How to add a Title Animation Intro to your video in windows Movie Maker

How to add a Title Animation Intro to your video in windows Movie Maker

Welcome to my video on how to add a
Title Animation Intro to your video in Windows Movie Maker. Now I have already uploaded a video clip for the purpose of this video. Now the video clip itself has
been separated into several parts and I’ve also separated the original audio from
the video and I’ve added it as a second track.The reason for this is when you
remove part of your video clip you don’t want to remove the original audio, if you
want to keep the audio in sync. So by adding a second track, we can turn off
the sound from the original track and then we can replace that part of video
with something else. Now I have already created a video that shows you how to
separate your original audio and add it as a second track. So if you need to do that a video clip is going to appear at the
bottom right hand corner of the screen now, so you can click on that, watch that
short video and then come back to this one later. I have also included a link to
the video within the description of this video. So for the purpose of this video
we’re going to create a title animation at the beginning of our video. Ok now my
title animation needs to replace these two clips. So I need to know the duration
of these two clips. So to do that I need to drag my bar to the end of the second
clip and i need to record the time, which is showing as 5.97 So to add my video title, i need to click on ‘Title’ i then need to add the title text here. Now i’ve already got that prepared, so i’m just going to copy and paste that into the field. I also need to change the spacing of my
title, so I’m going to make that little a bit more central. Now to change the animation, I need to click on here, and there’s various different animation types you
could use. So you can play around with those but the ones that i like are the cinematic ones. So I’m going to pick this particular cinematic one. I’m also going to change the background colour to this one here, and i’m going to change the texture duration to 5.97 as
we mentioned earlier. Now the text duration appears here, but the video clip
duration is separate, so you’ll need to change that too. So if you click on ‘Edit’
and then change the duration here as well to 5.97. So if
we play that’s through now. (Audio plays: Welcom to my video on how to take a screenshot within Windows… let’s
get started…) So now i’ve got my video clip duration and my text duration
both the same. But you can see that the original video clip is now pushed too
far beyond the audio. So we need to change that, so we need to remove those
two clips. So just right click them, click on remove, and now you can see that your
video, audio and the video clips are all one and you got your title included.
Thanks for watching my video. Please click the video links showing on the
screen now to watch my other tutorials on windows movie maker. I have also included
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  1. Very nicely done, and useful, thanks. It's just a little confusing when you use your own instructional video as the example on which to work because, when testing playback, we hear both your voice on the video sample, and your voice in the instructional video. Not ace big deal. Do you have a video on how to integrate two audio tracks, so the music-only track plays all the time, but the music volume goes down as the narrated voice on the other track starts speaking. ? Or, perhaps best to create this in Audacity, and then import the whole mixed audio clip.?

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