separately. To paint background is so time consuming and difficult and even annoying 🙂

  21. dude I thought this was a tutorial, you don't explain how you do some of the staff, first of all 3:40 how did you get that tool and what is it call? Precomp? I don't see it in after effects. Is it called perpet warp like in Photoshop?

  22. Finally! I have been looking for the name of this effect for so long so I could try it myself. Thanks for sharing this!

  23. DAMMNNN this is so fucking cool! do you know if there are any other programs besides After Effects? I only use Photoshop myself, I would eventually like to animate some of my drawings tho.

  24. using camera mapping is there a way to put the ground layer actually as a groung (floor) in wich the rest of the elements I cut from the picture(already put in dif. distances) are placed over it so when i move the camera the floor is always there and not messing with element that are closer or more distant?
    i read something about using grid but i still dont understand
    Im really newby sorry. but i really want to learn its just there are not many tutorial in spanish.

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  26. How did you make the left pink ball rotate? Did you 3d model the ball or did you do some frequency seperation..?

  27. Very cool effect but the ping pong balls. They are spinning. Is that an extra effect because just importing a still and animating xyz wont achieve this.

  28. You didn't have to pull you and the balls our of the shot and rebuild the background, ya minger- should have taken the shot before you were in it.

  29. couldn't you save yourself the time spent painting in a background, by first just taking a clean shot without subject, then leaving the camera where it is and having the subject step in to take another shot?… i guess its good to know the technique for when you dont have have the oppurtunity to do that, like in nature. now that Adobe has content aware fill, this is much easier to do.. no clone stamp

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