How To ANIMATE a PHOTO in 3D with After Effects

How To ANIMATE a PHOTO in 3D with After Effects

hello Internet today in this tutorial I’m going to animate portrait pictures in 3d in After Effects and we are going to work on famous movie stars [Music] and to do this I use the templates called volume acts 3d photo animator and you can find it on in battle you can animate a lot of things like landscapes portraits and many other subjects and there are plenty of video tutorials included to learn you all this Laurie max was used by a lot of big studios all around the world for TV shows broadcasting documentaries or movies the set up in After Effects is quite easy and fast it’s based on a wire mesh that has to be adjusted on your picture just choose your angle and push the mesh to make it fit exactly like the liquify tool in Photoshop there is no complex real 3d here okay so we all know in volume acts here in After Effects we’re going to insert our picture and good news for you guys we’re going to work on Scarlett Johansson so I’m going to drag and drop it in After Effects and I’m gonna put it in my your picture composition now I’m going to go in to your displacement map and I’m going to activate the 3d portrait so here I’m going to double click on it and go in the in the composition so here I can see a wire mesh of a guy in blue and I’m going to put select a Worman instead and I’m going to choose an angle you can change the angle of the wireframe like this so she’s facing us I’m going to adjust it between the eyes like this okay I’m gonna scale it to do the first basic adjustments and now I’m going to use the tool in the effects panel to adjust and to push and match the wireframe on the picture so this is quite simple you can see here I’m just moving the wireframe so it’s going to match on the nose here and then I’m going to do the mouth the eyes the ears everything and the edges of the face okay so this is nice I’m going to uncheck the wire mode here so we can show the black and white death map of the of the portraits and you can see that it’s already working nicely here when I move in real-time in the main comp but we can see that the hair is missing in the 3d animation so we’re going back going back in the wire mode too and I’m going to add background objects and foreground objects to create the volume of the hair so I’m going to start by the background objects and I’m going to select create a mask of the edges of the hair [Music] I’m going to create a foreground object here by selecting the hair like this let’s say it’s the big round in our picture it’s at the same distance than the cheeks so it should be at the same gray level than the cheeks or the eyes [Applause] [Music] okay this should be nice I’m going to create the last program object to the hair in the foreground [Music] so the hair in the foreground in the grayscale value of the death map should be at the same level than the nose and very bright [Music] [Applause] [Music] so now I’m going to show the gray values by unchecking my wireframe mode and I’m going to adjust the color I’m going to take the nose for the foreground here put them in brown I’m going to take maybe the side of the face over here the end for the background I’m going to take the darkest color of the portrait and that’s it we’re going just to put a little bit of room on the edges of the mask over here to make all the hair a little bit smoother okay so now I’m going back in the main comp I’m going to adjust the relax of the 3d so I want it sharper I’m gonna put a low value and the boost I’m going to lower it a little bit and now I can move any real time in my picture in 3d and this works quite nicely here I’m going to create animation keys at the beginning and at the end of my animation like this so now I see it’s moving in my composition so now I’m going to show you the parallax tool included in dollar max you can use high values in landscapes but you have to keep it very low in portraits like this and you can see our controller is on the left so I’m going to put some left value very low value maybe as 49 here and I’m going to create an animation just like this I’m going at the end and I’m going to put a little bit of right value on the parallax let’s say 51 I’m going to add a little bit of dirt and dust in my 3d space over here so it’s going to enhance the 3d impression when it’s going to be anything I’m going to add some flares here and choose one of the included ones like this let’s say the light is coming from the right Simon I’m gonna choose a right flare I’m going to show you all the color Corrections included in ball max you can do a lot of things here like a basic exposure gamma or some presets like the Instagram red green or blue effects you can do some vignetting and the most interesting I think is the light leaks over here there are animated light leaks on your animation and you can change the color [Music] okay so everything is okay now to do a preview okay this is nice so as you can see in this tutorial the setup was really fast to do I did it in four minutes you can also add some text or objects in the 3d space of volume acts here we’re going to put text so you can see how it moves with your animation automatically you can change ofcourse the text the size and the position in 3d space and here you can see the exported final results thank you for watching bye [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. can u even animate eyes with it? while applying having this effect? if so can u plz make another sequel on this episode.

    I am really struggling with it

  2. When changing the mesh from male to female, "effects" is not there in my version of after effects. How do I access it to change the mesh?

  3. Any desktop apps like this that can animate facial expressions from photos? There is an app for iPhone called Mug Life that is very impressive, but the interface makes it hard to use.

  4. Awesome❤️? Is this possible to do so with any other objects like cars, for example?

  5. I have had it for awhile and I am a noob at AF. I have learned a lot but unfortunately, like tonight for example, I'm having a hard time finding extra time to get back on this. My life is pretty busy, however, when I get on VoluMax, I have a great time. it can be a little intimidating at first for us noobs, so just get it and relax and you'll really love this. It's an outstanding product.

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