How To Animate A Fight Scene In Flash- Close Combat

How To Animate A Fight Scene In Flash- Close Combat

hello everyone welcome to the second episode of how to animate a fight scenes today we’re
going to be looking at specifically the hand to hand stuff we are going to put a few kicks in there
different hand hits, a little bit of acrobatics, throwing
in there. why not so does first thing to say if you wanna watch the full extended
tutorial which is gonna have more content and more tapes on stuff like sound
design posing composition hopefully and I’m gonna have that up on my website for free and the link is gonna be in
this video so just head over there and you can watch
the full version or you can just watch this and that is fine too i’m probably gonna a put the source files
for this upon my website as well see you can
download them for free I just by heading over there and then
you can open this up in flash and take a look yes so a right now I have this about 10
keyframes so far, that is when I was able to record
it before that I had an error so what I did starting off was I decided to you have a different
approach than what I normally do what i normally do is I animate
continuously I draw one frame out then the next frame and the next frame
in kind of time order what I did here was for the first part at least and with these very fast hits blocks and dodges I drew first all the points of contact so that would
be like as his arm is outstretched in a punch she’s looking it like
where they contact draw that first and then for the next
hit draw that again needed them but don’t do any of
the movement in between just just the point of contact and
then afterwards, go in in space out frames drawer in kinda the poses in between
what I like to call the breakdowns and that’s where imagine it being like
powering up so pose in between the actual hit itself and then from there you know he
flesh that out space them out as well and you did the ones in between them so
that’s a different approach to what I normally do and meeting I actually found that it worked very well
especially on these fast paced bits where there’s a lot of
hits being exchanged in very few frames it allowed me to be
kind of quiet and economic with my frame so that one hits and one block would only last like maybe four frames at the most so i can do them with high-speed as well as that I also decided just for the sake you like
time that i would keep all of the a like both at the characters on the same
layer I don’t know if I would recommend that
because it did get a little bit messy at times you can’t just erase one character without
erasing the other if they in close contact like they are
in this scene but it did mean I didn’t have to
worry about changing layers a lot and so I didn’t have to a select one
lair when working on one of the select the other layer because drew them both at the same time so in each frame
i would draw both poses in both at same time and I prefer it
that way think it’s better to do that I would
recommend that meant that I didn’t have to you
worry about the layers to and and then eventually I realized I
should probably draw one in a different color and
that would allow me to select color of one of them kinda net me moving around because I like to use a
scale my characters accordingly a and then I think after
this point I started animating continuous again so I would just go back to my normal habit of
animating in time border but they have a very similar results it
starts off i think there is about five hits exchanged and
she dodges all them and then she grabs him in like
swings over and I saw that in a Jackie Chan film like I
don’t know which one but I have the reference is a little video i founds so I had to
alter my a second monitor I was watching that and just studying how he halted over is appointed like a meal help for this poll the wills so I’m working on Adobe Flash CC and I’m using a wacom cintiq 12 WX I am looking to transition to to
toonboom a like I’ve been learning in suspect I’m with my friends oversight but its sir is pretty tricky transition and also
learning Photoshop and kinda testing the boundaries
Photoshop to see if I can other make animation with I know it’s
not an animation software but I really liked the and the
paintbrush takes his I can get info to show so i’m looking to see if I can abuse
potential in future full animation so a back to the animation hey the the the character on the right currently
it’s a woman but she’s bald right now because I
decided to you touring the hair of two it’s because
it’s kind of got the wavy effect any kind of has its own motion and so I find to the hairs way easier to
you like leave until the end just sure the skull
United and then a at the head on a different layer off to its and the
other character has this hood and I was easy enough to two or so I
just do that as I went along and he has this kinda tunic thing I
don’t know what it’s like to go Rovers some kind the year the character
designs one by me like this by seen as part of the project
that I’m working on in collaboration with keep walking on
Newgrounds so I’ll link to him in the description
this is like his project really but I’m I E offer to
help I’ll ’em just because i really admire his
work in the stuff he makes it amazing animators
so I can have led to the opportunity to be
able to help them out pace and yes so hopefully there’s gonna be
more scenes from this project is a great project is
like really gives me a chance to test their boundaries host these acrobatic
moves in not only that but effects animation is a
little to be a little explosions in there another thing that’s kinda unique about
this saying I E when heated strive for is fact that it’s not go any job cuts
and Ed so the aim with this one is to see like to have by a long shot play out where
you can see both at the cactus fighting styles but without it having these unnecessary
cuts between the like the the back and forth kinda
thing that you have been a lot less than animations break down a film like
die-hard the action scenes in a they are very
different to the the Easton wailed making fight
scenes and that’s generally because the actors in Weston films Khan fight a cock fight
very low so they rely on the Edit its kinda jump car and it looks much more dramatic yes but it’s not really weren’t going for like a
want the audience to be able to see with less distortion kind of the the animation cel held a cactus is
behaving so in this one the female character she’s not actually attacking the guide he’s attacking her so she’s she’s being
very defensive only using blocks dodges and an attempt to grapple which is quite
canopy school methods both detainee someone on the other hand
he’s being very aggressive like very False Bay kinda for you know lots a motion blurs losses
kinda quick flurry he’s a very winch inspired despite the fact that wing chun is meant
to be like it defensive martial art style and the fact
that you can fire off a lot of hits with wynton very quickly means that it can be used as a very
dynamic kinda aggressive fighting style if you
want to I guess you see in the last part that
this that he’s using the chain punch
technique which I really I really love animating a is like a
really it looks very cool think I don’t know what movie this would
be cost as this in comes swinging acrobatic grapple just looks really cool to me so one thing people can struggle with weak these and with animating the scenes is the the flows well the fluidity
basically when you’ll and when you touring appall the human figure in motion a.m. you have to look at the onion skin young
skin is like the ghost less it shows the frame behind it I have the only
almost the whole time it so so you join the on and hands you have
to look at the labor for it the the frame before it and see where the hand has come from and then
you had to draw it reply kinda drive motion so get you moving a hand and the leading energy is with the elbow then lost party move will be there
fingertips I don’t know if that makes sense for
that’s the mindset I have when animating something that has low
load with this particular Paul it led to a
throw but then I decided later to take out the throw Paul because I
thought I didn’t think it worked as well and I
wanted to continue the very close quarters combat paying the her like home fighting him up close
and set up her throwing him away that would kinda ames the it would
defuse the situation but I wanted it to continue for longer so what i did. instead which you can see
on this video but you will be 02 in the extended one ace I found to wait for him to repel heard grapple bro so that he
doesn’t get thrown away but that’s going to be either in part 2 this one or in the extended version
which will be on my website thank you very much for watching I hope
this helped a little bit I know I didn’t managed to
get into laws detail about how a construct today but
I’ll have to wait till next time if you wanna see the next one were
recovered more about this I would invite you to subscribe do that
if you wanna see more of these I am currently making a lot of these
kind of videos which will walk you through the process
so a and also you can find out more about this on
my web sites goodbye d

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  1. I'm trying flash animate for the first time. When I add a keyframe, the previous drawing doesn't go away, so instead of the appearance of movement, the drawings just pile up on the screen. How do I fix this?

  2. Did you make animation for Naruto ?
    Do you know Huang ChenXI ? I watched a video few days ago
    I'm curious since there was a similar animation
    Edit: I just checked your channel , seems my guess is true , you are so cool ,and as a flash dev I'm surprised it was made with flash

  3. i have a quest, how long is it going to take
    to animate… 3:50 of fight sences, but ofc in the first 20 sec nothing happen

  4. Oh yeah yeah, I really love your animation style! I want to learn to draw animations like that but Im either too bad or just too lazy… RIP. Oh yeah yeah

  5. I have so many questions, what animation program are you using??? I'm trying to make a web room my self.

  6. Hey guys Im new to adobe animate 2019 so I need your help

    How do I insert frames inbetween other frames?!?!?

  7. One of the things I've learned as well.

    Keep. It. Simple.

    Yeah flips and fast movements are cool. But fight scenes that are more on actual fighting and you can see what they're doing looks more badass than a fight scene that's blurry and don't see what's going on.

  8. what the name of the program if your… man, you are the best…kkkkkkkk nice work man !!!!!!
    and tanks man… for help !!!

  9. Hi Howard, self learner here. I have only read up on the fundamentals of animation, but I am in no way skilled as Im only starting to dip my toe into this. I am particularly interested in combat animation, especially like the one you featured in this video.

    Frankly I dont know where to start, but do you think its a good idea for me to use samples like what you did here as a reference? Try to replicate what you did as practice until I learn how to do it on my own?

  10. the animation is amazing 10/10 I love it all the only thing is that, the characters are too close xD not like that I mean like there way to close if u made them a bit further it would be better

  11. Dude your actually amazing at this I wish I’ll be at your level someday do you have any advice for a beginner animator?

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